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Multitask: v. to alternate between two or more tasks

When you alternate your attention between two or more tasks this is considered multitasking. You can easily physically multitask by talking on the phone, snacking, doing housework, and supervising young offspring but it is usually harder to alternate between two or more independent mental tasks such as texting, adding numbers, and reading.

Communicating about work is really not multitasking but it is if you are communicating about something other than work and trying to work at the same time then it is a form of multitasking.

Scientific tests have been made which shows that multitasking or alternating frequently between two or more tasks is not the most efficient way of working and it is much better to lump similar tasks together and do them one at a time without interruptions or without alternating between tasks.

I personally enjoy multitasking once in a while by eating, drinking, driving, listening to music, and some minimum talking at the same time but I usually don’t multitask when doing serious work.

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Checking your phone or emails while you are talking to someone:

It is rude and conveys the impression that you don’t care about the human who you are talking to and hurts their feelings.

Multitasking during a meeting:

It is smart to give your full attention to a meeting so you can flush out and understand hidden agendas, you can spot opportunities to build bridges, and you will find ways to make yourself indispensable to the humans who matter.

Thinking about humans who don’t make a difference in your life:

Don’t waste your time thinking about celebrities and distant acquaintances who can’t improve your life. When you have some time off, think about the important humans in your life such as family, close friends, close coworkers, and your boss who are humans that can make your life better and they truly deserve your attention.

Getting distracted and responding to every notification immediately:

Everything which pops up on your phone or computer is not something which needs your immediate attention and focusing on your work should be priority number one. Most casual notifications don’t need an immediate response.

Letting the past always affect your future:

Stop being tormented by past mistakes. It was an opportunity to learn what not to do and personal knowledge about yourself and how you can improve in the future. When others make mistakes it is an opportunity to be gracious, forgiving, and understanding. Making mistakes and correcting them is training or a learning experience which you should not let torment you.

Wait until you are sure you will succeed in a creative effort:

Success when being creative is a probability and not a certainty. Try and fail and you can learn and try again and succeed. Always expecting success on the first attempt is a perfectionist’s delusion in the real world of work. If you are too impulsive and fail too many times your confidence will be affected but waiting too long to do something because of a fear of failure is also not the proper way to work creatively.

Talking about someone behind their back:

Gossiping or frequently saying bad things about a human behind their back is poor social etiquette. If there is something which you find unpleasant about a human confront them personally and comment on their behavior. You will be respected more if you don’t speak critically of others behind their backs.

Saying “yes” when you really mean “no”:

Refusing a favor for a colleague, customer, or friend is hard because you don’t want to hurt their feelings but if you honestly don’t want to do the favor for a good reason or just a gut feeling then most people will understand. Most humans given enough time will not hold a grudge against you for saying no sincerely. If you say yes to something which you didn’t want to do you will regret it for a very long time and feel bad about it even if it is only during the time that you did the favor.


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There are some exceptions when multitasking is OK. You can multitask by eating fast food, listening to music, and driving a car as long as it is not in busy traffic conditions. You can listen to music, text message, and drive a car on the interstate if there is no traffic. The previous two examples assume that you have excellent coordination or good hand eye coordination. If you are uncoordinated physically don’t multitask while driving a car.

You can cook or vacuum and use the cell phone at the same time successfully. You can usually use the cell phone and do a physical habitual standardized task such as gardening, cleaning, washing windows, taking out the garbage, putting dishes in the dishwasher, exercising. etc.


Multitasking slows you down asking you to switch constantly between tasks and losing concentration and time doing so. Doing all your emails at once and doing all your texting at once is more efficient than switching back and forth between the two tasks.

You will make more mistakes multitasking and the more tasks that you are switching to and from the more mistakes you will make and your productivity will suffer sometimes as much as 40%, especially if the tasks require critical thinking.

It causes more stress in your life. If you make more mistakes multitasking it will stress you more. If you do badly on an exam after studying and watching a sporting event on TV at the same time you can even feel depressed with the bad results.

Your memory may suffer and you may not remember all the necessary vital details which is what can happen if you read a book and watch TV at the same time.

It can hurt your personal relationships by creating a sense of unimportance or an angry reaction because of rudeness. This happens when you are with your spouse or friend and interrupt the conversation by switching to the cellphone to talk or to text. When conversing with spouse or another person give them your full attention or they will feel unimportant and offended by your distracting behavior.

If you multitask while driving a car in heavy traffic it can even be dangerous to your safety and life.

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