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The fundamental question is how do you prevent illegal aliens from crossing a border in the most efficient way?

Any wall or hard to trespass fence could act as a deterrent to easy border crossings but at a considerable initial cost. You would still need a reduced border patrol patrolling or drones patrolling the border to look for breaches in the wall or fence.

The national guard can detect and bring border crossers to detention centers where they can be interrogated or processed and transported back over the border. This just means a temporary increase in the size of the border patrol and a costlier way of keeping the border secure.

Whether a wall or fence is built there will still be a need for human or drone vigilance along the border when the wall or fence is breached.

The most efficient system would be a drone patrol along the border and a sizable border patrol to ensure that no one gets across the border illegally. Yes, this will take money and an investment in new technology.

In the short run and long run some border structure will have to be built but a sufficient border patrol will have to be financed to maintain border integrity. A better barrier will mean a smaller border patrol but ultimately one can’t get away from the basic fact that humans will ultimately be in charge of maintaining border security and that means some kind of a barrier and manpower and drone power and maybe even satellite surveillance in the long duration.

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