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Corruption: n. causing to behave dishonestly and/or immorally and frequently nonviolently for money and/or (personal and/or institutional) gainen

Gainen: n. getting a desired subset(s)

Government, business, and organizational corruption is the most difficult to combat because it is institutionalized and has much momentum to continue on it’s traditional path without reforming.

You can’t realistically put every member of an institution in jail or fine each one for corruption. Watch dogs within the organization risk losing their jobs and future livelihood if they turn on the institution and testify in court with evidence of its corruption or corrupt members. A corrupt big wealthy institution can make life very miserable for you after you get fired from it.

Most corruption is of the nonviolent kind but there is also corruption which utilizes violence and rarely murder to silence its threatening foes or opponents. Murder is hopefully rare but blacklisting is a common underground practice which is almost impossible to prove with objective evidence which is secret or hidden from public view.

My personal opinion is that national and international watchdog foundations should be formed which protect humans financially who reveal institutional corruption with audio visual and documented evidence and prove their case in court with watchdog foundation legal funds. Only the fear of losing a great public reputation through worldwide media exposure will insure a minimum tolerable level of institutional corruption.

The media itself is controlled by a handful of corporations so the probability that corporate corruption will be disclosed and punished with fines and even jail time is highly improbable. When fines are assessed they just become part of the expenses of doing business as usual and the inherent corrupt structure and operation of the institution continues on in perpetuity.

Open source internet information on government activity, especially that of committee deliberations, is vital to keeping corruption to a minimum and it is something which we still don’t have today. Secrecy promotes corruption and the more information which becomes public knowledge, the less corruption there will be in the future.

Corruption in politics is legend with special interests and powerful money interests getting beneficial legislation or laws at everyone else’s expense.

Deception and even lying in advertisements promotes a corrupt social environment.

The absence of strict moral teaching in elementary schools encourages many to lie and cheat in some way which then is reflected in society later on where a lax attitude towards promiscuity results in much marital adultery.

Without moral citizens the leadership becomes even more corrupt and rebellion against corruption is almost non-existent.

The whole world needs a secular moral code for young impressionable minds in elementary school and it is- except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Without putting this secular moral code into practice peaceful and good human interactions or relationships will continue to break down and peace between nations will not be possible in the long duration.

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Humans lie to protect themselves or their ego when they have done something bad or made a mistake, for personal gain, and to maliciously destroy another’s reputation which could be because of revenge or meanness or for personal gain and it can even be done with silent omissions instead of blatant lies.

Personal protection lies:

It was not my fault which is frequently followed with an excuse that something or someone is to blame

I’m sick

It was not my mistake

It was their fault

There’s just this one little problem

Sorry, I missed your call

I’m on my way

I’ll call back latter

I didn’t get the email

It’s not personal

I never got your message

I have it done

I don’t know

Personal gain lies: This is frequently done by exaggerating or lying about ones competence and/or kissing up to or praising another liberally to show a false respect for or love of another. especially if they are in a position of authority.

Customer’s come first

People are our most valuable asset

That’s great

I came up with the idea

You’re doing fine

You will make much money quickly

You will lose 10 pounds in 10 days

You will look 10 years younger

Your dress is beautiful

I love this gift

Reputation destroying lies:

He was nasty, mean, rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, insincere, incompetent, or unfriendly to me or a customer

She didn’t do her best

He said some bad things about you

She doesn’t seem to like you

He or she is mad at the world and thinks life is unfair

He has a chip on his shoulder

He doesn’t get along well with others

She is not very friendly

His family problems interfere with his work

She lies about me or other humans