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Humanity has long had a Utopian dream of world unity with nations living in peace and harmony with each other and all having just laws which rule human behavior. The truth is that the world is being ruled by big money which is propping up corrupt national governments with rich rulers and relatively impoverished citizens. In fact the monetary disparity between the rich rulers and the ruled is increasing with a reality that the poor will remain poor and the rich will get richer.

This is not necessarily a bad development because a large middle class means more use of natural resources and greater pollution which devastates biodiversity and degrades the quality of the environment plunging the world ever closer to a catastrophic state of no return.

The internet, robotization, international corporations, and big money is going to make the world job poor and most will just have to get used to the fact that there will be a technological working elite and most will be living a life of leisure on welfare on close to subsistence living standards.

There should be a hope for everyone on welfare to make it into the middle class or ruling class through personal time, effort, ability, and achievement at any age through free technological education on the internet.

My evergreen truth books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM detail how just laws can be implemented so that a society with great disparity between the rich and poor can in fact still be a just society offering even the poorest the potential to work their way out of poverty through free self-educational effort.

True world unity will only come with one common language, uniform laws, and a political merger of rich nations with poor ones.

Corruption in the world will only be reduced if nations have just constitutions and just laws all following a basic moral code for behavior. My evergreen truth books NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, NEW UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, JUSTICE, and GLOBALISM are all useful sources for just moral laws which should be implemented worldwide to bring the world community closer together in a just way.

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We do need CHANGE in this country, and I am showing you all the concrete steps which should be taken and as fast as possible!

A few of the highlights of the new updated constitution are-

  1. Precocious children with an education level of an average 18 year old should have a right to vote before the age of 18.
  2. Senate is eliminated and replaced by the House of Representatives.
  3. Setting a debt limit of 10% of GNP unless it is a national emergency situation.
  4. Promote efficient rail service between cities with a population of 2 million or greater.
  5. No promoting of Liberal Arts education which will be the sole domain of private institutions of learning.
  6. Monopoly businesses and businesses releasing toxic chemicals into the environment will be taxed a fixed percentage of gross income.
  7. Non monopoly and non-toxic polluting businesses will not be taxed at all.
  8. All national and local elections will be held once every 10 years.
  9. No president will be younger than 25 years old.
  10. Political unity with foreign nations will be encouraged by the House of Representatives by encouraging them to do so voluntarily or through the direct purchase of foreign nations.
  11.  Government will expand wilderness areas by purchasing land at fair market value.
  12.  Citizens without criminal records shall be the only ones who have the right to keep and bear arms.
  13.  Amendment 23 has new rights specified for the unemployed and destitute.
  14.  Amendment 24 specifies the rights of citizens on arrest and detention.
  15.  A new updated Declaration of Independence for the United States and the World.
  16.  Separation of church and state but the religion will have to bear the financial responsibility of any illness or health issues and the unemployment and retirement of it’s members. You want separation? Then bear the full financial responsibility for your independence and separation!!!
  17. A new secular moral code for the nation to be taught impressionable young minds in elementary school nationwide will guarantee that future leaders and citizens will be less corrupt.

The details of these and other changes to the constitution are given in my evergreen book NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

Obviously all the above changes can’t be made overnight nor should they but it is an indication of what can be done to make government more efficient and just in the near future. You can come up with your own personal favorite changes to the constitution and discuss them with others or suggest them to me.

I can give justifications for all these changes to the constitution in future blogs based on the feedback which I get on this blog.

The largest change is eliminating the Senate which has political power and is effectively 50 nations operating within a nation. It is 50 very inefficient bureaucracies within an inefficient national bureaucracy. Right to work laws could still exist within the districts who chose to have them. Workman’s compensation should be a national law which is part of medicare and social security. Most of the legal rights now held by states which are different could become part of district laws making those districts unique and with competing political local laws. The power to make unique political laws would be closer to the people and temporary regional biases could be accommodated.

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