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Educating the mind and not educating about human nature is wasted education.

The most important purpose of education is to create a love of selfeducation for a lifetime.

Relationships seldom die a natural death. They are murdered by immorality, excessive ego, bad attitude, and ignorance.

20 THINGS TO DO MUCH LESS OFF: Doubting yourself, pessimism, fear of failure, bad relationships, gossiping, criticizing yourself and others, anger, overeating bad food, impulsive buying, laziness, putting yourself down, nagging, making excuses, exaggerating, profanities, procrastination, fear of new experiences and new knowledge, excessive addictions, pleasing humans, and putting others wants and needs before your own needs.

Humans are born ignorant not stupid; The wrong education makes them stupid.

Too many are handicapped with impulsive bad habits. Taking more time out to think about what you are doing will lead to more selfawareness and you may decide to move out of some of your bad impulses.

Many fools make things bigger, more complex, inefficient, and more violent. It takes smarts and courage to make things smaller, simpler, efficient, and peaceful.

Force and the threat of force is untamed human nature: Compromise and cooperation is civilized educated human nature.

Having to get by on very little builds a thrifty, smart character which is respected if and when you get much wealth. Having too much too early destroys the probability of a thrifty, good, smart character and increases the probability that you will have to get by on very little later in life.

Good advice comes from learning from a bad experience which can be your own or that of others.

Take some time out to think and analyze yourself. You may find out that it is time for some changes in your life, especially selfimprovement.

To progress society needs some extreme risk takers but the smart ones who survive are usually the ones who are quick to adapt or make changes when things seem to go bad or wrong.

The real problem is that many intelligent humans are full of doubt and the smart ones and many ignorant ones are full of justified and unjustified confidence.


12 major reasons why you should consider ending a relationship:

When your moral values are different or basic beliefs are very different

When you spend more time reliving past memories than living in the present

When the relationship brings you more pain than happiness

When you stay in a relationship only because you are hoping for necessary change in him or her but don’t realistically believe there will be any change for the better

When you keep justifying bad behavior as a necessary part of the relationship

When he or she is abusing you physically and/or emotionally

When too many old problems keep resurfacing after solutions have been reached and mutually agreed to

When he or she is ignoring the relationship too frequently or putting in no effort towards it

When the relationship does not encourage mutual and independent improvement or growth

When you stay on expecting the relationship to get better without taking active actions to improve it

When you sense you are not being appreciated and respected

When you believe you are wasting too much time on the relationship

When you’re aware that you deserve a much better relationship than the one you are getting


Humans say “Find good humans and leave the bad ones.” It should be “Find the good in humans and ignore the bad in them as long as it is not immorality since you don’t want to be victimized by immorality more than once.”

Seek to be worth knowing rather than well known if it means losing being worth knowing.

What the world needs is successful humans and many more peacemakers, healers, restorers, secularly moral humans, and most of all a language with logical definitions if world unity and justice is ever to be achieved.

Some humans want a big house, a fast car, and much money while others are content with a small apartment with plants, minimum kitchen appliances, and some money left over to travel worldwide to nature’s natural wonders once in a while for some truly awesome experiences.

Sometimes it’s easy to forgive the mistakes of others. But it is hard to rebuild the trust which has been destroyed by immorality.

Be impressed to some extent by money, followers, degrees, and titles but be more impressed by integrity, morality, humility, friendliness, and competence because without those 5 characteristics the first 4 will not be admired or respected.

Humans who want to be in your life will try to respect you. They will try to not bring you stress, arguments, drama, fights, lies, absence of communication, physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse.

Logic will get you from A to B and further. Imagination will often take you to mythological places where you should not be and where you can get easily lost.

No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat humans ultimately tells the most. Integrity is of greatest priority.

7 Important rules of life:

Correct past mistakes so they don’t screw up the present

What others think of you is not as important as maintaining your integrity

Time heals most things so give it some time to heal

Minimize comparing yourself to others because you don’t know all the details to make a good judgment in most cases

Think about answers to your questions but don’t expect them to appear instantly because many answers require further research

While some may affect your happiness to some extent you are ultimately in charge of your overall happiness or absence of it

Smile when you can because you don’t own all the problems in the world

Do not educate your offspring to be rich. Educate them to be thrifty and moral so when they grow up then they will know the value of things and not just the price.

What a human says to you about other humans is probably very similar to what they will say about you to others.


Time seems slow when you have to wait!

Time seems too fast when you are late!

Time seems short when you are happy!

Time seems long when you feel bored!

Time seems endless when you are in pain!

Time seems to disappear when you are sad!

Every time, time is determined by your senses, your psychological conditions, and your immediate circumstances and not by clocks. Try to mentally have a nice time Always.

Thinking is difficult and is an acquired skill not taught in school. That is why most humans impulsively judge and rarely think.

Getting what you want bring temporary happiness. Appreciating what you have brings long duration happiness.

You’ll know when a relationship is good for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life.

Some things in life are almost free or will cost you very little time, energy, and money such as hugs, smiles, laughter, kisses, and good memories but family, friends, and loving relationships are not free and can cost much time, energy, and money if you interact badly with them. (Explanation: unless you are getting energy directly from the sun which is free you are paying for it. When you hug someone you are using the food energy from the food which costs money. Yes, the amount of money it costs you is miniscule but it is costing you some money!!!!!!)


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The most precious possession which comes into a man’s life is a woman’s mind and commitment to live together till death.

Don’t confuse your mind and heart. It’s all in your mind not heart!

A woman has a unique color, aroma, shape, and taste. The problem with more and more men these days is that they like many colors, aromas, shapes, and tastes because they are superficial and don’t take time to discover the value and beauty of a smart woman’s mind and caring personality.

Choose a problem solving smart women over an intelligent women who just regurgitates old worn out solutions to problems which demand new solutions.

Life is a one time offer. Use it wisely.

Most problems have solutions. The solution is frequently getting the right answer(s) to the right question(s)

“ABILITY determines what you can do, MOTIVATION determines what you want and/or need to do, EXPERIENCE and ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.”

Two things can reveal your personality-The way you manage things when you have very little, and the way you behave when you have abundant wealth.

Don’t let opposites fool you, indecision is really a decision to do nothing at all.

There are three basic reasons humans change: They have learned much. They have suffered enough. They got tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

What motivates you controls your life.

A woman with mostly a beautiful body is frequently only good for a night, but a woman with a beautiful smart mind and a caring personality can frequently be good for a lifetime.

The answers which you seek will sometimes come when the mind is busy but usually they come when the mind has had time to think about the answers.

I don’t have a huge house. A brand new car or much money. What I do have is an amazing family, a few good close friends and good memories which will last until I die.

Humans choose different lifestyles seeking fulfillment and happiness, just because they haven’t chosen your lifestyle doesn’t mean that they are lost without purpose.

You have to understand, many humans are not ready for independent responsible living. And many of them are so inactive, hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

If you make the right changes in your personality humans will like you more and you should definitely make more right changes if you are an asshole.

We are all humans until language classifies us into races, religions, political affiliations, and economic status which divides us all up into contesting groups opposed to one another because of the herd instinct which makes humans cling desperately to their herd identity which language reinforces with word symbols.

Humans don’t always need advice but they just like to have a human whom they can share their daily experiences with, especially when they are bad experiences or very good ones.

Make the same mistake twice and you haven’t learned how to correct it or you choose to make it twice on purpose.

It’s OK to have a disaster once in a while, just don’t live with the thoughts of it for too long. Cry it out, refocus on what needs to be done to avoid it a second time, and move forward away from it in the direction you were headed.

Sometimes you have difficulties, especially with other humans because you are doing something right and not wrong.

One loyal friend is sometimes worth more than ten’s of uncaring relatives.

Don’t depend on any adult too much in this world, one day they are here and the next they may be gone permanently and leave you without the support which you depended on. Prepare yourself for the worst that can happen and you won’t have to live in fear of abandonment.

A perfect human doesn’t fail or makes any mistakes and doesn’t exist!

Don’t waste your kindness on strangers, be kind to the ones closest or more important to you.

Staying QUIET doesn’t always mean that I have nothing to say, sometimes it means I don’t think you can maturely and smartly react to my thoughts.

The power of a smart woman comes from a healthy fit body, a resolve to be good, the power of her empathy, the beauty and honesty of her mind. A simple look can brighten up trying times. Her touch can energize your mind. Her smile can intoxicate you. Her words can give richness that the wealthiest man would covet.

We are potentially the smartest species on this precious earth. So how come we’re destroying our only home?

No matter how plain a woman may be, if she behaves morally with truth and honesty as part of her life, she can truly be called a beautiful human.

A beautiful life doesn’t just happen, it is built daily with determined effort, empathy, caring, smart work, and an insatiable desire for selfimprovement.

A human without empathy doesn’t understand other human conditions and circumstances and frankly doesn’t understand human nature.

You may cry if you have no shoes but you will stop crying when you see a human without legs.

Your beliefs don’t always make you a better human, but good behavior always makes you a better human.

An indication of a successful education is a human devoted to lifelong selfeducation.

The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of behaviors which you don’t want when interacting with others.

I realize that cutting humans from my life doesn’t mean I hate them, it simply means that I don’t want to waste my time, energy, and money on someone I don’t like that much and who can’t really help me in my life in any meaningful way.

You don’t have to always overcome negativity, you can simply chose to ignore it.

Driving and good loud music has much therapeutic power.

Marry a smart usefully educated woman. Your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he’s a man.

When the wrong humans leave your life then your chances of right things happening increases. The increase will be even more noticeable if you add more right humans to associate with.

Stop wasting your time, energy, and money with humans who don’t like you.

Because I am your spouse-

I can give you a big hug anytime,

I will hold your hand when you need it held,

I will soothe you when you cry,

I will make you smile when you feel bad,

I will help you up when you stumble or make mistakes,

I will listen when nobody else will listen,

I will not judge you harshly when you deserve to be judged,

If you are mean to me once in a while then I will forgive you,

I will support you when you can’t see and/or hear the truth which I will enlighten you with.

A human must be big enough to admit mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

She’s not just looking for money, status, and gifts. What she desires the most is honesty, loyalty, and being a priority in a marital relationship.

Sometimes humans don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.

If only our eyes saw personalities instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.

Don’t chase humans. Get a useful education, work hard, be honest and friendly with most that you meet and the right humans who belong in your life will find you and stay.

The only true wisdom is knowing much about science and human nature.

Live by your beliefs and opinions but be prepared to change them to truer ones which you meet up with in life with ongoing new research and new experiences.

Some experiences in life are painful, some are painless, and with an open mind we can usually learn something useful from them if we sense they are important enough to us.

Your talking and actions should correspond accurately, prefer showing actions and not saying that much about them, and finally fulfill as many of your promises as possible and don’t promise if you don’t intend to fulfill it.

You remember the good and bad so try to live life with mostly the good and you will have good memories in old age and not bad ones which will torture you and fill you with regret for a wasted life.

Quotes about feelings and emotions, especially affirmations, may motivate you mentally to feel a certain way but don’t give directions or tell you where to go with your life.

Do something, pause and reflect on that something, and try to do something different when you seem to be doing repetitively boring stuff over and over again.

We are frequently impressed by great humans who have done great things only never realize that most of us will lead mediocre lives without any greatness. We have to ignore our disappointment at not being great if we want to be as happy as we can with what little we have accomplished.

Without a disciplined, questioning, logical, researching mind all that you will be doing is repeating the normative bullshit in this life just like our normal ancestors did.

Be content with old habits and you will never find better habits to replace the old ones with and progress and improvement will come to a screeching halt.

If you don’t try to improve on your knowledge and skills almost on a daily basis then you will never truly understand the way the world works and your role in it.

The world is filled with specialists doing specialized things rather well but there are rare generalists and specialists who understand how everything works and try to improve upon it with communication or writing going where no human has gone before.

I prefer the New Age Human to the cliched Renaissance man to describe myself.

Don’t give up what you need most, for what you want now!

Humans disappoint, healthy tasty organic food is eternal.

Tell someone you care and appreciate them because after death it will be too late to say these nice helpful words.

Your destiny is yours alone. Others may help you get there but no one can do the share that is up to you to do.

If moral free speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.

Feelings are visitors, let them come and go but try to increase the good feelings in your life by ignoring the slightly annoying bad ones.

It’s almost never too late to start a new interesting day in your diary no matter how bad the contents in it are so far.

Happiness is a very relative and subjective. You can be happy performing in front of a screaming crowd of onlookers twice a week or you can be happy quietly but purposefully blogging new material or ideas every day.

When someone truly cares for you they don’t have to say it; you can tell by the way that they treat you.

Most art is bad mutant creations and only the rare masterpieces survive to live a very long life.

Don’t ever regret meeting someone in your life.. good humans will give you happiness.. bad humans will give you bad experiences while the worst humans will give you bitter lessons.. and the best will give you fond memories.

I don’t care how attractive you think you look if you have an ugly brain, then you’re ugly inside.

Relationships can end in a few seconds or minutes but it takes years of conscientious and careful effort to maintain a long duration one successfully.

The very bad things which happen in your life are scars but they are merely reminders that you survived to live on despite them.

I am not a perfect personality but at least I’m trying to be more perfect as time moves on.

If you are failing in life and had talented parents then begin by blaming yourself and seriously begin changing your behavior and work your way out of failure while there is still time.

Ability and connections are the keys to success so make sure that you work on your ability first so that when you make the proper connections you will have something to offer.

Useful education will open and train your mind and increase the probability that you will be able to grab opportunity when it presents itself.

A moment of patience instead of a moment of anger may save you a hundred moments of regret.

To end boredom or a rut start pursuing new useful knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Do what you love to do is bad advice for the drug addict, gambler, ego maniac, sex fiend, miser, control freak, glutton, narcissist, criminal, liar, masochist, adulterer, etc.

Almost anyone can be happy. If you want to be VERY happy then find work which you enjoy.

I can forgive but never forget because I don’t want to get badly hurt the same way twice.

Rude, cruel, despotic, or incompetent humans will test your anger management skills.

Don’t delude yourself. If you think your heart is an idiot it is really your brain that is acting stupid emotionally.

Try not to ignore someone who cares about you because someday you will realize that you have passed up a potential close friend for another mere acquaintance.

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