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Mike Adams knows much about certified organic foods and reveals some of the potential hazards of buying from unscrupulous manufacturers of vitamins, supplements, and health foods. The message is fundamental, inform yourself about the product from unbiased sources if possible because most manufacturers are trying to cash in on the health conscious public and only care about the bottom line and not your health.

I include a link to the full article from infowars.com. I personally think infowars.com is a fear promoting politically extreme website but I visit it almost daily for about one minute looking for rare gems like this article. They also rarely print useful information on the true state of the economy. It is an anti-establishment website so they sometimes print the truth which those with political and economic power would rather not have you know about.


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If you eat LESS over processed over refined carbohydrates and sugars your body is getting less bad nutrition and your body will continue CRAVING for BETTER quality nutrition. You will continue to feel hungry and unsatisfied. You need more quality nutrition and less of a quantity of bad nutrition.

We are omnivores and that means that unless we have an allergy we can eat anything which is classified as a natural food. Eat VARIED nutrient dense foods such as raw milk (pasturized milk is second best), blood sausage, eggs, nuts, meat, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You will feel satiated or full much sooner and WILL wind up eating a smaller quantity of food. Natural certified organic food is all good for you and that includes all natural fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which exist in whole foods.

Less than 40% of the population can eat anything including fast food and not gain weight. The rest of us were genetically programed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and if you try to fight biology you will fail and be miserable trying unsuccessfully to reduce weight by large amounts.

Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with new better foods. Try new natural organic foods and don’t be afraid that they will poison you or cause illness. They won’t. They are not weird and dangerous foods but foods which are good for you in moderation. VARIETY is the spice of life and will keep your meals healthy, interesting, and satisfying. HAPPY HEALTHY EATING!!!


If you liked this evergreen blog read more of them.