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Innocemsex (minor): n. the right of a minor not to see deviant adult sexual behavior and not to be (motivated and/or threatened) and/or forced to interact sexually before he or she becomes an adult with full reproductive rights and/or the right not to steal minor sexual innocence

Frequently claimed as a right to free speech is the right to view sexually explicit material including pornography by adults.

Just as true is the fact that exposing very young offspring to pornography and deviant sexual activity can result in an adult leading a life of sexual debauchery unable to establish healthy moral committed relationships with the opposite sex. Minors should have the right to be exposed to moral free speech and pedofilia is not moral free speech.

There should be a right to shelter minors from sexual participation or the viewing of deviant sexual activity and that is what the word innocemsex means or the right of a minor to censored sexual behavior.

Pedofiles or adults wanting to have sex with minors is viewed negatively by most cultures and justifiably so. Pedofilia is stealing a minor’s sexual innocence and it should be a crime everywhere.

Deviant adult sexual behavior subject to censorship for minors can vary in definition from culture to culture but my recommendation is to consider the natural sex act between male and female, face to face or back to face, as the standard sexual acts and deviance from it would be the use of artificial sexual aids such as dildos, rectum copulation, maybe even penis sucking, and orgies which all may be entertainment and kinky deviance for adults but in my opinion not appropriate for minor viewing or participation.

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