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Justice: n. a moral distribution of (ingus and/or rewards) and/or punishments without reference to one’s own personal choice which may be different.


Ingus: n. information and/or goods and/or services and/or property


Justice is merely a subjective discussion without a definition to start with and no consensus about justice can be arrived at without a general enough definition. Historical philosophical discussions about justice are all outdated and a new reality should take hold.


My definition is broad enough to include the major considerations which must be made which is morality, the distribution of ingus as a reward and/or punishment, and recognizing that personal choices as to this morality and distribution may vary to some extent over the course of history. The laws which enforce the existing establishment of any nation may be slightly modified to fit the new circumstances or realities.


I think that we can all agree that a common morality must exist in a nation and it must be general enough to include many moral variations on an original theme. I would strongly suggest a secular moral code which should be taught to all impressionable young minds so that they don’t have to always ask themselves is what I am doing right or wrong or is it moral or immoral?


Any moral code has had religious meaning historically and it is one thing which is largely intuitive and not scientifically or mathematically provable yet civilization would be impossible without a moral sense of what is right and wrong. An immoral country can’t long endure in a state of chaos or anarchy. A belief in morality or a sense of morality gives each individual personal control over his or her personal actions and is of primary importance in the relatively peaceful interactions within a society among it’s members.


I strongly suggest a modern universal secular moral code which is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.


Yes, in the real world absolutes have some exceptions and this moral code is an absolute approach to life but offspring need certainty in their lives and are not aware of all the exceptions to these absolute rules. Life becomes much more complex as adults but if the absolute foundation is basically sound then exceptions to these rules can be more reasonably digested and accepted later on in life.


Stealing is one example where a child basically understands that you can own ingus and if someone takes it from you without your consent then it is a form of stealing. There are at least 5 cases where stealing can be justified in the adult world and taxation is one major and very important exception.


If taxation is one exception to stealing then it becomes a question of how much taxation should exist to make it just taxation or what minimum percentage should the taxation be to ensure minimal theft. Even the bible taxes or tithes it’s flock of believers at 10% of earned income so this is an important ball park figure to start with in any discussion of just government taxation percentages.


Don’t lie is a very important primary moral principle because fundamentally it is stealing the truth. Lie in a marital situation, lie to friends, or lie to anyone and your relationship will disintegrate because trust is broken and without trust in humans no close peaceful interaction is possible. Lying destroys your good reputation. Even the reputation of businesses, the government, and other institutions suffers if humans can no longer trust them if they lie or deceive and their reputation is also in the toilet if they don’t act morally or lie and steal through fraudulent actions.


Slander and libel are laws against lying since it is very easy to destroy the good reputation of a moral individual with public libelous affirmations. The vital necessity for trusting relationships in society is why lying is fundamentally immoral in nonemergency situations where life or death is not involved.


Now distribution of ingus universally takes place with MONEY even though there are still situations where barter may be used or it could be considered an exchange of ingus. Any discussion of justice must consider WHO has the money in society and WHAT is that money given for?


In the real world money must be primarily earned with some kind of a job and if you can’t earn money such as when you are destitute and also unemployed then your survival must be guaranteed with some form of welfare or money gotten from the earning taxpayers in a nation.


Yes, next to morality money is of secondary importance in society so any discussion of justice must include a discussion of a just economic system under laws which optimizes the benefits for it’s moral citizens and penalizes the immoral citizens with economic loss and other punishments.


The economic historical choices are capitalism, socialism, and communism. Pure communism fails because of an attempt to eliminate private ingus and frankly communism is a colossal failure since no one gives a damn about communal ingus but usually take good care of their own ingus.


Communist China is an example of communist ideology mixed with capitalism with all the very rich members being members of the communist party. That China too will fail is inevitable because it doesn’t have a moral code upon which trust can be maintained among it’s citizens and between the party and it’s citizens. If China adopts a just secular moral code and puts it into practice then there is still hope for long duration Chinese dominance in the world.


Pure capitalism is also a failure because it devastates the environment with never ending growth, pollution, and wilderness destruction, puts money and power ahead of morality, and offers no realistic choices other than charity for the destitute and also unemployed. I therefore advocate Capsocialism which is capitalism for the working class and socialism or some form of welfare for the destitute and also unemployed.


Capitalism encourages financial responsibility in family, business, and organizations and tries to ensure that no organization operates in the red or in deficit mode for very long. Capitalism motivates profit making and some non profit organizations to grow in size, strength, or popularity. Yes, bigness is a danger in the form of monopolies which can charge an arm and a leg for their ingus so laws must be passed to minimize monopolistic corruption if that is even possible with international banks and corporations who have more wealth than most nations.


The reality is that Capitalism is a worldwide phenomenon which no one nation can police any longer. International monopoly laws will have to be passed and enforced if international corruption without morality can’t be tolerated in the long duration.


Since money primarily determines who is prosperous and who is not we must consider where that money from taxes can be wisely spent. Yes, there are private institutions for the rich and wealthy in education which gives them an advantage in society that the poor do not have so there is inequality of opportunity from the beginning of one’s life. If you are born into a wealthy family then your life has all the modern conveniences or perks and you can receive a first class education if you work or study smart and hard.


One fact which seems unfair is the fact that some are born with more natural abilities than others and often it is those from wealthier families. If you have a very good memory and efficient processing ability of inputted information then you have a considerable natural advantage over other members of society from the beginning. Yes, if you are lazy and don’t develop your natural born abilities then you can still fail in living a good life but that is just a testament to the fact that there are no guarantees in life even for the very rich.


So, a useful education is definitely something which a government should pay for out of taxpayers money to somewhat equalize the seemingly unfair educational advantage of the rich. Some try to live in financially well off neighborhoods and go to school there getting a superior education compared to someone in a poor neighborhood.


It seems just to give federal education support to poor neighborhood schools but unfortunately most of the money is wasted because poor neighborhoods have problems with dysfunctional families, drugs, alcoholism, crime, and a resulting discipline problem in schools which impairs the learning process for all students attending a school.


Money can help to some degree in helping to improve education in poor neighborhoods but if the moral setting in which a child grows up is bad then no amount of money will offset the bad effects of a bad environment in which the child grows up.


Perhaps there is some hope in audio visual interactive computer education for students in middle school and high school not only in the classroom but in a home environment more conducive to learning than bad peer classroom pressure in public schools. Yes, computer technology offers the possibility of a better useful education for poor neighborhoods so federal money could be used to create functional audio visual interactive courses for the poor and disadvantaged in general. Learn at your own pace and learn as much as you can should be the new motto and hopefully successful approach to future education for the poor.


Audio visual interactive computer education could be considered a form of educational justice for the poor and disadvantaged.


Theoretically and practically speaking if an individual is moral, has integrity, is dependable, trustworthy, competent, friendly, and with a useful education and good job then that person should do well in life and the individual would consider it a relatively just existence.


Now social justice in the long duration is only just if the laws are just and the system provides the opportunity for a redress of grievances which might arise in a competitive environment. This is where the constitution comes in with its Bill of Rights and a functional court system with a trial by jury.


Yes, here too if you have the money for a good lawyer or you are a wealthy corporation then you will probably win most of the time in court. That is a fact of life and one more disadvantage with which the poor and other individuals have to contend with. Of course, if you are a moral human with a good reputation then your chances with a jury are greatly increased compared to someone immoral who is on trial.


With robotization, international trade, and AI or artificial intelligence soon dominating, jobs in the future will be scarce for the technologically disadvantaged and there will be many who will frankly not be educated enough to participate in the job market at high levels of expertise. All this is resulting in more income inequality and an eventual need to expand welfare to cover those that are temporarily or permanently destitute and also unemployed.


The question then is how much money should be allocated to those on welfare? If it is too much money then the incentive to work at all will be gone and if it is too little money then you will have armies of disenchanted humans who may riot for more income. What is more likely to happen is a voting crisis where those on welfare will vote to make the working class slaves to their leisure lifestyle of no work. My recommendation is to reduce the voting power to a fraction of the working class vote power. Any nation which does not do so will rapidly bankrupt itself and cause much chaos and anarchy followed by a tyrannical rule to reestablish some sense of order and security.


Theoretical justice must give way to actual new laws to deal with the real consequences of international banking, international corporations, and a shrinking job market. Can any one nation pass just laws to deal with an international crisis? Probably not, and this will soon become the realm of international justice and laws to address the international problems. Each nation is struggling against globalism which threatens to impoverish most of humanity in the long duration with the possible exception of the wealthy or the rich and powerful.


One final consideration. In order for justice to survive there must be a freedom of moral speech. With newspapers severely dwindling in number and online internet censorship of websites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Reddit, etc. our ability to spread dissenting views may be imperiled in the long duration. Academia, Celebrities, and the establishment media are all left wing leaning organizations promoting the Democratic Party and there is a danger that soon the whole nation may be a one party propaganda tyranny of information. Traditional justice will have a hard time surviving if one kind of ideology will be necessary for any citizen to thrive in the nation, especially those in the public domain.



Any valid discussion of justice must consider morality, money, and who and what the money will be given for. For a young moral nation of mostly farmers and small businesses the United States Constitution was pretty good. In a worldwide globalist environment with much free trade and powerful international monopolies the US Constitution is inadequate to deal with the new reality. Constitutional changes are necessary and I have offered a suggestion in my book New Constitution of the United States. Also worth reading is New Laws: New Future Laws and Justice.

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4600 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4600 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4600 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!



There is a lifeboat which can only hold 7 humans without sinking and there are 30 humans to be saved. What would you do? It all depends on who is being saved and under what circumstances.

If the water was ice cold and I was the captain with authority then I would save the children first followed by the youngest women and then the youngest men and seven lives would be saved.

If the water was warm children and young women would have the first priority but I would make them undress and tie a dress, shirt or pants together to form a rope. There would only be about 5 in the lifeboat holding on to the clothes rope permitting another 10 to be saved by holding on to the clothes rope outside the lifeboat. 15 lives would be saved.

Theoretically if all thirty undressed and made at least 15 ropes long enough to tie to the boat then all thirty could survive by being in the water with no one on board with 2 holding on to each clothes rope. So theoretically all 30 could be saved as long as they did not tire of holding on to the rope.

Yes, to solve the problem you have to know Archimedes principle of buoyancy and a little ingenuity with a clothes rope.

It is World War II and you are in a concentration camp and the guard says choose which of your two children will get gassed. If you don’t choose one then both your children will get gassed.

This is a very cruel and serious terminal situation and chances are great that all three of you will die eventually so it really doesn’t matter what you do or say but you could perhaps try to reason with the ruthless guard and offer him something that he may like.

If you are a female then you could say if you don’t gas either child then I will have sex with you. If you are a male then you could say I will suck your dick and give you a massage three times a day if you don’t gas my children. Trying to change the subject or an offer of sex or some humor could remotely get you out of the dilemma for a while. This topic is cruel and unusual with no realistically good choice or solution in real life.

Just like most fantasized highly improbable moral dilemmas, the third and last moral dilemma is really a highly improbable one with a realistically zero probability of happening or maybe a one in a trillion chance of happening. There are two of you stranded on an island and both terminally ill with an antibiotic which can save only one life. What would you do?

I would probably split the antibiotic in half and give one to myself and the other half to the other party. However, let’s be realistic. How do you know that you are both terminally ill with something without a diagnosis from a doctor? How do you know that the antibiotic will cure just one of you without a doctor’s advice? If you are stranded on an island then you will probably both die of starvation sooner or later. So in conclusion I don’t think this is really a realistic moral choice at all.

If there truly was a realistic moral choice the question really is- would you save yourself or a buddy or perhaps a stranger? I would probably save myself first unless it was my child or wife who would have first priority.


I have read many other moral dilemmas which are frankly so hypothetical and improbable that they are not worth considering because it is the realm of improbable fantasy.

One more final example of a supposed moral dilemma.

You are a judge who is going to sentence a criminal for murder. Suddenly you find out that your children have been kidnapped and the kidnappers threaten to kill your children if you find the murderer guilty. What would you do?

Well I would call the FBI to capture the kidnappers if possible and delay the sentence for another time until the kidnappers were apprehended. This example is not a moral dilemma but rather a question of legal criminal procedures or extortion.

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Does free will exist?


Most of us are free to set short and long duration goals for ourselves and try to achieve them to the best of our ability. We make choices on a daily basis and proceed to follow through with actions. So it seems that we are free to lead the life that we choose or have free will.

Unfortunately we have physical and moral boundaries to the choices that we make in life and we have been brought up with certain opinions and beliefs which limit the free choices which we make. We are a product of our environment which also shapes our approach to life so free will is not that free after all. We are “programmed” throughout life which affects the choices which we make impulsively and otherwise.

We usually are not free to rape, pillage, and murder so we choose alternate lifestyles that are socially acceptable. You could say that we have free will to choose to do things but that the things that we choose to do have limits or boundaries to them both mental and physical.

You have the free will to become a serial killer or mass shooter if you chose but the probability that you will actually do so if you are mentally healthy is miniscule or almost zero.


What is the meaning of life and how does it differ from animals?


For animals it is survival of the fittest and reproduction or survival for those who can best adapt to environmental circumstances and for those who can reproduce. For humans those who best adapt to environmental and social circumstances usually reproduce and their genes survive into future generations.

You could say that eating, drinking, sleeping, setting goals, achieving goals, and conservatively reproducing along the way is the meaning of life. I say conservatively reproduce because overpopulation if not reduced can mean the end of humanity as we know it.

Yes, you can further elaborate and include sacrifice, smart hard work, a useful education, a moral personality, integrity, love, creativity, etc. in your description of human characteristics and activities which give meaning to life in greater detail. So  the meaning of life can be simply or generally summarized by describing what humans think and do in the world. What you think and do is the personal meaning of your life no matter how shitty or tragic it may sometimes seem or be.


What should be the goal of humanity?


You can describe many goals of humanity but probably the main goal of humanity is to survive maybe even beyond the death of the sun and survive with the conservation and even expansion of the wilderness with its plant and animal abundance. It is my belief that humanity will perish or become extinct much sooner if it destroys or poisons the environment and that includes wilderness and wildlife.


Will religion ever become obsolete?


Historically religion has been used to tame the human aggressive beast into a moral human who can relatively peacefully interact with members of his or her own tribe. Science is also a kind of religion or belief system which is a powerful tool to use in solving and often creating new problems. Science will never prove experimentally the need of morality for humans but it can be useful in pointing out the exceptions to any absolutist moral code or morality.

Morality will never become obsolete but it should be transformed into a modern secular moral code such as- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. This secular morality has worldwide application and if accepted as a standard worldwide it could facilitate more peaceful interactions amongst nations.

Religion someday may be close to obsolescence but some sort of morality or ethical principles will continue to exist as long as humans populate the earth.


Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition?


Suffering is really a punishment for doing something wrong or having the wrong beliefs and opinions. Suffering can vary from culture to culture but it is punishment for living an unhealthy, uneducated, financially irresponsible, disobedient, and irresponsible life in general. Break the rules of society and you usually suffer or get punished for breaking the rules in some way.

Destroy or poison the environment and you will also suffer or get punished with bad health and even death.

Yes, suffering for many is inevitable as a fact of living in a changing society always trying to avoid chaos in a relatively chaos prone world. A world where the new generation always challenges the old generations ways of thinking and doing.


Is it more important to help yourself, help your family, help your society, or help the world?


All four are important but of primary importance is yourself because only when you land a good paying job or start a successful business can you hope to support a family and contribute money towards social causes and world causes such as wilderness protection or even expansion.

Of course you can also set aside time to participate in social organizations promoting certain causes which may at minimum only be a political party. So help yourself first and then you can better help a family, society, and the world.


Can you become anything which you want to become?


Yes, you can set rather mighty goals in your life but we are all born unequal with different looks, abilities, and social and financial status. While the handicaps of average looks and low social and financial status can sometimes be overcome with a lot of smart hard work your average mental and physical abilities may handicap you if you are hoping to become exceptional in complex professions or high leadership positions.

It often requires an exceptional memory or superb physical strength or coordination to reach the top and excel in science, politics, and national and international sports. You will often become a frustrated, disappointed, and miserable human if you aim too high and your natural abilities are just not good enough to reach your lofty goal(s). So unless you are gifted at birth, you often can’t become what you want to become in life, especially if your goals exceed your natural ability.

How good your genes are often determines what your optimal potential is in life. Yes, you can have good genes and waste away opportunities by being lazy and not learning much of significance. There is a saying that talent without working smart and hard is wasted.


Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?


Yes, human power not limited by morality and just laws is impulsive, coercive, destructive, corrupt behavior. Historically caesers, emperors, pharaohs, and tyrants with absolute power became very corrupt, especially if they were corrupt to begin with. Yes, there were some great leaders in history but most of them were relatively moral and lawful with their own flock and imposed relatively just laws on those that they conquered or expected tribute of some kind from the conquered.

In an age of powerful monopolies and monied international big banks, international big corporations, big international organizations, and big government,  the temptation to be corrupt is great.


What would you genetically change about humans to make them a better species?


Healthier humans free of most debilitating diseases, humans with more efficient brains or better memory and processing ability, and finally and least important, better looking humans which is a very subjective choice.

Some may feel that making humans less genetically aggressive or violent and making them more compassionate or empathetic is the way human genetics should be modified. All that I think this would do is make a nation of obedient sheep with the more aggressive ones at the top anyway.

Still others feel that humans should be made genetically less emotional but I think this can best be done with a logical language which has less emphasis on emotional words. An example of a more logical language is LOGICAL ENGLISH DICTIONARY which I authored.

Since humans remember intense emotional experiences longer than other experiences I think that reducing emotions genetically will adversely affect human memory so I am not for reducing human emotions genetically.


What should you know about yourself?


You should realize how good – your memory is, your coordination skills, your conversation skills, your math and verbal skills, and your social skills or emotional intelligence? Those are the keys to knowing thyself rather well.

You can improve your coordination skills by learning to use tools and participating in sports, you can improve your conversation and social skills by interacting more with others, especially those with diverse backgrounds, and you can improve your math and verbal skills with practice and reading.

You can slightly improve your memory with word association skills or mnemonics which will make it easier to remember certain things. What you probably can’t improve much is your brain efficiency or how fast you think and how much you remember over a long period of time.

There is truth to the saying that practice makes perfect. Keep in mind or realize that if you are practicing a new complex skill 5 or 10 times more than someone else your age practicing a new complex skill then chances are that you will probably not excel in that complex skill at the highest levels. Yes, you will acquire many complex skills with practice but you will probably never reach celebrity status or world renown in that complex skill.

Your parents are a fairly good example of the skills which you may excel in if there are any at a high level. Whatever the situation do the best that you can at any skill but realize that you may just be handicapped, average, or above average in most skills and not exceptional. Choose your life’s profession accordingly so you don’t suffer from premature burnout or trying to do the impossible. Choose your role models and professions wisely so that they better fit your natural or inborn abilities.


Was the universe created or has it always been around and always will be?


The problem with a creator is that you can always ask who created the creator and nobody knows the answer to this question. You can also ask what created the universe and try to answer infinite energy located at a point in space but this still doesn’t answer what existed before the infinite energy creation.

I like to think of the universe as something which always has existed and always will exist. Sure, galaxies, suns, and planets are created and then die or are reformed into other galaxies, suns, and planets but the universe in its entirety still exists on into an infinity of time and through an infinity of space.


Will humans ever know everything there is to know?


Probably not because we still have not invented accurate tools to explain the very very small and the very very big. Both extremes are still a mystery and probably will be until humans and machines evolve with greater sensing ability. Our best tools so far are light or electromagnetic radiation and gravity which we still don’t entirely understand.


How do we perceive reality?


Our senses and scientific instruments perceive reality which is spread from human to human through words and mathematics. Most thinking is done verbally, visually, and with audio.

Yes, thinking can be delusional and based on false opinions, false beliefs, and fictitious concepts or fiction and fantasy but perception of the reality is mostly through our senses such as eyes, ears, smell, touch, etc.


Is philosophy dead or has morality or ethics and science replaced it?


Science is an experimentally proven philosophy of words, mathematics, and facts about nature. The only real philosophical realm left to historical philosophy is morality or ethics. Morality and ethics can’t be proven mathematically so it is subject to some biased subjectivity which is a philosophical approach.

Morality or ethical principles vary from culture to culture and if you were to consider a modern universal secular morality applicable across most cultures then one would be- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.


To what extent is government philosophical?


The ideal government should reward its moral law abiding citizens and punish the immoral or criminal humans or at least reduce criminality to tolerable levels. Government is the eternal struggle of its moral citizens against its immoral ones which unfortunately often includes the leadership or politicians.


What is the ideal government?


The reality besides a moral or philosophical question is to what extent should there be individual rights, minority rights, and collective or majority rights? Since an individual is the smallest minority how should the individual be protected against the oppressive tyranny of the majority and the government itself?

This is a governmental question with pure communism at one extreme and pure capitalism at the other extreme. My opinion is that there should be a bill of rights for the individual with mostly capitalism for the working class and socialism for the destitute and also unemployed. Call it Capsocialism if you want.

Yes, a governmental constitution of laws is necessary which often keeps evolving with time into more and more of a monopolistic and tyrannical structure from an original democratic republic of many relatively small economic units or businesses.

What an ideal government should also try to do is make sure is that humans have somewhat of an equal opportunity to succeed in society despite the fact that there will always be the very rich and the very poor at the other extreme. Since everyone is born unequal with differing natural abilities and looks, the ideal government should provide the possibility of advancement in the social structure and professions based mostly on merit rather than purely on ideology, nepotism or social status of parents.

What is the best protection against a tyrannical government? The right of every moral law abiding citizen to have guns or deadly weapons as part of a written constitution as well as free moral speech, right to assemble peacefully, and other legal defensive rights to avoid becoming the victim of oppressive acts by the government and immoral individuals and groups.


Should there be a limit on what science and technology can create?


Probably creating high frequency wireless cellphones and computers is not a smart thing to do because it can have bad effects on human health and brain health specifically. Altering human DNA is probably also not a smart thing to do because these resultant mutations might not be beneficial to human health in the long duration.

That is why we should be very careful with new science and technology creations because they can potentially have long duration bad effects on human, animal, and plant health and survival.

Artificial chemicals and drugs are already badly affecting human health and creating more toxic chemicals will just exacerbate the situation.


Finally, all philosophical answers with the exception of proven scientific facts are biased and subjective and there can be more than one answer which is deemed acceptable. If your philosophical answers are different then while free moral speech is still protected you have a right to your own opinion, belief, or answer. Best wishes. Peace!

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Big money has always been dominant in the stock market, big money used to be reliably powerful in politics before Trump’s election and will continue to be the prime motivating factor beyond his presidency, big money international corporations and banks are pushing leftist ideology and using it to discriminate against new workers who do not seem to fit the ideological mold. Big money technological companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are also censoring info based on big money media suggestions which are also heavily left wing biased. Big pharma and big agriculture is creating untrustworthy medication with disastrous side effects and bad nutrient deficient food. Big universities give an overabundance of degrees in job poor areas.

What is the result? The stock market is no longer a trusted viable long term investment and traditional stock brokers are having a hard time finding new gullible clients. No reputable politician has a chance to be elected into high office, especially the presidency. Small successful companies are soon bought up by conglomerates and competition and innovation is severely reduced. Internet technology companies are censoring controversial and conservative ideas making a single ruling party highly likely in the future where competition of ideas will be almost nonexistent. Medicine and non organic food is of very poor quality. A university degree no longer means a guaranteed job but probably a lifetime of paying back outrageously expensive student loans.

Due to fake information, fake news, and politically correct yet flawed ideology there is generally a distrust of the media, politicians, corporate leaders, big pharma, big agriculture, big education, and big celebrities.

Can trust in our large institutions and leadership ever be recovered? The answer is probably not for a long time since once trust disappears it takes as much as a new generation of censored leadership to regain some semblance of trust which now seems like a highly unlikely scenario. The powerful monied class will just get more powerful and corrupt with the passing of time and only a slow moral revival from the ground up can hope to revitalize the morality of the citizenry and then that of the leadership.

Yes, censorship will try to reestablish a sense of order from the chaos but bot censorship will be highly unjust and cynicism will prevail for a long time among the common humans in society. If alternative media is permitted to exist then it will become the source of a revitalized morality which will create a renewed sense of trust in what appears on the internet in certain selective places.

Globalism and globalist propaganda will reign supreme and minority voices will be suppressed in favor of a mind numbing propagandistic status quo. Future brainwashing will be on a scale heretofore unprecedented as a handful of companies will control all published info with a minimum of dissenting voices permitted.

Sanctuary cities, successful attempts at voter fraud such as illegal aliens being given the right to vote in some places and ballot stacking in others, convicted felons who have served their time have been given the right to vote in Florida, the law favors open borders, laws are legalizing pot, opioids, mind altering drugs, and heavy medication of over 30% of the population with psychiatric drugs are just some of the signs of further moral decay all creating more and more chaos or disruption with each passing year.

Only about 15 % of the population is metabolically healthy according to one report, a majority of the population is overweight, a vast majority are on medications of some sort, moral financially responsible family units are struggling to survive and those that still exist are often living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency funds for backup emergencies. The United States is not only in a moral crisis but a financial one with deficit spending running out of control and getting worse with each passing year.

So is there any reason for some optimism? Yes, the population of developed nations is shrinking since not enough are born to replace those that die off. Robots and computer software is replacing many boring and repetitive jobs. Interactive audio visual internet education may supplement an archaic dysfunctional educational system. Smartphones means more internet communication and less social driving around. Self driving cars will replace the need for private transportation and waste less energy in the long duration since many goods will be delivered door to door more efficiently.

Sure, this means most will be living on some kind of welfare or welfare assistance and leading rather boring purposeless lives. But life has never been fair, especially for those with little or no money making ability.

Will there eventually be a revolt of the oppressed masses? Probably not because too many will be strung out on alcohol and drugs to really care much about the sad state of affairs around them. Existence for most will be the bare basics-food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Not a pretty sight but a highly likely future reality for most judging by current trends on into the future. Can a nation survive under these conditions? Yes, but the government will have to be a tyrannical one which it is getting more tyrannical with each passing year.

Is a more optimistic future possible? Yes, I have written in detail about such an optimistic scenario in my books and encyclopedic blog but the question is -will enough humans read it all and how many will pick up the gauntlet and run with it, especially those hoping to be in future leadership positions?

The globalists are in charge and they probably know where they want the world to be twenty years from now and even further down the road. In the meantime, lead your life with integrity, morality, sincerity, dependability, competence, friendliness, courage, useful selfeducation, and contribute to causes that you believe in with some of your hard earned money. If you succeed in doing that then you will have made a small part of the world a better place to live in. May your struggle be as peaceful as possible. Best wishes.

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