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In the liberal arts who you know is frequently more important than what you know and factors such as friendship, nepotism, seniority, marital status, gender, political or ideological affiliation play dominant roles in deciding who gets the job and who gets to be promoted.

Get a recommendation from someone within the organization and chances are that you will get hired over someone who is much more qualified and maybe even more experienced. Make the right human connections and your chances of being promoted in a job also increase greatly.

Being promoted based on merit is more probable in the science and technology fields but even here there is much peer review and if your ideas or opinions vary widely from the ongoing dogma then your chances of being published or promoted are severely reduced.

For monopoly government and monopoly businesses the only logical counterbalance to job injustice is publishing resumes and job performance statistics on the internet for public view. This way someone with a superior resume and better job performance history could potentially apply to be promoted or even hired for a job.

Yes, your good personality and ability to work effectively in a team are very important too and you have to have basic emotional intelligence but your objective performance and resume should be public knowledge as much as possible.

Before more humans will be promoted primarily based on merit society will have to undergo somewhat radical change and you can learn about some of the important details facing this desirable change in my previously published article on the subject of merit.


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