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The quantity of the pollution and the type of pollution should be considered when logically discussing pollution.

Some chemicals are only pollutants because there is too much of them around and they become threats to your health. An example is carbon dioxide which is a very reactive chemical. It does not pollute the environment because it quickly unites chemically with other substances and becomes inert or harmless. However, if you get too much of it or too great a QUANTITY into your lungs then you suffocate to death.

Government permitted pollution levels are frequently in parts per million in the air and parts per billion in the water and soil and this refers to the “safe” quantity limits of the pollutant.

Artificially created chemicals or drugs can be harmful to your health if they are not found somewhere in nature. The safest drugs are drugs extracted from plants or animals or those which are found in plants or animals and have been mass produced in the lab or factory. Because they are natural or part of nature there should be minimal fear but of course they can be unhealthy to your system if taken for too long or in too great a quantity. This is a reason why there are dosage limits and time limits for taking them.

If you are taking drugs not found in nature but those which are only produced artificially in the lab then you run the risk of ruining your metabolism in an unhealthy way either immediately with severe side effects or they can ruin your health in the long duration.

Artificial pesticides and herbicides made with chemicals not found in nature or those which don’t degrade in the soil or your stomach and intestines into harmless substances are true pollutants which should be outlawed.

GMO’s with bacterial genes inserted into them are unnatural pollutants with almost guaranteed long duration harm to your health. These kinds of genetically modified organisms can be successfully used in the mass production biologically of desired substances but they should never be a part of the food chain. Eating them will affect your present metabolism in a harmful way and even harm the genes of future generations of humans.


Before you get paranoid about pollution remember to eat as much certified organic food as possible and if you occasionally ingest pesticides, herbicides, or meat gotten from growth hormones or antibiotics added to animal feed then you won’t immediately die and the effect on your long duration health and metabolism will be minimal.

Why are more humans dying of cancer than a hundred years ago? It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that the only significant thing which has changed is a polluted food and drink supply and the artificial prescription drugs which you are on!!!!!!


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Nature is the standard of efficiency. It communicates efficiently and uses natural resources efficiently with no pollution while selecting the healthiest, smartest, and efficient to reproduce future generations.


Humans on the other hand have historically been inefficient communicators and have been rather unsuccessful is allocating the most resources to the healthiest, smartest, and efficient humans and having them reproduce in greater numbers for the benefit of future generations.


Technology is fast changing inefficiency in society but there are places where short term efficiency alone should not be the standard for production. We all need healthy biodiverse food to be healthy and efficient agribusiness factory techniques which emphasize quantity and not quality production are not producing the healthiest food possible to the detriment of future human health. Efficient manufacturing of products is also not as important as maintaining efficient minimal pollution levels which threaten the health of future generations of humans and wildlife if the pollution levels are too high.


We do not need polluting efficiency in the short duration but sustainable efficiency in the long duration which means quality certified biodiverse organic food and minimum pollution factories like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee.


Our outdated educational system is still mostly teaching liberal arts which is a job poor field. Gross inefficiency exists in traditional class settings of 20 or more students per teacher. The system is very inefficient and does not utilize each student’s abilities to their fullest.


Teaching moral behavior in a class setting is important in elementary school where students should be encouraged to interact with each other in a civilized way. However, once you are thirteen years old with a moral foundation each student should be able to advance at their own pace and graduate to the next level of expertise based on achievement level and not grade or age level.


Yes, same age students can be in a classroom but each one would be at his or her highest level of achievement in a subject. The result is that many hard working talented students would be graduating high school much before the age of 18 and have full voting rights before the age of 18. My evergreen truth book EDUCATION REFORM has the details of how teaching can be revolutionized to teach for the technological 21st century.


It has been scientifically shown that students retain only about 10% of what they read after about 2 weeks but retain as much as 70% if they interact with the material by speaking also. This fact alone means that interactive audio visual computer instruction is the most efficient way to teach students in most subjects and classrooms will have to have headphones and microphones so that the students can interact with the subject material fully and learn at the fastest pace possible. Yes, there will be lab time during which students can interact with physical objects also to further advance their knowledge of reality by tactile stimulation because motor memory is very important in connecting students with the real world as much as is needed.


Most literature, history, and philosophy is an excursion into useless mythological verbose information which will not be used again in life and should not be boring sources of vague information to be memorized for students in the 21st century. You should not be killing time in school but should be efficiently learning useful skills for a good job in society.


We need quality education for everyone and not mediocre quantity education for the common human in society!!!!!! WHAT you teach is far more important than HOW MUCH you teach. HOW MUCH useless information we have been and are teaching students is a crime which can no longer be justified and should not continue on into the future.



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EDUCATION REFORM and COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




The power to tax is the power to destroy or severely handicap and non-polluting businesses should be encouraged to thrive without taxation. There are thousands of non-polluting businesses which would qualify but the most basic and important is food. 

Unfortunately this also includes gambling establishments so it would be unwise to exclude gambling establishments from taxation since they cause so much financial stress and human ruin which creates a financial burden on society.

Rather we should start with the most important commodity food, and encourage certified organic food growers and organic food businesses to thrive without taxation.

Certified organic food should be licensed with severe penalties for not growing the food organically. Certified organic food should mean growing without polluting artificial pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, without artificial fertilizers and no GMOs. For certified organic animals it means no antibiotics, growth hormones, or non organic feed. If the fertilizers are organic such as manure from organic domesticated animals or organic plant sources such as seaweed or kelp or organic ocean fish and life then that is fine.

Certified organic wholesalers, supermarkets, organic fast food, and organic restaurants would also not be taxed.

Polluting agribusiness will continue to be taxed and will consider this unfair or unjust treatment but if they want just treatment then they will all eventually have to switch to sustainable non-polluting certified organic farming.

What is the payoff? A healthier more diverse food supply and a healthier human population in the long duration!!!!!!

Food and pure water should be priority number one in every human’s life. The sooner we start promoting a certified organic food culture nationally and internationally, the healthier will be the society, at least physically if not mentally.

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Many and soon most students go or will go through 18 years of brainwashing mindless education and only qualify to work in the simplest of jobs such as a cashier or fast food worker which a robot or computer software can do better.

A liberal arts college education is no longer a guarantee of a good paying job which can support a family. We urgently need CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS to help the unemployed and destitute armies of humans which will be a fact of life in the 21st century technological era. EDUCATION REFORM which is another of my evergreen books is what we urgently need.



Young adults are motivated to go into debt with school loans and credit cards. With an encouraged social debt philosophy the result is that corporations, many businesses, nations and the entire world economy is on the brink of bankruptcy from too much debt. Capital reserves or a savings account, like a fat reserve in animals for emergency absence of food, which comes in handy for life’s emergencies in society is non existent for many. It is obvious that we have an impractical world financial system which needs radical change and counterfeiting money to pay off tremendous debt will just not work in the long duration.


Our court systems are overloaded with criminals and violators and court trials are frequently unjust because the plaintiffs can’t be trusted and the defendants can’t be trusted and the witnesses and “professional” testimony by experts can’t be trusted since so few of them have very good social reputations which is only possible by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There is no secular moral code being taught young impressionable minds in elementary school and the result is a relativistic situation ethics environment where lying is justified as long as you can get away with it and it benefits you personally. Our legal system is speedily becoming an untrustworthy sham which can only be cured by teaching the young a 6 point secular moral code in school. Read JUSTICE.


An unjust bias towards economic growth rather than efficiency, financial stability, and limitation in size for national economies is a cancerous growth, using up too much natural resources, polluting the environment too speedily, and destroying biodiversity. The cancerous economies are systematically intruding wilderness real estate and causing a suicidal destruction of a potential healthy gene pool which future civilization will need to correct the present unhealthy domesticated plants and animals which are being consumed for food. The faster the economies of the world grow the faster is biodiversity being destroyed and human civilization will perish sooner rather than later.


If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.