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Many parts of the world are competing politically, economically, religiously and the natural consequence is that violent outbreaks are still a fact of life where arms are readily available.

Whether the attack on the twin towers was foreign terrorism or a conspiracy the fact is that it precipitated counter measures which improved airline security, better intelligence or spying on citizens, on legal and illegal aliens,  improved intelligence gathering expertise in the Arab world, and ensured for a time that the oil wealth of Iraq would not be used to fund terrorist activities worldwide.

The Israeli Palestine conflict seems never ending but it improves military counter measures against rockets such as the iron dome of protection which Israel has and has worked almost flawlessly. Yes, eventually the Palestinians may start using stealth drones to deliver their explosive payloads and so counter measures will have to be found to exclude such a threat. Yes, some innocent lives and soldier lives are lost in the process but that is the price which sometimes has to be paid for progress and more future security against violent attacks.

After the overthrow of the Russian puppet Ukrainian leader Russia feared that its economic and political dominance in Ukraine could be severely impaired. It used military force to invade the Crimea and started violent countermeasures in Eastern Ukraine. Since Russia supplies Europe with much energy it was emboldened to make a military move and not fear total economic sanctions from the western world.

Its success in supplying Syria with arms and maintaining the Assad regime through violent means may also have emboldened Putin to continue to use violent means as a political tool. This is an awakening call and warning that large scale economic dependence on a tyrant country may imply the use of aggressive force at a later date. That Nato is still a necessary military organization in Europe has been reaffirmed.

All localized military conflict eventually ends and the dominant military force usually continues to rule the area on into the future. Unfortunately much political power is still enforced with the overt use of force in this world and it is just a fact of life which we have to live with.


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