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dont forget

Forget: v. to mentally lose a subset(s) because it was not (interesting and/or memorable) and/or to not have the ability to remember

How much we forget is a function of how good our memory is and the better it is the less we usually forget.

There is mental memory and muscle memory which is a subset of mental memory and as a general rule if you don’t use it then you lose it physically and even mentally. This means that physical skills are usually forgotten more quickly than knowledge which you have learned.

As a general rule we usually remember traumatic experiences and very exciting experiences for a longer duration than just daily mundane experiences. Severe trauma can linger in our conscious memory for a lifetime and very exciting moments can also linger in our conscious memory for a lifetime.

Some illnesses like Altzheimer’s are an almost total breakdown of memory and it seems that those patients don’t remember anything anymore although their ambulatory skills are generally intact or not forgotten.

If something interests you or is extremely attractive to you then you have a tendency to remember it for a longer duration. If it is something which you don’t like or are not interested in then your mind generally has a tendency to filter it out and it is not something which you remember very long.

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