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The IRS rules are more than 3000 pages long, the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care is also about 3000 pages long, thanks to special interest laws or legislation many corporations and businesses pay no taxes at all, and the poor workers only pay social security tax and no income tax. What is the solution to this unjust paperwork nightmare? Simplify the tax code and legislation.

Historically you had to give about 10% of your income to your religious organization. That is historically fair or just and 5% to 10% of everyone’s income should go to the government.

Accountants should not be engaged in busy work making deductions for mortgage payments, medical expenses, number of dependents, charitable contributions, losses due to theft, etc. for individuals. Accountants should not be making business deductions for meals, business trips, furniture, machinery, etc. Accountants can actually frequently reduce your taxes to close to zero and this is unjust taxation because many escape by paying very little tax or no tax at all.

Sustainable non-polluting businesses such as organic farming, organic wholesalers, organic restaurants, car repairs, etc. shouldn’t be taxed at all because they are excellent sources for jobs where the workers will be taxed on their income.

Polluting businesses should be charged a tax on gross income not to exceed 20% and they could qualify for no taxation if they figure out a way to be a sustainable non-polluting enterprise. This will encourage businesses with money to be non-polluting and invest their dollars trying to become non-polluters.

Competition is international and corporations should be encouraged to manufacture in the United States with zero taxation if they are a sustainable business like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. The jobs which they will provide will be the source of revenue from the corporation.

To discourage rampant consumption of information, goods, and services there should be a flat national sales tax of about 10% on all information, goods, and services consumed by the public. This money will primarily go to the armies of unemployed and also destitute which will be displaced by technology and the government should provide free technological education on the internet for all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement at any age so that they have some hope of reentering the useful job market.

We need a lean, efficient, just government with a safety net for victims of technology and no safety net for inefficient polluting corporations and businesses working in the red and constantly lobbying for government handouts.

Money is a motivating tool and we should all be using money wisely to promote sustainable behavior and businesses with 0% taxation.  Humans will benefit with more jobs and better health through healthier food, drink, and a minimally polluted environment.


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