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Contaminate: v. to add a poisonous and/or polluting subset(s)

You can contaminate something with a serious poison(s) or toxic chemical(s), artificial drug(s), and overly large amounts of relatively harmless chemicals like soap. 

Rather harmless pollution like dirt, suspended matter like emulsified oil, and good bacteria with minimal amounts of bad bacteria merely ruins the purity and taste of water. Biodegradable chemicals temporarily pollute the soil but these really have minimal long duration harmful effects.

Air can also be contaminated but AC filters which exclude pollen and dust from the air is a costly sales gimmick which is unnecessary and even unhealthy for most of the general population excluding of course those allergic to certain pollen and/or dust who do benefit by costly filtration techniques.

Germicidal soaps and cleansers are also a costly unhealthy ripoff because what you end up killing is mostly good bacteria in the environment with minimal amounts of bad bacteria which are realistically no danger to your health. The environment mostly consists of good bacteria which keep the bad bacteria from multiplying in great quantities known as the balance of nature which is good for you in the long duration and not bad.

Don’t buy anything with anti germicidal ingredients. They do more harm than good to your health in the long duration. A sterile hospital environment is not a healthy environment to be living in at home. Be part of nature, don’t fight against it at every turn!!!!!! Your immune system needs to be surrounded by good bacteria!!!!!! Most germs are good for you and very few of them are bad for your health in the long duration.

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