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Divorce: v. to legally end a marriage if the husband and/or wife desires to or legally ending marital duties for one or more wives but not 100% of the wives in a polygamous relationship and/or legally ending marital duties for the husband and all the wives if the husband desires it

This is a worldwide definition for divorce which includes polygamous marriages in Arab countries too. If a wife in a polygamous relationship wants a divorce then the husband should be rich enough or have enough money in a government escrow account to pay alimony support of the wife and offspring until the offspring reach adulthood when the alimony payments would end or be severely reduced. With this kind of a rule the divorced wives and offspring of a polygamous relationship would not become a welfare burden upon the state but a financial burden on the exhusband.

If polygamy is ever legalized in western countries then it should be strictly limited to very wealthy men who could afford alimony payments to the wives and offspring after a divorce so they don’t become a financial welfare burden upon the nation to be supported by taxpayer’s money.

If polygamy is ever legalized in the United States then there should be a government escrow account set up to take care of the expenses of a wife with offspring after divorce so taxpayers don’t have to spend their money supporting the polygamous divorced wives with offspring. That is true marital justice for the polygamous family and the nation in which they live.

Some humans argue that love is the most important thing in a marriage and others argue that money is the most important thing in a marriage. The truth is that BOTH love and money is of primary importance in a marriage and when the love ends there should be enough money left over to support the love offspring and ex wives until the offspring reach adulthood. The family unit with offspring should be a responsible independent financial unit and not an irresponsible financial unit dependent on the taxpayers for support.

Yes, there is the possibility that both husband and wife become handicapped, unemployed and destitute, dependent on government welfare for themselves and their offspring and that is an emergency situation which the government must help with financial support as a moral obligation.

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Freedom of moral speech under a universal secular morality


Freedom to assemble as long as it is not association with an active criminal human and/or group of humans


Freedom to function within what the law communicates and undocumented behavior is permitted as long as there is not a high probability that the behavior will result in government dependency or large cost to the government.


Right to own property as long as it is not wilderness property


Right to make non fraudulent legal contracts with a human and/or group of humans


Right to make moral promises to humans as long as they don’t violate the moral secular code


Right to live with anyone as long as they are not an active criminal


Right to sue the government if you are greatly injured physically and/or financially by the unjust law


Right to vote for government officials but government dependent or the destitute and also unemployed will have no vote or a percentage of a vote while they are destitute and unemployed.


Right to be defended legally at government cost if you can’t afford legal and/or lawyer protection but if you are found guilty of the accusation of wrongdoing then it will become a lifetime liability to be repaid in installments back to the government depending on your earning potential during the course of a lifetime.


Right to marry and bear offspring if there is a large probability that you will be able to mutually support the offspring financially in the near future.

If you are totally dependent on the government or were married in the past with no offspring then your offspring will be limited to one. If you become totally government dependent with more than one offspring then you will be limited to that number and no more offspring.


Right to polygamy for multimillionaires and billionaires who set up a government escrow account large enough to take care of a divorced wife and offspring for a lifetime.


Right to free useful technological and science education via the internet if you are destitute and unemployed and of adult age, no matter what the age, male or female.


Right to equal pay for equal work for men and women.

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Historically polygamy was acceptable for wealthy ruling monarchs or more accurately top leaders and it was an excellent way of reproducing talented offspring for the next generation of rulers. It also was an excellent way to avoid adultery and promiscuousness because instead of being promiscuous or adulterous you could just marry your next infatuation. Even in the modern age some Arabs are polygamous and they are carrying on an ancient acceptable tradition.

The only disadvantage of polygamy is that the money power in the world could potentially be once again in very few hands and some of the power would be transferred as inherited wealth to humans who don’t deserve it or have not worked for the money and are really undeserving corrupt manipulators or spenders of it. Inheritance based on merit would not apply in many cases and a new immoral generation of incompetent rulers could potentially arise. It should be the responsibility of the wealthy male to determine who the most deserving of his offspring should inherit his wealth and it need not be the first born but rather the most meritorious one or two or three.

Polygamy should be legalized in the west for very wealthy males with incomes in the many millions or billions so that they can reproduce potentially talented offspring for the benefit of future generations. In case of divorce which may be relatively frequent in the west, they should be required to set up an escrow account with the government so that the divorced women and offspring would not have to go on government welfare but would be financially provided for.

Not so obvious is the fact that most common humans should be monogamous and not be polygamous because in case of a divorce or financial breakdown there would be many divorced women with offspring without alimony payments all going on government welfare at taxpayers expense.

With a social incentive to become rich and legally be polygamous many males would be motivated to make much money and then they could brag about how many wives and offspring that they have and not how many airplanes, yachts, mansions, and cars that they have. Put your money where it counts the most, in the next generation of humans with excellent memories.

Yes, there will be many talented writers, scientists, business humans, and technologists who will never be very wealthy and should theoretically all reproduce with many wives and offspring but life is not fair or just and only an enlightened society will be able to judge talent objectively and not subjectively.

There is primarily only one objective measure of talent and that is how good a memory you have which means that you can learn information and skills at an incredibly fast pace. Yes, there are idiot savants but those are the few exceptions to the rule that excellent memory is a primary need.

There are many humans with high IQ’s doing some pretty stupid things so IQ alone should never be used to judge how smart and talented an individual really is. A lifetime is ultimately the determiner of how smart and talented you have been and no subjective culturally biased test of mental ability will predict how smart or talented you will be in life. Excellent social skills are frequently more important for leaders than book learning and scoring high on a standardized test.

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In nature successful males reproduce more offspring and it is time for society to imitate nature and transition to rewarding males with health, smarts, and great wealth to have polygamous relationships but keep monogamous relationships for everyone else. Multimillionaires and billionaires should be permitted to have polygamous marriages as long as an escrow amount of about 5 million dollars is set aside to take care of females with offspring who may want and get a divorce.

An excellent wealthy provider may not be the healthiest or smartest human specimen but it is a just non coercive way of rewarding monetary success. Eventually society may pass laws legalizing polygamy for the smartest males also but if they have many offspring and divorce then society will have to bear the burden of supporting their abandoned offspring financially and many in society may object to this.

Coalition males in lion prides offer potential new marital relationships among the most wealthy human males in society. It is entirely conceivable that two or more very wealthy male polygamous human units could join to become one powerful domineering unit in human society which rules over specialty professions and/or businesses.

Money is power in the present corrupt world but even more powerful and genetically desirable would be human genetic coalitions which would be more powerful than money which should never be priority number one in society!!!

Financial success with polygamy or being an excellent provider should be encouraged and rewarded by society and is a way of motivating other males to become good providers too. This is a motivation sadly lacking in this promiscuous western culture.

Am I for a genetic aristocracy? Partially yes, but I also believe that society should have free technological education at any age for the destitute and also unemployed who are willing to put in the time, effort, and achieve enough knowledge to be able to join the workforce again because there are very many healthy and smart individuals who are very poor financially and should be able to improve their status in society in a just way.

Anyone no matter how poor financially should have the right show that they too are potential new material for a genetic aristocracy though time, effort, ability, and achievement.

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They have not been indoctrinated or taught by society into believing that adultery is an immoral action!!!!!!

They don’t get enough sex at home from their wives especially if the excuses are a headache or feeling tired frequently. Some women try to wrongly use no sex as a weapon to get what they want in a marriage which leads to male sexual frustration and sometimes adultery.

They are bored with sex with the wife and look for sexual thrills and excitement elsewhere.

Pornography creates unrealistic sexual deviancy desires in males which they try to fulfill at some point in their lives even when married.

They are afraid to share their intimate desires and fantasies with their wife which they try to secretly fulfill outside of marriage.

They miss their bachelor days especially if they had sex with many women before marriage.

Their monogamous marital beliefs are being constantly challenged by a promiscuous society.

They have become financially successful and very attractive women who never wanted them are now showing a desire to be with them and causing much temptation.

They realize that man is naturally polygamous and not monogamous, especially if they are financially very successful and powerful.

They are emotionally trapped into feeling that sexual prowess with many women is a mark of male power and importance.

Conclusion: Just like in the natural society of lions or rule by the pride, in a just society financially successful powerful males should be rewarded with great reproductive success and that should mean polygamy for the billionaires and multimillionaires in society.

Monogamy is still the best form of relationship for the average financially limited man and woman because divorce can cause great financial hardship on society if polygamy is permitted for the average man and women and ends in divorce which is greatly probable because of financial insecurity or hardship.

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