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“Don’t think of it as getting fired. Think of it as finally being recognized for your incompetence.”

An incompetent employee is basically an employee who doesn’t have the necessary job skills to do a job well. That may include a dysfunctional or toxic personality or bad social skills which manifests itself with bad relationships with the boss or manager and with coworkers thus endangering good morale.

Ideally a resume and job interview should weed out the incompetent individuals but it is always possible that the candidate for the job may lie and deceive and succeed in being hired much to the later dismay of the boss or manager.

Things such as prior job experience, number of prior jobs, length of time worked at the jobs, drug tests, future plans, and reasons for leaving are all important in determining potential job competence.

Possible personality flaws are hard to diagnose during an interview but a potential job candidate should have a good communication skills and be able to answer questions relatively spontaneously, with conviction, and fluently. Showing up late, hesitancy, inability to answer some valid questions, stupid answers, a very laid back attitude, nonawareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, or inappropriate dress may all be red flags and possible personality drawbacks.

A human resource department does not exist in all organizations but a good one may filter out the bad candidates for a job before an actual interview with the boss or manager.

Once hired there are signs of job incompetence. The human may be a procrastinator and basically be unmotivated or slow and lazy, they may make many mistakes or be slow learners, and generally not do the job in a timely fashion by taking too long to do a job or rushing through and not doing the job well.

Then there is the insubordinate human, the incessant complainer, the overly argumentative or bullying type, the back stabber, the chronic gossiper, and one constantly making excuses and blaming others or circumstances for not doing the job right.

These personality flaws can become very toxic in the work environment and ruin company morale so it is important to act on the problem sooner rather than later and it is important to document all the unfortunate incidents if firing becomes necessary. Legally you don’t have to give a reason for firing someone if they are not a member of a union but if you have documented all the bad incidents then you yourself can have confidence in your decision to let someone go and not further ruin company morale.

There can be infrequent insubordination, occasional complaints, occasional arguments, some bullying, some gossip, and some excuses and blaming. If infrequent you may choose to ignore the rare bad incidents but if it is a complaint then you should listen carefully and determine if anything can be done to solve the problem which comes with the complaint.

There are some humans who complain out of habit. They complain about their family, about their friends, about coworkers, about the boss, about the weather, about their job, and about everything in general. These humans are toxic to morale and even if they do their job competently they are still a bad apple which should be removed quickly so they don’t scare away or infect other employees with their negativity.

When two coworkers argue then you may have to involve yourself in a calm manner, listen to both sides of the argument and then suggest ways that they can work things out themselves without taking sides and creating more drama and bad feelings. Arguing with an incompetent boss may be a problem without a solution unless the boss or manager is replaced.

Determining why someone is being insubordinate, complaining, arguing, bullying, or blaming is important if it has not gotten out of hand because you may be able to resolve the problem so it doesn’t happen again. Listen carefully, ask questions, and request suggestions on what may be done to solve the problem.

One important point to make is that the frequency of incompetent behavior is important. Does the incompetence happen once a day, once a week, once a month, or even once a year? If rather infrequent then the incompetence may be bearable and can maybe even be overlooked.

The severity of the incompetence is also a consideration so if it leads to two or more coworkers quitting their jobs then it is definitely severe incompetence which should not have been permitted in the first place.

There is outright insubordination or breaking company rules or not doing what you are ordered or asked to do. This is serious insubordination but sometimes a worker may have a different yet valid way of doing things which still gets the job done in a timely fashion. You may ask someone to do something a certain way and they may come up with a different but just as good way of doing something. This is not outright insubordination but merely a different way of doing something and basically getting the same results. Call it an example of creativity if you want, but don’t object to it in a condescending brutal way if you still want them to do it exactly your way.

Some workers may make excuses and blame others or circumstances for being late or not doing the job right. I got up late, I partied last night, I argued with my spouse, I was caught in traffic, I had a death in the family, I had a headache, my child had an accident, I had a flat tire, I’m tired, I didn’t have enough time, I had too many interruptions, I had an argument, I was given the wrong advice, I don’t feel good, etc. are all possible excuses for not showing up on time or bad job performance.

The procrastinator or unmotivated lazy employee still doing marginal work can be a real dilemma. Setting time deadlines for a task or tasks can be tried, praise for doing a job quickly may help but ultimately an unmotivated employee is an irritant to fellow coworkers who may have to work extra hard and do some of the workload of the unmotivated one. If the procrastinator shows up to work on time then you may have to fire them without cause and maybe simply say there is not enough work around here anymore for you to do. Effectively we are laying off the workforce and you are included.

Ultimately the manager or boss sets the tone of the workplace. If the manager is competent, optimistic, almost always in a good mood, greets workers before work, is willing to give advice and ask for advice when appropriate, engages in solving problems, gives appropriate praise or rewards for work well done, fairly punishes when necessary, shows concern for the emotional state of employees and empathizes with them, is kind and considerate, has a sense of humor, and generally has a positive can do attitude then you can’t really ask for much more.

Not hiring incompetent workers in the first place is the smart thing to do. If there is severe or glaring incompetence after hiring then firing or laying off is the right thing to do to avoid future morale problems in the company.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4500 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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You are not FINANCIALLY ready for a serious relationship or marriage, you have severe personality flaws, you are interacting with the wrong crowd, you met mr. or ms. right but they were not interested in you, and you haven’t met mr. or ms. right.

The first reason is the most important one because most marital relationships break up because of inadequate finances or very bad financial management. The reasons why you may not be ready for a serious relationship is a poor job but second and third in line are severe personality flaws and hanging around or interacting with humans who are job poor and/or have severe personality flaws themselves.

Getting more education and learning better job skills is your responsibility and it will take time to fix. Having serious personality flaws is not so easy to fix because you have been living with the bad habit(s) for years and a quick fix is not possible. You can blame your parents, your bad friends, or poverty circumstances but ultimately it is your responsibility to recognize or be aware of your flaws and do something about the bad influences in your life so far if you are going to progress in life towards better relationships with someone.

With a good job will come confidence and an increase in self-esteem but if you are not the honest, sincere, and reliable kind looking for an honest, sincere, and reliable human partner then you will fail no matter how intense the initial chemistry between you may seem.

Being a bad conversationalist is also a very important priority and if you are the selfish kind who wants to dominate the conversation or totally passive and quiet and withdrawn then you will frequently fail in starting up a good relationship and maintaining it for mutual satisfaction, mutual problem solving, and optimistic mutual emotional support.


If you want to optimize your chances of having a successful relationship and are not very attractive then land a good job, become honest, sincere, and trustworthy, learn to be a better communicator, and start hanging around with a better group of humans who are also honest, sincere, and reliable.

This is an ideal recipe for getting into good relationships and unfortunately most real common humans wind up settling for much less in a human partner and frequently live to regret it. The incredibly high divorce statistics and so many unwed mothers are perfect examples of failed relationships with mostly bad morals and bad financial standards.

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Here is a link to singledatingdiva.com which has some good advice for smart men and even smart women who usually avoid 5 major unpleasant personality flaws in the opposite sex.

I would also like to add that most smart men try to avoid pessimistic women or women with mental problems such as depression. Men usually do not feel sorry for a woman going through tough personal times and don’t usually feel like nurturing and sympathizing with a complaining pessimistic woman. Very emotional or emotionally unstable women are also usually ones that smart men tend to avoid.


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Family Having Fun At Home Together

How many offspring will we have and when will we have them?

If you come from a large family you may want more offspring than your future spouse is willing or even able to support. Total agreement on the number of offspring is vital.

If you both have minimum wage jobs then offspring will be a severe time and financial burden on both of you. Until you are financially well off and stable don’t have any offspring and make plans for a possible realistic unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion or giving up the offspring for adoption is a logical solution which will have to be made if birth control does not work. Unplanned offspring appearing suddenly will frequently lead to a severe financial burden and speedily end in unwanted fierce marital turmoil, bankruptcy, and divorce.


In what religion will the offspring be raised if one or both of you are of different religions and true believers?

If you are a devout Baptist, catholic, or Jew then you and your parents may want the offspring to be raised in one and not two religions. One spouse will have to give in or compromise and choose a dominant religious affiliation for the offspring.  

Judeo Christian religions have many basic moral similarities but if you think that the traditions of one religion are stupid, trivial, or very unpleasant to deal with, a common morality may not be strong enough to overcome religious tradition biases or prejudices.


If religion plays a minor role in your lives what are the two most important moral convictions to have before getting married?

Believe that lying and adultery are immoral in a marriage and you will both have an excellent foundation to build a long duration happy marriage.

If you think that no morality is necessary in a modern marriage then you will be shocked into reality with a very unsuccessful one which will definitely end in divorce.


If one or both of you have dysfunctional inlaws with severe personality flaws or addictions (drugs, gambling, or alcohol) decide how you will minimize their impact on your lives?

Controlling inlaws who choose sides in a marital relationship is an extreme handicap and can lead to many spousal arguments and can even lead to divorce if the marriage is stressed financially also. Blame from the parents can lead to one spouse blaming the other for marital problems and it can quickly destabilize a marriage. If you are getting along well with each other then mutually decide to isolate imposing dysfunctional inlaws as much as possible.

What were the reasons you broke up with your exboyfriend or husband?

Fear of commitment and being overwhelmed by commitment financially are the major reasons males do not commit to marriage and can’t stay committed once married. Be realistic, family life means a great financial commitment which few males want, especially if the female does not have a good job or does not like to work and help greatly with the financial burden. Sex is relatively easy to find these days and there is no great social stigma for having it and not being married.

Offspring are expensive and require serious financial commitment from both spouses. Discuss long duration financial planning with your potential lifelong spouse. Offspring education after high school and the possibility of having to support young adults who can’t find jobs in an internet technological world of the future are realistic future expenses for the family budget.

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Lying that you don’t care how much money he is making or will make. The truth is that most women crave financial security which is a prerequisite for a stable family relationship. You may want to emphasize that you are not a gold digger but you may get a man who wants to live off of your income instead and not feel responsible about contributing his fair share to the relationship.


Lying that you don’t care whether he looks at other women. Exclusivity and trust is the glue which keeps relationships together for the long duration and if you don’t consider it important then you may later turn into a jealous psycho chick filled with fear of abandonment when and if he starts eyeing other women.


Lying that you can’t wait to see his family, especially if you find out that he comes from a dysfunctional one. Inlaws trying to run their offspring’s lives can become a nightmare for you and your significant other, especially if inlaws are the controlling kind and have serious addictive (drugs, gambling, and alcohol) and abusive personality flaws.


Lying that you like his friends if you don’t. If you sense there is a chronic need to hang out with friends whom you don’t like then don’t be surprised if he doesn’t look for better ones in the future and spends much precious time with them. Admit that you think he can improve his friendships and that you would prefer it if he would spend most of his free time with you.


Lying that you are in no rush to get married.  If you are looking for a good time and someone to spend much money on you then this would be the truth. For most young adult women they should be honestly trying to establish an enduring relationship with a good potential mate as soon as possible so that they don’t lose a good mate to another marriage hungry woman. The older an unmarried woman gets the greater is the probability that she will meet more divorcees, unhappy or adulterous men, flawed male personalities, and older men who may not want any offspring in their lives. Most of the good male mates will already be married.


Lying that you like him just the way he is. Most women will find a few things that they would want to change in their potential mate so it is important to bring those things out into the open and discuss them before a relationship continues.  If you try and keep it a secret it will eventually become a topic of conversation with great unpleasantness and disappointment.


Lying that you love sports. Truly loving sports is a rarity and most of us wind up hating and complaining how much time is spent on sports and not family life eventually in the relationship.  Watching TV sports can be annoying enough but if you find that he likes to attend them in person in an addictive way and gambles on sports too then you should seriously consider ending the relationship if you hate his compulsive habit.


Lying that you can keep a secret early in the relationship. Before you establish a long duration trusting relationship it is highly probable that you will gossip about the secret to your family or girlfriends so don’t make promises which you will break because your boyfriend will eventually find out that you have broken his confidentiality and will not trust you with further secrets or confidentialities.  The future probability that he will trust you or want you as a mate will vanish.

CONCLUSION: Honesty and sincerity is the best policy if you dream of or hope for a trusting adoring family relationship. If you intentionally lie in the relationship your date will not trust you or want to confide in you about personal feelings and plans and the relationship will selfdestruct soon and certainly later. Most lies surface given enough time and no one likes to be lied to unless they come from a dysfunctional family where lying was an ongoing problem with bad consequences.

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