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The fact is that we are born naked and there are primitive tribes, nude beaches, and gated nude communities where young and old walk around naked without social problems arising from nudity. Nudism is natural and should be the preferred way of life but unfortunately clothing has utilitarian and aesthetic functionality which makes it almost a necessity in civilized cultures most of the time.

There is even the Naturist Society which promotes a clothing optional lifestyle.

Clothing protects from extreme cold, biting insects, and burning sun’s rays. It minimizes embarrassment by covering up human body imperfections such as very small breasts and penises, wrinkled discolored or blemished skin, body deformities, and extreme obesity. It also minimizes sexual attractiveness and facilitates platonic relationships among humans.

Because of the dominant use of clothing, its absence frequently initiates sexual arousal in males and makes sex a more unique experience and very desirable. The rarer the nudity the more desirable it becomes in the eye of the beholder.

I personally like the freedom of walking around naked and sleeping naked in the privacy of my own home. There are times when the weather is so nice that I would love to go out for a naked stroll. Unfortunately my community is not a clothing optional one so I dress up and conform to social dressing norms.


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We are born naked so nakedness should be a standard of beauty. Unfortunately extreme climate and insects like mosquitoes makes clothing a necessity in many parts of the world.

Further many are embarrassed with small breasts and penises and chose to cover them up. When you are old you may want to hide your wrinkles and blemished skin with clothing because of embarrassment. Also the naked body can be sexually arousing if you have not been accustomed to viewing naked bodies on a daily basis so society insists that you cover up your private parts.

I think that nude beaches and communities are perfectly acceptable forms of behavior and I wish there were more of them because most naked human bodies whether plump, skinny, or in between are truly beautiful and should be worshiped as acceptable attire.

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