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Ability:  n. having a subset(s) to achieve a goal(s) whether or not one has a legal right to achieve samer goal(s)

You are born with some physical abilities and you can acquire abilities during your lifetime in the form of knowledge and/or skills. Not so obvious is being given legal rights so that you have the ability to control other humans and their actions.

When you say that you can’t do something then you don’t have the ability to do the task or you may not have a legal right to do the task. Most of the important abilities are acquired through learning knowledge and skills in life and this learning increases the number of things which you can do in life.

Having the right useful abilities determines whether you will reach the goals both small and large which you try to achieve in your life. If you are having difficulty achieving your goals then you may not have the right abilities to do so so you should try to improve or acquire them.

It doesn’t take us long to realize that our looks, social skills, and learning potential is different from others and that abilities can vary greatly in small groups and larger ones. We may discover that we are the preferred offspring in a family but in a school environment there are others with more ability than us and get more preferential treatment.

Life is a constant struggle of trying to increase our abilities with the help of role models who already have developed those abilities or are in the process of developing a certain ability subset.


If you have to be born with a certain ability such as excellent memory to achieve your goals then unfortunately you will never achieve them if you are handicapped memory wise. The wise human learns to work and perform within his or her limitations but tries to optimize results within those limitations.

Ability is having something needed to achieve a goal(s). If you can’t get what you need and you can’t achieve your goal(s) then choose another goal(s).


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