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One of the major reasons why humans are so bad at managing their money is that they never learned to BUDGET their money or can’t stand budgeting because it requires spending discipline. Budgeting should be taught in every elementary school to students so that they don’t grow up to be as profligate as their parents and government who are constantly struggling with unreasonable debt which is destroying families and a healthy economy.

Not only have we become a nation of impulsive spenders living from paycheck to paycheck but the government is handicapped with the same problem of irresponsible financial management of the economy and is burdening future generations with debt which they will never be able to repay.

Thriftiness is no longer a promoted virtue and the government also is no longer as virtuous as it once was. Be stupid with money and soon you will soon have a culture which stupidly self-destructs.

It doesn’t pay to save any money for retirement because of inflation, banks paying no interest on saving accounts, and risky volatile investments which can go belly up at the next financial crisis. The live for today and spend for today makes long duration planning almost impossible and not only are families in crisis mode but government is in crisis mode with no emergency reserves except the printing of more counterfeit money and greater debt.

Animals have an emergency fat reserve for food emergencies and humans and government should have an emergency money reserve for crises and emergencies in their lives. If humans have financial emergencies in their lives then they can depend on government to bail them out. Who will bail out the government in an emergency financial crisis?

To cure impulsive spending you frequently need a financial crisis. It is much smarter to teach young impressionable minds the virtue of spending discipline or budgeting so that there are no great financial crises in their adult lives.

Individual responsibility about money creates a responsible government and an army of irresponsible citizens is ungovernable and creates a dysfunctional government unable to justly govern.

Much more important than money is the moral decay of cultures but I have written about this other major problem and solutions in other blogs.


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No control over your spending preferences with impulsive buying and not having a budget or knowing basic financial math to assess your spending priorities are the two major reasons why you can’t manage money but there are 77 other ones which you may not be aware of. Here is a link to the Motley Fool blog which appeared in huffingtonpost.com.



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 600 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




The grass is always greener in someone else’s yard.

This is largely true because no matter how well off you are you will always be able to find someone who is better off than you financially, is more prestigious, or has a better family life than you.  That person can then become the source of pessimistic envy or optimistic motivation to do even better in life.


Easy come, easy go.


This applies to people who get a lot of money very quickly and also wind up spending it almost as quickly. Perfect examples of this are many lotto winners who very quickly spend their riches in a thousand and one stupid ways and wind up where they started- almost broke. There are exceptions to this principle but there are few who, without experience in money management, wind up investing the money wisely.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


If you don’t invest your time, energy, and money in something, then you will probably not make much progress in your life and gain nothing of importance. Some people may get lucky and inherit money without venturing anything, but this happens to very few people.



Every achievement requires a sacrifice


This just states the fact that investing your time, energy, and money trying to achieve something means that other important things in your life will have to be ignored or sacrificed.

Time with family, friends, and hobbies are some of the things that may be sacrificed. An achievement may mean that you sacrifice a bad habit which may mean cruising bars too much. In this later case you are not really sacrificing or giving up anything that is truly useful.


It’s good to give extra money to charity


In an age of government welfare funded with your money, private charities are just not that necessary. You can still give money to worthwhile causes or charities such as medical research into an illness or give money to a children’s hospital.

When money speaks, the truth frequently keeps silent.


This basically means that money has no morals and can be used for good or bad, truthful or untruthful purposes. Deceitful humans can use money badly and truth suffers. Obviously, if money is used for good and truthful purposes then the truth does not keep silent.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.


This is almost always true unless you are in the lumber business.

Keep something in reserve for emergencies


Save something for a rainy day- says the same thing.


Save money and money will save you.


This is especially true for medical or financial emergencies, especially when your credit line is maxed out.  It makes good sense to put away some money for the proverbial rainy day or emergency days in your life. Save enough money and you can retire early. Unfortunately inflation reduces the value of saved money over time and most investments these days are a scam, especially the stock market.


Whatever you have spend less.


This is one of the major ways of successfully saving money. If you spend less of your money then you will have more left over to save, invest, or spend on something truly useful and necessary.

Politics is used for personal gain


Personal gain is definitely what special interest groups want, believe in, and try to get. Rare is the politician these days that wants political office primarily so that he can change society for the better.


Redistributing wealth is imperative


Redistributing wealth by stealing from those who have it and giving it to those that don’t is not a just way of spreading the wealth unless you are unemployed and also destitute and need someone’s money to survive physically.  As much as possible, the society should reward effort, merit, and achievement with good paying jobs in society that reflect a more just distribution of earned wealth.

Inheritance of old wealth should be promoted by polygamous marriages for the very wealthy so that inherited money will often go to more than one family member.          Politically redistributing wealth to special interest groups is also not a just way of spreading the money around since most of these special interest groups do not generally promote the welfare of all the people.

Some government money can be redistributed and it should go into free internet education in highly technological fields and their corresponding good paying jobs.  This way government can reward effort, merit, and achievement in an objective way. Liberal arts education is just too subjective an area with a lot of propaganda that isn’t helping society at large and this kind of education should only be in the hands of private institutions of learning.

CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is an evergreen book which I have written that goes into great detail about how government money should flow into education for those on welfare and those still in school.


Much saved money can give you the freedom to do what you really want or to do nothing at all.


Enough saved money can set you free of having to work for a living for a while or even for the rest of your life.

With money you can buy a house, but not a home.


This basically means that a good relationship with your significant other or spouse and children is what makes for a homey atmosphere in the house that you own.  Just buying a house will not usually improve your relationship with those closest to you if the relationship is not very good in the first place.


With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health.


Good health comes from eating a healthy variety of minimally processed organic foods, sleeping well, not overstressing your mind and body, and getting a little exercise.  A doctor will usually cure or mask an illness with synthetic drugs which have even worse side effects but may not improve your health which really needs good living advice and practices.


With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge.


Just buying a lot of books and not reading them will not make you any smarter. Reading much fiction and wordy non-fiction books will just mostly waste most of your time, money, and effort and not give you much useful knowledge which can be applied in the real world.


With money you can buy a position, but not respect.


Politicians can often get elected by spending a lot of money on a campaign but if they are not morally sound people then they will not be respected by the people and may loose political office the next time around. There are exceptions where respect can develop after buying a position because the person may be very moral and really become good at the job.

I have written an evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY which should be very useful if you would like to save some for luxuries that you can’t afford now or if you would like to invest some in a better education and job. Not many of us save money these days and it is a lost art which can really improve your life in a thousand and one ways.


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With money you can buy sex, but not love.

This just means that money alone will not guarantee a good loving relationship with someone.  Money certainly helps as a good foundation but personality traits such as caring, honesty, and loyalty are just a few of the many things which must be present to make love bloom.  My evergreen book LOVEALL will explain in detail what love is and how you should behave and how not to behave if you want to create a loving relationship with someone.  Money can not buy love but it can help you to get love because many women and men are attracted to wealthy people and money attraction is a very important foundation of love.

 You can’t buy love.  

You can rarely buy love but you can buy the services of loving people to take care of your children or family when you are not there and you can buy the services of people who love their work and are good at it.  Having money is a big attractant to women and if you have some minor personality flaws or are not that attractive then you have a better chance of finding a woman or man who will eventually grow to love you.  

Love does wonders, but money makes marriages.  

Too little money is still one of the major reasons why most marriages end in divorce because children soon enter the picture and marriage becomes an expensive lifestyle.  Basically, if you are smart then you should avoid marrying unless you are making enough money to support a family. Money will not make a successful marriage if the people can’t get along emotionally with each other or have severe personality flaws that clash so marry someone for more than just the money which they make.  

Money is a means to an end.  

It usually takes some money or a lot of money to reach most of your goals in life.  

If you have money, men and women will think you are wise, handsome or beautiful, and a good social example.  

This just basically means that humans will kiss up to you if you have a lot of money thus hoping to get some of it too.  

Once the last tree is cut and the last river poisoned, you will find that you cannot eat your money.  

This just means that if money is not used to preserve biodiversity and the environment, no amount of money will buy back a healthy diverse environment once it is destroyed by greedy destructive human activity.  

You get what you pay for.  

This is almost always true unless you are sold a high priced but performance poor product or service.  Some services are overpriced and you don’t always get honest repairs, so overpaying for a service does not always mean that you are getting your money’s worth.


Money doesn’t buy happiness but can help happiness to thrive.  

This is mostly true. If you overspend money on too many goods and services and pile up huge credit card debt you will probably be unhappy. Many relationships break up because of too little money or poor money management so not having money can cause great unhappiness! Having enough money means that you can usually use it to pursue the things that really make you happy in life. Money is the best foundation for happiness to thrive.  

Lend your money and lose your friend.  

This is almost guaranteed if the friend never repays the loan even when times are good.  

Buyer beware.  

Government regulation in all fields of business has tried to set acceptable standards for commerce.  Nevertheless, it is still basically true that you should be wary of buying from strangers and especially unreliable sources or people.  

A fool and his money are soon parted.  

This is usually true for people that have never learned to manage or budget their money. They then wind up living from paycheck to paycheck or effectively spend all the money that they make. The result is that they don’t save or invest any money and have none left when they spend it. Emergency situations mean a stressful financial crisis or going deeper into debt which is frequently never paid off.  

A penny saved is a penny earned.  

A penny earned can be a penny saved if you don’t spend it on something first.  

The best things in life are not free.  

The social myth is that the best things in life are free which is not true. My best things in life are food and sex and I know of almost no one who is getting them both for free unless you are on welfare. Conversation is enjoyed by many people but you are still using your time and energy calories doing so, so it is not really free. To burn energy calories you need food and food is not free for most of us. It is best to rephrase this and say that the best things in life don’t have to cost much money.

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Money mismanagement or not enough of it is the leading cause of divorce so you should find out before marriage how your future spouse has, will, or wants to manage money.

Your favorite store is having a blowout sale; what will you do?

You just received a large tax refund. What are you most likely to do with it?

You inherit $10,000. What is your first instinct?

Everyone pictures retirement differently. What does yours look like?

How would you like to save for retirement?

What percentage of our earnings will be saved for emergencies and/or retirement and/or education for offspring or self-improvement?

Will we have joint or separate money accounts?

Will we share budgeting responsibilities or will one be the dominant manager of the household budget?

Most of these questions are designed to find out who is the great spender in the relationship and who will have the major responsibility for running the household budget if there are not separate accounts. The most thrifty spouse who is good with numbers should play a major role in budgeting the household budget for joint accounts.

If neither one of you are good with money management, are stressed out when talking about money and sharing it, and both have jobs then maybe separate accounts are the solution to the problem so blame for overspending will show up clearly by examining the independent accounts.

To avoid having to blame one or the other for overspending a third joint account may be set up to pay for anticipated joint fixed expenses such as food, rent or mortgage payment, utility bills, offspring expenses, and household expenses. After every paycheck a just or fair amount should be contributed to the third joint account.

Most married couples never learn to BUDGET their money or are very bad at managing money which becomes a major source for arguments and hardship that frequently leads to divorce. If you find out by asking the above questions that one is an irresponsible spendthrift hooked on credit cards then don’t marry!!!!!!

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The 4 major roadblocks to your future success and happiness are your bad impulsive habits, the bad impulsive habits of others, a bad job, and bad money management. Start taking actions today and tomorrow which will start removing these roadblocks.

Most of us have large egos and place the blame for an absence of success or unhappiness on other humans or other things and circumstances. We are quick to criticize other humans and the world for our problems and fail to realize that we are responsible for our own success and happiness to a large extent. Even a bum can be happy in life if he or she has enough to eat and drink and not much more.

Your hopes and dreams may be too unrealistic and you may have to downsize them to consider yourself a happy success. You may also have to exclude the trivial and frequently impulsive bad habits which you have developed over the years and are probably stuck with unless you shock yourself into self-realization and reality and decide to do something constructive about it.

You may be emotionally immature, bad in your relationship skills, and bad at managing your finances. Have all three handicaps and your life is probably a very unhappy and unsuccessful one.

Excessive pessimism, jealousy, anger, fear, doubt, selfishness, pride, criticism, and impulsiveness  may not only make you emotionally and mentally handicapped but will make you dysfunctional in your relationships with others too. I have written blogs on how to reduce your emotional immaturity and be happier but you will find no details in this blog article.

Google or Bing anger, fear, etc. and learn more about them and what can be done to reduce their bad effects in your life. Don’t lie to yourself that there is no room for personal improvement but become more introspective, analytical, or knowledgeable about your own emotional weaknesses and discover ways to exclude their bad effects on you and others.

If you are not honest, sincere, reliable, and truthful with others then you will almost never have trusting relationships with others. You can end relationships with others who are untrustworthy and improve your happiness since you will have less problems created by other bad humans in your life.

If you are stuck in a bad job start preparing for a better one and if you are spending too much money then learn to budget it which is an absent skill in this profligate society.

Here are 6 additional things which you should try not to do if you want to optimize your success and happiness:


Everyone makes mistakes throughout life and the smart ones learn from their mistakes and have the courage to act further and make new mistakes which they can apologize for, learn from, and hopefully make new and better decisions in the future.  Some humans get wiser with age and it is primarily because they have made many mistakes in the past and have learned not to repeat them again in their lives.


One of the biggest tragedies happen when humans try to find happiness in impulsive shopping or trying to keep up with their neighbors or friends who are profligate spenders going into ever greater debt in their lives. You should be looking for happiness in trying to get a better job or improving the job which you now have.

Living simply with an emphasis on personal improvement, family, close friends, and modest spending habits is the true road to fulfilling happiness if you strongly feel that you are too old to change to a better job. Make the best with what you have now.


It is very easy to stay with our old impulsive bad habits of doing very little different in our lives and putting off until tomorrow all the little things which could improve your life.  Achieving new worthwhile goals in life require action towards those goals and sitting on your butt too frequently and for too long will delay any progress indefinitely.

Your goal may merely be to eat healthier but if you don’t start by researching and buying better food then the healthy food will never reach your stomach. Important long duration goals must be done in smaller successive steps and if you never start with the first or smaller steps or constantly feel that you are not ready for them then it is a guarantee that you will not reach your long duration goals.


Nothing will stop your successful progress and achievement in life more than pessimistic, problem filled, untrustworthy friends. Also the confident optimistic liars or BS artists with their bad addictions such as compulsive shopping, gambling, drug dependencies, etc. will keep you in a dysfunctional rut from which you will not be able to escape. Drop these bad friends as soon as possible and start replacing them with better role models.


The best human relationships are mutual ones where each human gives and gets something from a relationship and it is a relationship of mutual helping and mutual interdependence and sharing. Loving others too much and not loving yourself enough is a sad form of unrequited love where one party benefits at the expense of the other and it is a master slave relationship.

If you feel that you are becoming someone’s slave and are very unhappy doing so then it is time to change the relationship into a more mutually beneficial one. You can’t always easily change a spouse, offspring, or close friend who is tyrannizing you but if you let things go on as before you will never get true satisfaction and improvement of your own needs and wants.

Have the courage to demand small changes in the relationship which may eventually become big changes in the relationship but recognize that there should be limits to your patience. If nothing seems to work then start making plans to leave the relationship and start a new more fulfilling life on your own or with someone new and better.


I want to change my life but I don’t have the time to do it. The answer is start scheduling your life by the clock even when you are away from work and you will be surprised how much free time you can actually find to improve yourself and research new ways of doing so.

There are so many trivial things which you are doing in life which waste your time, energy, and money and you should stop or reduce doing them as soon as possible.

You are probably getting some satisfaction out of a bad habit so one way to reduce it is to spend less time or money on it. If you can go cold turkey on a bad habit and replace it with a better one then this is the best option. Spend less time on a trivial activity or replace it with a better one is how to schedule your time wisely.

Set new or better priorities in your life, put them on your schedule, and start spending more time, energy, and money on them and not on the more trivial activities in your life.


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Save 5 or 10% of your monthly income in a savings account which you don’t touch. It will be very helpful for emergencies or a rainy day when you are between jobs.


Save another 5 or 10% of your monthly income for big surprise expenses such as car repairs, tires, medical and dental expenses.


Ask yourself whether you need a sale item or just want it impulsively. If you just want it impulsively then don’t buy it and if you need it then check an online price for a possible considerable discount if it is 50 dollars or more.


Use a debit card or cash to make your purchases, that way you will not exceed your monthly budget amount from the get-go.


Set aside cash money for a taxi or car service or bring along a designated driver if you go out drinking heavily because you should never be driving home yourself in a severely drunk condition.


If you have commission earnings and not an hourly wage then use a calculator to find out how much you earn per hour and then ask yourself is an impulse buy worth buying based on the hours that you have to work to get it.


Make your own iced coffee in a thermos and make some sandwiches to eat at the job instead of buying coffee and food in fast food places or expensive places like Starbucks.


When you eat something delicious in a restaurant then try to find a recipe online and try to duplicate the meal at home for a fraction of the restaurant price.


Learn how to prepare food at home for dinner, especially from raw natural organic food or ingredients. A healthy varied meal may be the only meal you need to eat all day if you have a sedentary job.


Shop for generic drugs and food with the same basic ingredients as the brand name ones.


If you are going to similar places with friends try to share a ride instead of going there alone to save gas money.


If you want to buy something special then do it at the beginning of the month so you don’t exceed your monthly debit card budget.


If you love certain brands and don’t want to buy generic then go to outlet stores once in a season to purchase them.


Always buy generic cosmetics, toiletries, and small household needs at the dollar store at a fraction of the price of brand name products.


Do most of your entertainment online, especially for music, movies, TV, social media, and dating. Use your smart phone to text and for mobile entertainment.


Don’t be afraid to say no to expensive entertainment, events, trips, or things which will impact your budget negatively. Always talk about and consider the money aspect of everything which you do and make wise choices which is frequently saying no or postponing it to a later date.


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It is most important to teach offspring that food, shelter, clothing, entertainment and everything costs money. In effect even living and burning food calories in your body costs money and that money is the equivalent of energy or it is usually a form of stored energy in the form of mass or matter. You can teach that a bought object, mass, or matter usually loses value or money with time and it is called depreciation. Stress that there are certain objects such as rare coins or rare objects or limited editions which may increase in money value with time if they are maintained in unused pristine condition and can sometimes become valuable antiques.


Explain the concept of saving up to buy something where every penny and dollar counts and where a sales tax must be paid. Once offspring can count to a hundred it is time to teach money details such as it takes 100 pennies to make up a dollar and that $2.55 is two dollars, two quarters, and five cents. Teach them to use a calculator.

Dropping small change in more than one piggy bank can teach the concept of saving for the long duration such as a college education or a car and saving for the short duration such as saving for a bicycle, laptop, shoes, and football or baseball.


You can use your own money on a weekly basis to give to your offspring to deposit on a regular basis into your piggy bank for a bicycle instead of buying it instantly yourself and giving the bicycle as a free gift to your offspring. Show your offspring that you too must save to buy them a gift.


You can give your offspring an allowance but stress that it is for helping around the house and use real examples of chores which you expect the offspring to do on a regular basis. Examples are taking out the garbage, bringing groceries from the car to the house, vacuuming, cleaning the carpetless floors, washing the dishes and putting them back in the cabinets, putting the dishes and silverware into the dishwasher, washing the car, doing the laundry, hanging up clothes and putting laundry away in the cabinet drawers, preparing food and putting it on the table, shopping for food, mowing the grass, etc. In effect teach your offspring adult chores around the house and expect them to do it as soon as they are physically able to do so for a weekly allowance of 1 to 10 dollars depending on their age and what is permitted by the household budget.


You can encourage their long duration savings by adding an extra 50 cents for every long duration dollar saved in the piggy bank. When the amount in the long duration savings bank gets big enough then open up a bank savings account in their name and deposit their long duration savings which should not be spent on current desires. The concept of compound interest can be taught which is money that makes more money if invested properly.


Explain brand name and generic purchases with the same ingredients and tell them that they can save money by buying generic brands and get the same value for a purchase. When they are old enough introduce them to the game of Monopoly, Life, and Cashflow 101 which is a game which teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time. The more financially literate your offspring become the more intelligent choices your offspring will make in life.


When they are old enough explain that buying with credit cards and not paying the money back on time means an additional cost to the purchased item. This additional percentage makes it more expensive to buy in the long duration. Encourage your children to learn to budget their money with the help of a debit card where they do not learn to live beyond their means with the credit card philosophy. Except for a house mortgage, stress that all debt where you are paying interest of 5% to18% a year, such as on a credit card, is bad debt.


Don’t encourage offspring to invest in the stock market. It has become a gambling crap shoot where you will only lose money in the long duration most of the time. The stock market has become an unpredictable volatile pricing system where hedge funds, big money, and billionaires are responsible for most of the moves in the market. Prices no longer accurately reflect the fundamentals of the stock and the risky new companies which rise quickly in price are soon absorbed by larger companies once they are successful and reach a certain size. The big businesses or virtual monopolies have very little growth potential unless they are international in scope and the value of the stock will barely keep up with yearly inflation if even that much. The new stock market with its emphasis on risky short duration gain is no longer a good long duration investment in most cases.


Teach your offspring the value of the environment and make them contribute some money to the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club or some other reputable wildlife conservation society.


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