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raw-milk-arrestGreg Dahlen lost weight by drinking only skim milk with a little cream added. Well what is cream but milk fat so there is probably no need to take out the fat in whole milk in the first place. My recommendation is that you drink raw milk and not pasturized milk which destroys some vital nutrients in milk. You can regulate the number of calories that you consume on a daily basis by drinking less or more milk and the natural fat in milk will satiate you and you will probably not over drink or over eat  and feel hungry afterwards.

Babies survive on raw breast milk and thrive and ancient Chinese emperor children used to drink breast milk or raw milk up until the age of about 13 and didn’t have weight problems. Greg Dahlen is a weight loss success but a fanatic and I see no reason why you couldn’t include some fish, blood sausages, organic fruits and vegetables, and even meat once in a while. The Masai in Africa survive on a diet of raw milk, blood, and meat and do not have weight problems. The key is to eliminate artificially added sugars in your diet and too many high calorie carbohydrates which cause weight gain in many humans who overeat.

Raw milk alone will restore a healthy balance in your body which is needed for good health and if you have diabetes or heart disease then switching to a raw milk diet with no sugar is a very smart thing to do.

Yes, raw milk is not easily available to most humans so including some organic fruits and vegetables once a week in the diet is recommended and you can drink pasturized whole milk the rest of the week.

Here is a Ted.com talk on restoring a healthy balance of nutrients in your life but it is still a very complicated approach and may not work for you. He argues that too much fat is unhealthy but the milk fat is not unhealthy because it is the natural balance of nature for all mammals.

Yes, you can include occasional veggies and fruits in your raw milk diet but you don’t have to fear adding a little blood or meat to your diet once in a while either.


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