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Tease: v. to try to provoke mild aggression with some playful ((criticism and/or ridicule) and/or (insults and/or name calling)) which frequently results in transient hurt feelings and sometimes a sense of inferiority which may last for a lifetime

How many times have you heard? Your a momma’s boy, you’re a tomboy, you could have fooled me, I thought you were a faggot, your fat and maybe I should oink at you, you smell like a sewer, flowers are for girls, your nose can touch your lips it is so large, you have ears like an elephant, they could call you Dumbo, if you put on any more makeup you’ll resemble a modern abstract painting, etc. etc.

Playful fun is what it may seem to the one doing the ridiculing, criticism, insult, and name calling but teasing hurts feelings of selfworth and may create future feelings of inadequacy for the very thing which you are being teased for. Teasing is frequently used to get you to conform to some normative standard and if you fall out of range in terms of looks and/or behavior then you are ridiculed or made fun of, criticized, insulted, or name called.

Teasing is mild aggressive behavior and it is really a form of violence on the character and brain of the one being ridiculed. It inflicts psychological pain in the brain and becomes a wound with a scar which may be very small but not totally imperceptible in mental memory. Your ego ultimately is hurt in some way and the sensation may last in your subconscious mind for a very long time even though you usually understand that no harm was meant by the ridicule. Your mental life in some small way has been altered for the worse for a lifetime.

White lies are similar to white ridicule or teasing since some harm is ultimately done by pursuing either course of action. With white lies of exaggerated beauty or exaggerated untrue compliments, just trying to make someone feel good about themselves, you are really creating reality delusions in the human. With white ridicule or teasing you are subconsciously creating a sense of inadequacy which can modify future behavior and feelings in a bad way.

Ultimately teasing is a game of dominance where the teaser in some way feels superior to the one being teased and tries to act as a more powerful or superior human.

Teasing provokes mild aggression because it is an attempt at vengefully ( desiring to punish) reacting for the teasing or mentally violent assault or attack which mild or playful ridicule basically is.

Don’t tease since it’s not kind and/or don’t tease because it’s not polite, especially in public.

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