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I disagree with this video on one major point and that is that organic eggs are bad for your health. Despite the fact that eggs have animal fat or cholesterol, the total nutrient balance is quite healthy since an entire chick embryo can develop from it and is not worse than nutritious well balanced whole milk and much better than fatty dairy products such as heavy whipping cream, sour cream, and butter. Of course I would not recommend eating two eggs every day of the week nor would I recommend that you eat any food to excess because each food is detrimental to your health if consumed in excess.

I highly recommend this video because the most important truth is that it tries to exclude foods with added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. It is also true that artificial sugars in diet soda are also harmful to your overall health. Diabetes is on the increase and the big food processors don’t want you to know the real truth and it is that too much sugar and artificial sweeteners screw up a good insulin balance and overwhelms the pancreas’s ability to normalize sugar in the blood. Most diabetics can be eventually cured with a radical change in diet which reduces sugar intake to a minimum, unless of course the pancreas has been irreversibly damaged.


Eating bad food will not kill you if you only have it once in a while such as once a week or every two weeks. The real key to eating healthy is to try and eat organic as much as possible and eat a wide variety of foods. Since each food, especially highly processed food, has some beneficial nutrients and lacks others, you need variety. Trace minerals are also important and I would recommend that  you eat wildflower bee pollen, sea weed, or Himalayan and sea salt for trace minerals since one food alone will not give you all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

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Humans are omnivores and that means that most can eat meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

Yes, some have food allergies and must stay away from certain types of seafood, peanuts, lactose, gluten, sugar, and other food ingredients or compounds. Most of us can eat almost anything and should have as large a variety of food in their diet as possible.

The two major myths floating around are that you have to eat a low fat diet to avoid getting fat and that meat is bad for you. The truth is that low fat diets frequently are high in carbohydrates and sugar which may actually make you gain more weight since you eat more of the food and get more calories into your system. Meat may contain traces of growth hormone and antibiotics and most meat is fed GMOs so it is not organic or very healthy but it won’t kill you if you have meat once in a while. If you are paranoid about it then you can eat fish or seafood instead of meat for a healthy protein and fat intake.

Trans fats or processed or hydrogenated oils or fats may be bad for you in the long duration but eating natural fat in whole foods is not unhealthy and will not cause heart attacks contrary to popular myth. In fact if you eat natural fatty foods once in a while then you will feel satiated sooner or stop eating sooner and will eat fewer calories than you will on low fat diets.

Balanced eating is the key to eating well and if you go on fad diets eating mostly one or a handful of foods then it is a lopsided unhealthy thing to be doing in the long duration. You need a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to stay healthy and the more organic the food intake, the healthier it is for you.

If you eat a wide variety of organic food with dairy and meat too then you don’t really need food supplements or pills. To be assured that you are  getting trace minerals you can try taking some wild flower bee pollen once in a while, include some sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, or eat some seaweed.

Instead of taking a pill supplement find a natural food which contains what you think you need and get it in natural form. Not only will you be getting the vitamin or mineral that you think you need more of in a balanced way but you will be consuming other nutrients which your body needs which you aren’t even aware of.

Variety is the spice of life and it will not only make your meals interesting and not boring but you will be eating healthy even if you once in a while indulge in overly processed foods and sweet treats which some claim are bad for you. Even eating non organic fast food once in a while will not kill you or ruin your health in the long duration.

Unless it is for specialty health reasons, eating only fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life is not a very exciting prospect and a severe limitation on the pleasurable taste sensations which you can experience in a lifetime.


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Rich or poor we all need healthy food, healthy drink, moderate exercise, and enough sleep. Even if you are poor or on welfare then you can still budget your time and money and afford good food, drink, can move around, and sleep well. You may have to cut back on impulsive inefficient shopping for other life’s seeming necessities but with enough self discipline you can decrease spending on luxuries which only seem like necessities and you can decrease the quantity of food and drink consumed and concentrate on eating quality nutricious food in lesser amounts.

If you are unhealthy and stressed out or depressed and were not born that way then chances are that you are not eating healthy, drinking healthy, getting enough sleep, and not moving around enough. Even if you are a social recluse or social “failure” then you can still be a healthy one if your four primary needs are met.

Most animals in nature eat, drink, exercise, and sleep and stay healthy unless they are pack animals who depend on others for their food supply and would starve otherwise. Humans are pack animals but they seldom starve because they get fed and so are entirely capable of living on their own without having to socialize as a necessity.

Our western society is getting increasingly unhealthy and dysfunctional social behavior and addictive behaviors are frequently being blamed as the primary causes for bad health. While dysfunctional social behavior and addictions can be contributory causes to bad health the fact is that few are eating healthy food, drinking healthy, moving around enough, and getting enough sleep.

Too many artificial drugs are being used to fall asleep, feel good, escape reality, help us socialize, and mask illnesses brought on by bad nutrition causing many bad side effects which frequently lead to taking more artificial drugs to cure the incurable circumstances. Psychiatrists, drug companies, and drug pushers are making a killing selling addictive drugs with bad side effects which are then treated with more drugs.

Is insomnia one of your problems? Check the side effects of your illegal as well as legal drugs because they are notorious for disrupting your sleep habits, especially psychiatric or mind altering drugs.

Nutrient deficiencies in overly processed food, lopsided intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and traces of many unhealthy artificial additives resulting from factory and mono culture farming has ruined the quality of food and drink for many humans. Their number one and two priorities are not being met. The sooner we all switch to eating a wide variety of certified organic food and drinking drinks not artificially sweetened, the sooner will the health of the general population improve.


A pill or drug to instantly solve every problem in society is the dangerous myth which is devastating so many lives in western society. If you have a dysfunctional personality then you will not find a quick fix  with a feel good drug but you can at least try to make sure that your primary four needs are being met without any artificial drugs being added to the healthy mix of the big four.

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Beware of foods labeled with seemingly healthy buzzwords such as antioxidant, immune support, heart healthy, natural, gluten free, organic, whole grain, sugar free, low fat, etc. all of which are designed to sell you frequently basically unhealthy lopsided processed food which is not certified organic or pure highly nutritious food without undesirable chemicals included.

Educating yourself on what ingredients are healthy and which are not takes more skill than just reading buzzwords and making impulsive decisions based on only one or two words which sound healthy but are really deceptions.

If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do at least read the ingredients listed and Google them to find out if they naturally exist in the food or are unnecessary artificial and potentially unhealthy additives.

Here is a link which only covers a handful of these misleading health word labels.


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The clean food movement basically insists on labeling food honestly and thoroughly answering these questions which every consumer should have about their food.

* What’s in the food (including honest labeling)
* How it was grown or raised
* Where it came from (geographically)
* Whether it’s genetically engineered
* What chemicals it contains (such as MSG and aspartame and neotame)

Learn more:



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Soon even a USDA certified organic label will not be a guarantee of true organic food without artificial ingredients or contaminants. Agribusiness and large food corporations are hell bent on polluting the integrity of government backed organic food labels with weaker fraudulent standards.







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Avoiding as many GMO’s as possible is the smart thing to do because herbicide resistance in plants and plants making a poison which kills insects is not a plant that you want to ingest into your body since it is highly probable that it will have long duration bad effects on your health and the health of your newborns. Here is a link which tells you how to avoid most unnatural GMO tainted foods.


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Your genetics, the kind of food and drink which you consume, the kind of job that you have, the drugs which you use habitually are all responsible for how healthy you are or will be in life.

Some humans are born unhealthy with allergies, inherited illnesses such as systic fibrosis and sclerosis, and bad immune systems. You can’t cure inherited illnesses but sometimes can mask some of the symptoms with drugs.

Longevity is also primarily genetically based because you can find few humans who smoke, drink alcohol, and abuse their health in other ways and still live to be 90. Others don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat a normal diet and die at 40 from a heart attack or cancer and have family members who also die young.

The kind of food which you eat also determines to a large extent how long you will live. 100 years ago few humans died of heart attacks or cancer but succumbed to other illnesses. Today more die of heart attacks and cancer and different processed food, drink, and the additives and pollutants which come with it are the major causes of ill health.

The kind of job which you have also has a great impact on your health. Joint wear and tear, on the job pollution, job injuries, and a sedentary job can all have bad effects on your health and longevity.

Finally addictions to prescription synthetic drugs, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse can all ruin your health eventually and even cause sudden death with overdoses.


Your genes, what you eat, the drugs which you habitually take, the exercise that you get, and accidents all determine how healthy you will be and how long you live. If you feel helpless and don’t know what to do then eat as much certified organic food as possible, don’t use synthetic drugs for extended periods of time, and get some moderate exercise which may only be walking fast about 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. It won’t guarantee you perfect health but it will be better than if you didn’t do those things in your life.


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image description

Take too much of a vitamin supplement, drink too much water, exercise too much, exclude too many foods from your diet, brush your teeth too much, shampoo your hair too much, get too much sunlight, and basically do too much of any “healthy” habit and you will probably cause long duration health problems.

This article in weather.com gives 13 examples of bad excess “healthy” habits with details.


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You probably didn’t know that cellulose or wood is added to or used as a non-nutritional filler in some foods for texture and it costs about 30% of the cost of real flour.

Burger meat is frequently treated with ammonia gas to kill germs.

100% orange juice, not from concentrate, is frequently kept bottled for as long as a year and has flavor packets added to flavor what is a rather tasteless orange juice product naturally.

Artificial blueberries are added to some yogurts and cereals.

Free range chickens are actually being grown in huge warehouses.

Some companies have bogus claims for health benefits such as heart, coronary, and cardiovascular health without any scientific backing. Foods claim to support immunity whatever that is supposed to mean and once again with no scientific proof.

Here is a link to cracked.com where the original article appeared making these claims.


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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and if you are eating pest resistant GMO corn which kills insects with poison then your body and gut bacteria will adjust and start manufacturing the pest killing toxin also causing irreversible harm to your health. There is now scientific evidence that this is true and this is all the more reason why GMOs should be labeled and many of them tested for long duration effects on humans, especially the ones resistant to pests and herbicides.

80% of processed foods contain GMOs in the United States so you should become concerned if you are not yet. Not all the processed food has GMO plant DNA in it so there is no need to panic with fear but research foods which do contain GMO plant DNA and eat them with caution and in moderation because it will affect your body metabolism and that of your offspring sooner or later.

Here is a link to the proof which you should try to understand for your own future health and well being.




You probably didn’t know that cellulose or wood is added to or used as a non- nutritional filler in some foods for texture and it costs about 30% of the cost of real flour.

Burger meat is frequently treated with ammonia gas to kill germs.

100% orange juice, not from concentrate, is frequently kept bottled for as long as a year and has flavor packets added to flavor what is a rather tasteless orange juice product naturally.

Artificial blueberries are added to some yogurts and cereals.

Free range chickens are actually being grown in huge warehouses.

Some companies have bogus claims for health benefits such as heart, coronary, and cardiovascular health without any scientific backing. Foods claim to support immunity whatever that is supposed to mean and once again with no scientific proof.


Words can be misleading and a word such as NATURAL may still mean that artificial ingredients were added and that pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs and other unnatural techniques or chemicals were used to grow the food. Your only guarantee for some certainty in natural quality is to buy certified organic food. Download a list of certified organic foods from nongmoshoppingguide.com.

Here is a link to cracked.com where you can find 20 more facts which you should know and be concerned about the foods which you eat.


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Healthy food should be priority number 1 in human lives. If you eat healthy food you will be healthy unless you are genetically predisposed to be unhealthy. Citizens have a right to know what artificial chemicals are added to their food and also have a right to know if the food is a GMO or genetically modified food so that they can make smart choices about the foods which they eat. Humans are getting less healthy by the day eating unhealthy foods which are the leading cause for overweight, diabetes, allergies, birth defects, and other modern health problems. There should be no food secrets and knowing the truth is vital if we are to ever TRUST the food supply which we are consuming on a daily basis.

Here is an excerpt example of one of 13 lies about GMO food which is the most important one.

Lie: GE foods pose no health safety risks.

Truth: GMOs have never been proven safe. The FDA requires no pre-market health safety studies, and the only long term peer-reviewed animal study conducted involving GMO corn sprayed with Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide, found massive tumors, organ failure and premature death in rats. In addition, a growing body of peer-reviewed animal studies have linked these foods to allergies, organ toxicity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, birth defects, high infant mortality rates, fertility problems, and sterility. Clearly, more independent, long term studies are warranted. Until GMOs are proven unequivocally safe, they should be labeled so consumers can avoid them if they choose.

Here is a link to Zack Kaldveer’s article in organicconsumers.org:


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Most of us are not eating right. Most of us are stuck with bad eating habits where we eat too much high calorie nutrition deficient fast food, too much sweet overly processed food which includes sodas, energy drinks, and deserts such as donuts, cake, and cookies. We eat too little variety because we have been addicted to a predictable bad habit of eating the same limited foods over and over again because we like their taste and for no logical reason other than that.


False fad diets to reduce weight and lopsided vegan diets which leave about 97% of vegans deficient in vitamin B12 and other nutrients found in meat destroy the variety of foods necessary for a healthy varied omnivore diet. Unless you have a food allergy you should be eating a little of everything in moderation to stay healthy and add a little exercise such as walking fast for about 20 minutes about three times a week.


Most of us are not experimental eaters because nature has programmed us to be wary of new foods which had the potential of poisoning us in the wild historically. We are emotionally afraid of new foods!!! Once we develop eating food habits we tend to stick with them for life unless threatened with bad health and then we sometimes force ourselves to change our diets. To eat healthy again you have to overcome the emotional resistance your mind has to new and better foods.


What you have to overcome is personal food biases which are mental handicaps to better more varied eating. I never eat nuts and sour cream with a salad, I never drink milk after a hearty dinner, I would never add cheese, clams, eggs, and veggies to chicken noodle soup, I would never eat yogurt after eating meat or a burger, I would never add veggies to a hamburger patty, I would never add nuts or real fruit to my cereal, I would never add small chunks of blood sausage to beef stew, etc. This reluctance to mix foods or to try to add new ones to a recipe is the major handicap which all of us will have to overcome to eat more nutritiously.


The fact is that adding a good tasting food to a good tasting food very frequently results in an even better tasting more nutritious food. If there is a food which you don’t like the taste of independently then consider adding it in small quantities to a food which you like so that you barely taste it. Adding a little broccoli, sprouts, kale or spinach etc. to your favorite soup will make it more nutritious and healthy and you will barely notice the difference.


If you want the nutritional value of ten or more herbs then add them to your favorite soup in almost imperceptible amounts and you will have increased the nutritional value of your soup without sacrificing good taste.


Experiment with food. If it is a new food and it is certified organic then it is probably something which you should include in your diet. If you don’t like the taste of a food and it is not repulsive, then add a little of it to foods or recipes which you like. Force yourself to experiment with new varied foods and you won’t need the illusory lopsided vitamin and mineral supplements which humans consume thinking that they are compensating for not eating a healthy varied nutritious diet. Instead of artificial food supplements add a little bee pollen to some of your meals which is gotten from many natural flowers and is highly nutritious with a boatload of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients.


If you have any favorite recipes then EXPERIMENT by adding small quantities of other good foods to it. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to food and your meals will not only be more interesting but more healthy and nutritious also.


Final note: Some of us are addicted to fast food because we feel that we don’t have the time to make food ourselves or we simply like the taste and have developed a habit of eating it exclusively. If you refuse to change then at least eat a variety of fast foods in moderation. Eat pizza, burgers, chicken, tacos, burritos, sandwiches, etc. from more than one fast food place and try to patronize an outfit like Chipotles which tries to serve some organic food. A large variety of fast food from many companies is better and more nutritious than just eating at one favorite fast food outlet and definitely healthier.

CONCLUSION: Don’t eat just one food or a handful of foods but eat hundreds of different foods in small quantities or in moderation. Try to eat more unsweetened, unprocessed, non GMO and certified organic foods as close to their natural state as possible.

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MYTH: Eating or not eating breakfast badly affects your health or weight loss:

If you eat no breakfast at all or eat breakfast then it will not be bad for your health and you will not lose any weight. It is more likely that you will take in more calories during the day by eating more than one meal. More calories consumed at two or more meals means that it will become impossible to lose any weight since you are not severely reducing caloric intake which is the only sure fire way of losing weight .

Every time that you eat you are taking in more calories so if you are on a starvation diet to lose weight then skip as many meals as you can and even fast to some extent by not eating anything for a day or two once in a while during your weight loss routine.

STARVATION DIETS are the ONLY way to lose weight and you will lose weight temporarily but you will gain it all back when you resume normal eating habits and stop calorie counting.

MYTH: Eating many small meals a day instead of one big one will help you lose weight:

Only total caloric intake affects starvation diet weight loss and it doesn’t matter whether you eat six small meals a day or one meal a day with the same total amount of daily calories.


MYTH: Eat only carbohydrates, only proteins, or only fats to lose weight:

Eating an unnatural unbalanced diet with an emphasis on one lopsided food nutrient such as carbohydrates is very unhealthy and dangerous to a balanced metabolism. You will not lose any weight if you are eating more calories than those which a starvation diet requires. If you succeed in losing weight on a lopsided starvation diet of processed carbohydrates then you will be harming your health and metabolism because you also need nutrients which protein and fat foods provide.

MYTH:  Weight loss pills will help you to lose weight permanently:

Artificial hunger suppressing drugs will help to get you on a starvation diet and you will lose weight temporarily but you will gain it all back when you stop using the drug and resume normal eating habits. In fact the artificial drug will have serious metabolic bad side effects on your health if you use it too long or on a permanent basis.

Some people think that diet supplement pills with natural nutrients or ingredients such as vitamin D will help you lose weight. Untrue, because only a starvation caloric intake will cause you to lose weight and if you are eating a normal amount of calories then no magic supplement pill will burn off more calories than you want or need in your body.

MYTH: Eating saturated fat is unhealthy for you:

People who live in Tokelau (a territory of New Zealand) eat a diet that is about 50% saturated fats and they have superior cardiovascular health compared to other people. The key here is eating good natural food fat and not very unhealthy processed hydrogenated fat used in modern processed foods.

MYTH: Fasting is hazardous to your health:

Not eating for one or two days does not cleanse your body of toxins and improve the functioning of any internal organ. On a cellular level called autophagy it helps your body’s ability to regenerate and become better at reducing toxins in the cell.

If you go to extremes and fast for a week or a month then a little nutrition or drinking a little milk during fasting is helpful to prevent irreversible metabolic damage to your organism. Extreme fasting if done improperly for too long can lead to unhealthy consequences for the body metabolism.

MYTH: Going organic will help weight loss:

Eating natural organic food or processed food will not help you lose weight. Only a starvation diet will help you lose weight whether you are eating organic or processed and modified food.

MYTH: Exercise will help you lose weight:

Exercise will only make you feel hungry again and you will gain back all the calories which you lost exercising by eating again. You will even be exceeding the caloric intake which is needed to merely replenish the calories lost during exercise.

MYTH: Eliminating one food or an assortment of foods will help you lose weight:

If you eliminate one or more foods from your diet you will still get enough calories from other foods which you do eat and you will lose no weight. Switching to a vegetarian diet will not cause you to lose weight because you will eat enough vegies to make your daily body calorie requirements adequate for maintaining a stable weight without any weight loss at all.

MYTH: Everyone gains the same amount of weight by overeating:

By overeating by 1000 calories individuals varied in weight gain by 10 to 30 pounds so every individual is different in the amount of weight which they gain by overeating.

MYTH: Eating a big dinner meal is bad for your health and affects your weight.

Only if you compulsively overeat will it cause weight increase but will not badly affect your health in the long duration if you do not become severely obese. If you only eat one big dinner meal a day then you will not gain weight abnormally because the caloric intake is not that great.

The kind or type of food that you eat affects weight gain more than the amount of food that you eat. If you are eating large amounts of highly processed carbohydrates and sugar then you will be fatter than if you eat large amounts of balanced food with naturally balanced fats, protein, and carbohydrates from natural organic food.

CONCLUSION: If you want to truly lose weight for health or other reasons then counting calories and going on a starvation diet is the only temporary way of doing it with the help of a nutritionist or professional calorie counter.

It is important during that starvation diet that you eat a healthy variety of organic or natural foods balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats which you get by eating everything in moderation or a wide variety of food which you should consume to assure that you are getting proper or balanced nutrition.

Once you reach your desired weight you will still have to painfully count calories and determine how many you will need to maintain a constant reduced weight.

Some people are born naturally skinny or plump and the easiest way to deal with it is to not diet at all but to eat healthily with a large variety of natural organic food. 

Let your weight stabilize at what your natural inherited weight is. You may not be happy with your overweight which nature gave you but at least you will be happy eating to your heart’s content as much as you want of the quality food which you should be eating on a daily basis.

****There is no magic pill, or magic supplement, or magic food which will help you to lose weight. When you eat has nothing to do with weight loss. Only a starvation diet will cause true weight loss and it is a difficult and stressful experience which only desperately overweight people should be going through. All others should be happy and healthy with their natural weight which differs from individual to individual as nature intended it to be.

Remember, you look the way you look because nature intended you to look that way and trying to fight nature will just cause much failure and emotional suffering and misery.


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chemical crap fest

Here are 6 social food myths which exist because of bad historical statistical science and brainwashing by the food industry which is pushing its cheap overly processed bad nutrition foods.

Here is the link to Naturalnews which busts those myths:


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Antimicrobial enzymes and bioavailable vitamins and bioavailable calcium and bioavailable phosphorus are all inhibited and you don’t get their maximum potential efficacy. Biodiverse probiotics and lactase producing bacteria and delicate proteins and phosphatase enzyme are destroyed. B-12 binding protein and lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes and macrophages and neutrophilsa and IgA/IgG antibodies and bifidus factors and gamma-interferon and fibronectin are all inactive. Essential omega3 and 6 fatty acids are damaged.  All these nutrients and immune factors are available in breast milk and raw cow’s milk!

In an attempt to circumvent outdated misinformation on the dangers of raw milk some farmers have been forced to communicate that raw milk is only to be used for pets and not human consumption. If you can’t get raw milk from a farmer and must buy it in the store then buy that labeled for pets which is just as good, safe, nutrient dense, and nutritious.



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As long as exotic food does not mean endangered species I think it has huge potential for domestication and consumption as healthy non GMO, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, organic food. Worms, crickets, rattlesnake meat, goat penis and testicles are just a few of the possibilities which should be promoted as nutrient rich healthy foods.

Google exotic foods and you will discover some exotic fruits and vegetables which can be eaten if you are not that much into protein rich foods. Eating exotic foods is an acquired taste and the best way to introduce them into the western diet would be to flavor existing foods such as organic yogurt, whole multigrain bread, burgers, salads, etc. with chunks or mashed exotic foods to enhance the nutritional value of the food. I know rattlesnake meat is delicious as is but some exotic whole fruits and vegetables may not be that tasty initially and will need to be added to good tasting food to promote greater acceptance by a fearful public which is always fearful of being poisoned by a new healthy taste sensation.

We need biodiversity or variety in the food which we eat to insure a nutrient dense diet without the need for artificial supplements or food additives. Exotic foods will increase the probability that you will get all the trace minerals, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, and carbohydrates that your body craves and needs for optimum health.

What follows are links to a Livescience  and PopSci article which introduces members of the Explorers Club to deliciously prepared exotic foods.




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Mike Adams knows much about certified organic foods and reveals some of the potential hazards of buying from unscrupulous manufacturers of vitamins, supplements, and health foods. The message is fundamental, inform yourself about the product from unbiased sources if possible because most manufacturers are trying to cash in on the health conscious public and only care about the bottom line and not your health.

I include a link to the full article from infowars.com. I personally think infowars.com is a fear promoting politically extreme website but I visit it almost daily for about one minute looking for rare gems like this article. They also rarely print useful information on the true state of the economy. It is an anti-establishment website so they sometimes print the truth which those with political and economic power would rather not have you know about.


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If you eat LESS over processed over refined carbohydrates and sugars your body is getting less bad nutrition and your body will continue CRAVING for BETTER quality nutrition. You will continue to feel hungry and unsatisfied. You need more quality nutrition and less of a quantity of bad nutrition.

We are omnivores and that means that unless we have an allergy we can eat anything which is classified as a natural food. Eat VARIED nutrient dense foods such as raw milk (pasturized milk is second best), blood sausage, eggs, nuts, meat, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You will feel satiated or full much sooner and WILL wind up eating a smaller quantity of food. Natural certified organic food is all good for you and that includes all natural fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which exist in whole foods.

Less than 40% of the population can eat anything including fast food and not gain weight. The rest of us were genetically programed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and if you try to fight biology you will fail and be miserable trying unsuccessfully to reduce weight by large amounts.

Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with new better foods. Try new natural organic foods and don’t be afraid that they will poison you or cause illness. They won’t. They are not weird and dangerous foods but foods which are good for you in moderation. VARIETY is the spice of life and will keep your meals healthy, interesting, and satisfying. HAPPY HEALTHY EATING!!!


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The following 8 statements are true and if you don’t believe them then you believe in one or more food myths.

All calorie sources are the same (Calories from proteins and fats will satiate you sooner and you won’t have to overeat which is likely if you get most of your calories from carbs and sugars.)

Eating much protein will not harm your kidneys and cause osteoporosis

A low fat diet is not the healthiest way to eat

Salt is not dangerous to eat unless you have high blood pressure

Saturated fat from meat and other sources does not raise your cholesterol nor does it cause heart attacks and death

Coffee in moderation is not bad for you

Eggs rich in cholesterol can’t give you heart disease

Low carb diets with much saturated fat does not increase your risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses

To get more detailed information about the 8 myths read the following Popular Science article.


CONCLUSION: Humans are omnivores who can eat natural proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Eat a great variety of all kinds of certified organic foods which can include fast food once in a while and eat only when you are hungry. Stop eating when you feel full and eat only about once a day. If you are not hungry don’t eat at all. You can not eat anything all day long and you will not starve or die!

EXPERIMENT with new foods and eat them if they taste good, are not artificially sweetened with added sugar, and are not overly processed. Don’t be afraid that new foods will poison you or make you sick in some way. Natural unprocessed food is not bad for you so don’t get paranoid about eating something new. Variety is the spice and health of life!!!!!!

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MYTH: Running barefoot on a hard surface is better than shoes

An unnatural running on a hard surface with bare feet can cause high impact joint and tendon stress which deforms the foot unnaturally spreading the foot and forcing it to be flatter than necessary.

MYTH: 30 minutes of exercise will burn fat

The percentage of energy from fat burning does not appreciably increase during exercise where your body muscles use up mostly the stores of glycogen in the liver and muscles in the body and you will have about the same amount of fat after the exercise than before it. Fat is a secondary source of energy and very little of it gets used during exercise. You will definitely not lose weight due to fat burning but more so due to a depletion of water from your body.

MYTH: Exercise or movement is the best remedy for sore muscles

Sore muscles is your body telling you that you have exceeded your exercise limit and should reduce movement and give time for the temporary inflammation to die down and let the muscle repair itself before embarking on more strenuous exercise.

MYTH: Music helps in training

Energetic music can motivate you to exercise more but you won’t be as sensitive to body cues which are telling you to slow down or rest because you are exceeding the body pain threshold and the music is masking it to some extent.

MYTH: Eat carbohydrates before exercise

Carbohydrates should be eaten much before the exercise and preferably the night before so that the body has plenty of time to digest and store the energy from the carbohydrates as glycogen. For exercise lasting less than 90 minutes loading up with carbohydrates will not affect performance at all so eat a varied balanced meal instead.

MYTH: Take magnesium for muscle spasms

Usually muscle spasms are due to too much muscular stress or stressing poorly conditioned muscles and rarely are partially due to one vitamin and/or mineral deficiency but an overall deficiency in many minerals and/or vitamins so the best remedy is to eat as varied a diet as possible to ensure that you are not suffering from nutrient deficiencies. Test your body blood for nutrient deficiencies before you begin supplementing with lopsided mineral and/or vitamin supplements.

MUTH: Drinking beer after exercising is healthy

The alcohol in beer decreases the testosterone level in the body minimally so it is better to drink nonalcoholic beer or just plain water which is what you have depleted during exercise and is only what you really need. I prefer drinking beer or water flavored with chunks of fruit and herbs such as mint because it creates greater satisfaction. I drink if I feel thirsty after exercising and drink it for pleasure when I am thirsty and not exercising.

MYTH: You should drink much before exercise to avoid dehydration

You can’t absorb more than the usual amount of water into the body during exercise to compensate for the greater amount of water lost due to sweating. Only drink when you become thirsty and at no other time.  Most exercise except for marathon running does not severely dehydrate you and frequently you can even get by without drinking anything at all.

MYTH: Supplements are necessary for peak performance

Most high performing athletes do not use supplements which are lopsided nutrient doses which are unnatural and should really not be a replacement for varied balanced meals of as much certified organic food as possible which should be rich in micronutrients also.

MYTH: There is an ideal ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to eat

Humans are very adaptable and can survive good on a high carbohydrate and low fat and low protein diet and can survive just as good on a high protein, high fat, and low carbohydrate diet.


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You were born overweight most likely because one or both of your parents is also overweight. Be proud to be born that way even though you will be socially ridiculed and offended by nasty comments. Extra weight in nature means that you are better prepared than others to survive food shortages or famines. We no longer have severe famines or food shortages but your odds of surviving one if it exists in the distant future will be larger.

You are getting older and nature puts on more weight or calories since getting older historically meant that you would get less food from your social network and nature puts on more fat so you don’t starve and can survive.

You are a woman after her second or third pregnancy and nature puts on more calories or fat in anticipation of the historical fact that there will be less food to go around and you will be sharing some with your offspring.

You are overeating and eating two or three times a day and truthfully you should be only eating when you are hungry and drinking only when thirsty and if that means not eating anything a whole day then that is normal and you won’t die of starvation. Don’t force your offspring to eat three times a day if they are not hungry, especially breakfast. If they don’t want to eat dinner or lunch don’t force them to do so since they can skip three to four or more meals without starving and you will cure them of a lifelong habit of overeating! Soft drinks and energy drinks don’t quench your thirst but keep you thirsty so you will drink more sweet drinks. Chose water or seltzer water or beer or coffee or unsweetened tea or naturally sweet fruit juices without added sugar instead. You can also make your own flavored water by cutting pieces of fruit or herbs and adding them to water or letting them flavor your water naturally.

You are eating too many sugary overly processed foods rich in carbohydrates which are notorious for putting on extra weight. The artificially added fructose in sugar is shutting off you satiation chemical and the brain is responding by asking for more food. The solution is to eat as much and as great a variety of certified organic food as possible with natural fat content which will satiate you sooner and naturally make you eat less food. Natural fats and proteins and carbohydrates are healthy for you if gotten from unprocessed food.

You are addicted to sugary foods and snacks and drinks and are eating too many of them. The solution is to avoid them completely and if you can’t stop completely then eat processed sweet foods once or twice a week and consider them to be treats. Naturally sweet fruits should be eaten and will not cause you to overeat and gain more weight than you should naturally and should satisfy your craving for sweetness.

Conclusion: If you find a food or drink with sugar added don’t buy it and if you buy it have it only once or twice a week!!!!!! Eat a great variety of certified organic food only when hungry and include a blood sausage about once a week. Drink raw milk if you can find it and pasturized milk if you can’t with your meals once in a while. Drink water only when thirsty or other unsweetened beverages. If you don’t lose much weight and your health doesn’t improve much live with it then be proud of your weight because that is the way that nature intended for you to be. Any metabolic illness which you still might have will not be cured by good nutrition and you will have to live with your bad health for a lifetime.


Don’t try to lose weight exercising because you only burn about 120 calories walking fast for 30 minutes. Most humans eat much over 500 calories every day so you will not lose any weight just by exercising. It is a myth that exercise alone will make you lose some weight!!!!!!

Exercise moderately to keep your body toned but you don’t need to do it more than about two or three times a week for 20 minutes and you don’t need exercise equipment to do it. If you are a lazy exerciser then just walk fast outdoors or on a treadmill for about  20 minutes.

One room in the house or a six by six foot free space in a room can be an exercise room where natural human exercise movements can be done without the aid of most artificial devices which build up the body in unnatural ways.  Such movements as pushups and/or squat thrusts and/or sit ups and/or deep knee bends and/or running in place and/or spinning in place and/or jumping jacks and/or jumping up and down instead of jumping rope which limits the degrees of freedom that your hands can exercise during the jumping and/or chin ups and/or an assortment of aerobic moves and/or weaponless martial arts moves should be popular forever.

When doing jumping jacks or jumping up and down don’t stay in one place but move around the room even spinning around while doing them and flex your knees a little and move in many patterns over the floor. Feel free to jump to different heights while doing jumping jacks and make it a nonboring real blast of a cardio workout. Also during the jumping jacks feel free to bend at the waist and twist the torso too and flail the hands around at the joints and bend the elbows. Be a wild and crazy gal or guy and enjoy yourself. That is true utilitarian personal creativity which is so rare in society!!!

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130022495846103515_glenn_family Myth: Most humans can lose weight with exercise or consuming less calories or eating low carbohydrate foods or eating a vegan diet or eating mostly protein or taking appetite suppressing pills or taking hormones.

Truth: Severely obese humans will lose some weight by limiting their caloric intake only. For the majority of us, without a starvation diet, we will basically remain at the same weight which we were genetically programmed to be at.  As we grow older many of us are programmed genetically to put on more weight as a natural reaction which anticipates less food in old age. Many store more calories in the form of fat for food emergencies or famines which modern society no longer has so most of us get fatter as we age because our caloric intake remains relatively constant. Less than 50% of the population does not gain weight even if they overeat because they have been genetically programmed to stay thin for an entire lifetime thanks to an efficient regulating natural metabolism. If you were born natuarally overweight be proud of your weight because if we do have a famine in the distant future you will be prepared with a fat reserve which will increase your odds of surviving it.

Many women in their thirties have a second or third offspring and suddenly start to gain weight without changing their lifestyles. This is only a genetically programmed natural reaction because more offspring in nature means that the same quantity of food will have to be shared because it historically meant less food for the wife, especially older females. That is why many women start putting on more weight after pregnancies so that they will have more energy stored up in their bodies in anticipation of having to share food with the offspring and having to eat less because of a historical constant supply of food.

In modern society more offspring does not mean less food for mothers yet they still put on more weight and put on more weight than usual since their caloric intake or the amount of food they eat remains the same and they don’t have to share their food with offspring.

For men this truth translates into not making nasty comments about the plumpness of your spouse and constant reminders that she should lose weight which is impossible without a starvation diet and constant hunger pangs. Live with your overweight spouse and respect the fact that she has no power to control her weight because this is how nature intended it to be. It will only result in yo yo diets and scientifically unproven methods to lose weight. In the short run your wife may lose some weight but in the long run she will gain it all back and maybe even add a few more pounds.

My father constantly complained about my mother’s overweight after I was born, the second offspring, and I seldom saw her eat more than a buttered piece of bread in old age and I know she was suffering from bad nutrition without enough variety of nutritious foods in her life. She got kidney cancer at about age 65 and lived five more years after the operation but I basically blame my father who lived to be 99 for sending my mother to an early grave with his lose weight terror tactics encouraged by mythological social brainwashing which caused her to eat badly and caused terminal illness in the long duration.

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. You lose about 100 calories by walking a mile and about 120 by running at about 6 miles per hour for thirty minutes. You would theoretically have to run 29 times for thirty minutes to lose one pound of fat or run for 15 hours to burn off one pound of fat. If you didn’t eat a daily caloric intake of about 1000 to 1500 calories eating three times a day this means that you should be losing about half a pound of fat a day. The truth is that no one automatically loses or burns half a pound of fat a day by exercising or not eating at all for a day.

My wife after her second pregnancy started gaining weight. We both can survive and not lose weight on about 500 calories a day each eating only one nutritious varied meal. I weigh about 175 pounds and she weighs about 212 pounds but was born to be overweight based on inaccurate social and medical norms which wrongly assume that every human should be at a perfect normal average weight for their age.

Eating 3500 calories less does not mean that you will lose a pound of fat. There is no one to one correspondence and it is a large myth maintained by the propaganda of the weight loss industry. Less food eaten does not automatically mean less weight for most of us.

Old calorie tables which recommend daily calorie intake are outdated and humans leading sedentary lives can eat less than 500 calories a day and not lose weight!!!!!! That means that most humans in developed countries are eating about three to four times more food than they need to survive at a constant weight. This means that Americans could feed about a billion more people with the food they should not be eating and if you take into consideration the fact that about 50% of grown food is thrown away by growers which doesn’t meet appearance perfection standards, America could support a billion and a half more humans with the food which is grown on a yearly basis. Believe it or Not!!!!!!

The biggest danger is taking an appetite suppression drug or taking one hormone pill to reduce weight. Taking an excess of one hormone to equalize the level of your hormone at an older age to be at a level it was during youth is unnatural and the hormone will not only not cause you to lose weight but it will start to ruin your natural metabolism and affect tens of other body chemicals. This puts your metabolism out of balance and causes long duration bad health problems and even susceptibility to cancer.

Appetite suppression pills frequently give you a sense of an unnatural emotional high and cause you to eat very little. Not only is the quantity of the food eaten reduced but so is the quality of the food eaten reduced with less nutritious variety included in what you do proceed to eat. The chemically induced delusion that you are losing weight causes long duration side effects and a damaged body metabolism if taken for a long time. As soon as you stop taking the appetite suppressant you gain whatever weight you lost back again and sometimes even gain more weight since your body tries to compensate for the period of time that you were living on fewer calories or less food eaten.

Read the side effects of most appetite suppression pills which are used for a very long time and at relatively large doses and it will frighten you. Using any drug pill to reduce weight permanently with daily doses will unbalance your metabolism given enough time and your good health will suffer.

Eating low fat processed foods with much carbohydrates and unnatural sugar quantities added will suppress your body satiation chemical and cause you to eat more of the low fat processed foods and you will wind up eating more calories which readily will be converted to fat, especially the sugar. Eat artificially sweetened poisonous food without calories and your long duration health will suffer from an unbalanced metabolism.

A vegan diet is frequently not successful because you eat too many calories with too much pasta, bread, french fries, dairy-free chocolate, and nuts and you end up gaining weight, not losing it. If you ate just fruits and vegetables in their natural state you may lose some weight but be deficient in vitamin B12 and other vital nutrients which you get from protein and fat foods. We are omnivores and that means that we should be eating a balanced diet of plant and animal carbohydrates and fats and proteins.

A lopsided artificial protein diet is not advisable because it can result in keytosis and liver damage and many other health problems because your body is not getting enough fats and carbohydrates to stay healthy.

Partial conclusions: Exercising for half an hour a day will not reduce your weight but may in fact cause you to be hungrier and overeat because you have lost body calories and your body will ask you to eat more and refill your body calorie storage space. It is a guarantee that you will eat more calories after exercising than you lost exercising.

Some humans are born with a tendency to gain weight and others are not. If you are gaining weight you are also probably eating too many processed foods with lopsided sugar amounts in them which will make your natural weight more if you were born to be naturally fatter.

Less than 50% of the population is gifted with good genes which can let you eat anything and any amount and not get overweight. Envying those humans and going on fad diets and not succeeding in weight reduction will only lead to greater depression and a sense of less selfworth.

Each generation of Americans is getting more overweight and the primary cause of it is eating too much processed highly refined sugary food which plagues grocery shelves. Once you gain weight it is not easy to decrease it but you can help the next generation of offspring to be thinner by making them eat a varied nutritious certified organic diet only when they are hungry and not force them to eat three times a day. If they are not hungry don’t force them to eat breakfast or lunch or even dinner. Keep them away from sugary foods and high carbohydrate unnatural foods such as sodas, sweets, desert, and processed snack foods. All of these unhealthy nutritionally bad foods can be treats once in a while or once a week but not every day of the week.

With age your metabolism naturally adjusts and makes many gain weight. Eating about one very varied meal once a day, especially unprocessed, varied, certified organic food will keep you healthily at your natural weight which may still be greater than you want it to be in your hopes and dreams. Learn to live with the new added weight because that is the fate of old age. You will be overweight but as healthy as you were naturally programmed to be!!!!!!

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Myth: Beer is bad for you because there are so many alcoholics who drink too much beer and are social problems.

Truth: Drinking beer in moderation is not only healthy but it can be a constant source for refreshing new pleasurable taste sensations which can take some of the boredom out of your life.

Briefly summarized the silicone content in beer can maintain or even boost your bone density and

beer can reduce the blood sugar level by replacing sweet and artificially sweetened drinks and

beer can decrease the probability that you will suffer from diabetes and

beers with much protein in them will make your skin and hair healthier and

beer has some nutrients suchas zinc and potassium and iron and riboflavin and many other nutrients and

beer won’t cause weight gain with only about 5 grams of carbohydrates and

last but not least beer comes in hundreds of flavors with slightly different nutrient value which you can taste and see which ones you enjoy drinking the most!!!

10 reasons you should drink beer

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Sugar and high fructose corn syrup has too much fructose in it which only the liver can metabolize and it converts it into fat and causes metabolic imbalances which does not exist if you eat natural fruits which also have other nutrients with some fructose.

Pastries and sodas and candy bars have empty sugar calories without many minerals and vitamins so you are eating a lopsided food with almost no nutritional value.

Eating much sugar with fructose can cause deposition of fat in the liver and lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Too many calories from fructose can lead to serious bad effects on blood markers in as little as 10 weeks with increases in blood triglycerides and dense LDL and very bad oxidized LDL and fat in the abdominal cavity and decreased insulin sensitivity.

Excess fructose consumption can lead to insulin resistance which can contribute to increased obesity and diabetes in many humans.

Excess sugar consumption is linked with many serious diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease and obesity

Glucose and fructose consumption was compared and it showed that you feel hungrier with fructose intake than with glucose which means that you will probably have a tendency to overeat on a high fructose diet.

Sugar intake releases dopamine in the brain giving us pleasure and excess sugar intake causes so much dopamine release that it can be considered to be addictive in nature with classic signs of addiction.

Fructose causes leptin hormone resistance which translates into not feeling full and eating more than you should. If you want to eat less then sugar must not be part of the meal.

Conclusion: Excess sugar which contains much fructose can lead to serious health problems and is addictive and will cause you to overeat.

Eat pastries and candies and drink sodas in moderation to avoid the very bad effects of excess sugar consumption.

If you are addicted to sweets have them every other day and eventually once every three days and you will be eating sweets in moderation.

If a food has sugar added to it as an extra ingredient don’t buy it if it is not naturally sweet!!!!!!







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