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Rehabilitation: n. restoring from bad (health and/or behavior(s)) to normal (health and/or behavior(s))

In the news the most popular form of rehabilitation is for drug addictions, especially of some celebrities. There is also criminal, work, education, and health rehabilitation which is an attempt at getting humans to live normal lives by educating them with the proper skills needed to lead independent healthy lives.

Some rehabilitation succeeds but many drug addicts and criminals can’t be rehabilitated no matter how hard you try and no matter how much attention you lavish on them. Relapses into addictions or crime are common and it is one reason why attempts at rehabilitation are sometimes fruitless and the only solution seems to be permanent incarceration.

The major reason for the relapses is that once the patient  or offender is placed back in the same environment with the same friends, the old stimuli trigger the same old behavior once again and the good effects of the rehabilitation are short lived.

Health rehabilitation after an accident or severe trauma is frequently successful although some geriatric illnesses are just incurable and the best that you can hope for is a masking of the symptoms but no real cure or successful rehabilitation.


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