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Charisma: n. a rare personal quality of some leaders who arouse popular intense devotion and enthusiasm and is considered to be a form of very intense human attraction

Today most charismatic leaders who arouse popular intense devotion and enthusiasm have excellent memories, try to be honest, sincere, dependable, are good conversationalists,  are good public speakers, and are trustworthy and frequently show their competence by growing the organization which they are in charge of.

Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are modern day examples of successful charismatic leaders. Historically charismatic leaders were military leaders and rulers who had military success and increased the standard of living for many of their devoted followers.

Historically there were also diabolical charismatic leaders such as Hitler who had a gift for military conquest, public oratory, propaganda, and a glorification of the humans which he led. Ruthless, cruel, and even evil can be words used to describe some historically diabolical charismatic leaders.

Charisma to a large extent depends on whether you are successful in motivating others to share in your vision which frequently has relevance in the lives of the followers and satisfies their needs and wants for status and/or possessions.


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View of the Playboy Mansion, owned by US

Many want to be respected and admired and think that the way to do it is to get the right status symbols in society. There are three basic categories of status symbols and they are social, body, and material status symbols.

Socially having or controlling much wealth is the biggest status symbol and you can inherit wealth or get it with enough effort and ability by getting a good education and entering a prestigious profession and rising to the top of the professional ladder.

Inheriting great wealth without the right education  and not having good human skills frequently means that you don’t know how hard it is to earn that much wealth and you may end up spending it all on material possessions and a hedonistic lifestyle of shallow relationships frequently peppered with a liberal use of alcohol and drugs. You will eventually deplete your wealth with profligate spending and wind up poor and very unhappy because you never learned how to make much money on your own.

Making much money with a prestigious profession probably means that you have much responsibility and will be working very hard and may not be wise enough to devote some of your valuable time on family and close friends. The result may be that you are professionally successful but have a failed marriage or worse yet some poorly educated and socially inept offspring who can’t make it on their own in life. One or more failed marriages and delinquent offspring will add much unhappiness to your life even though you have professional social status.

Especially many women feel that being as attractive as possible body wise is the key to social status and landing a good husband. Obsession with body weight, cosmetics, and fashion trying to stay as beautiful as possible fades with age and if you don’t have a career or good job to rely upon many body conscious women lead some very unhappy lives in old age when their external beauty fades. Attractive celebrities, attractive politicians, attractive sports stars, and attractive media professionals all make life very unhappy for the average citizen trying to achieve or maintain those unrealistic social standards of external beauty.

Wealthy or poor, material possessions are a status symbol in society and many mismanage their finances and go into great debt trying to have a big house, big car, expensive clothes, and the latest gadgets all on a shoestring budget. Impulsive shopping by both men and women is the cause of much unhappiness in humans reaching out for those material status symbols.

Finally, whether rich or poor the key to being truly admired and respected or having a good status in society is being honest, sincere, and reliable in your human interactions with family, close friends, and coworkers. Reliable means that you fulfill most of your promises and show up on time when you promise to do so. In other words you can be trusted with your promises. Trust and reliability is the bond which makes intimate successful human interactions possible and if you are the lying or deceptive kind then you will never be admired and respected by other humans, especially if you are in a leadership position and want to remain there.

Be a trustworthy and reliable human and you will have good status with others whether you are rich or poor and you probably also will have optimized your happiness!!!!!!


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Charisma has very little to do with external appearances and much more important is what you do as a human.

You can have inherited wealth of billions of dollars and have expensive homes and cars and yachts and clothes and be the most boring uninteresting human with no charisma.

You can be a selfmade millionaire so dedicated to making money one basic way that you also are a boring uninteresting human with no charisma.

It is what you do and don’t do as a human that makes you charismatic and it is not something which you are born with completely but must also be doing some of the following things in your life which have become good charismatic habits.

They listen much more than they communicate

Ask relevant questions and maintain eye contact with smiling and frowning and nodding but very little speaking with some infrequent vocalizations where appropriate such as yea and that’s true and I agree and wow and uh huh and sure and etc. which are indications that you are following what is being said or that you are agreeing with an opinion or fact which is being communicated.

That is what it takes to make another human feel important and that they are being listened to and not being ignored.

Don’t immediately offer your own opinions if they are different and mostly communicate selectively about facts or opinions which help affirm what the human thinks is important to him or her and try to avoid creating conflicts of opinion.

When you do eventually say something then make it as brief and factual and relevant to what the human is communicating at the time.

They don’t selectively listen and ignore some or much of what a human is saying

Charismatic humans listen closely to everything a human is saying and try to find subsets they can agree on and promote the concept that we are all humans and have something in common even if it is only the ability to listen closely to what another human is saying.

They don’t interrupt conversations with their own personal activities

Charismatic humans try not to interrupt conversations with phone checking or texting or glancing on the computer monitor or focusing on another activity when a human is talking.

They give before they receive and don’t demand that they receive something in return

Charismatic humans don’t focus on what they can get out of a relationship immediately and thus appear selfish but try to give the other human something even if it is only in the form of good advice about something a human cares about or an agreement and mild praise for an opinion held by the human.

They don’t act selfimportant

Charismatic humans are not pretentious and bragging personalities but try to be as honest and sincere as possible so that other humans are not forced to be impressed and are not irritated and uncomfortable during the conversation which is frequently accompanied by hateful feelings too.

They feel that most people are important because you can learn a new subset from almost anyone

Charismatic humans always search for new knowledge which can be useful to them and they feel that almost anyone has something new to offer them and learn if they just listen closely enough.

Praise others for the good that they do

Find out human achievements ahead of time from valid sources and then feel free to praise the achievements you learn about directly from the human or indirectly from other sources of information which may be other humans.

They are optimistic and communicate with optimistic words

Charismatic humans are usually happy and enthusiastic and fulfilled humans who rarely express pessimistic thoughts unless the pessimism is factually justified because realistically not everything we try to achieve in life is optimistically possible. Charismatic humans are usually realists who don’t believe in pursuing impossible goals in life.

They don’t discuss the failings of others at great length

Charismatic humans don’t gossip especially about personal problems which humans may be experiencing. Recognizing failure is important and others should be notified of human mistakes and failure to reach goals but that failure should not be ridiculed or laughed at.

They admit their failings honestly and sometimes laugh about it

Charismatic humans do not try to pretend perfection since no human is perfect but are speedy to admit their mistakes and maybe even laugh a little at them. This way sharing failure with others with honest admissions and a little humor makes humans laugh with you and not at you. Humans realize that perfection is an impossible human characteristic and will like you better and feel more empathy with you if you honestly share your mistakes with them so you both can learn to not repeat the mistake or mistakes over again in the future. Mutual companionship develops better in honest sincere and sometimes humorous circumstances.

Trump is a charismatic politician who uncharacteristically likes to brag about himself, repeats the same basic themes over and over again, and is very confident, enthusiastic, and energetic. What is Trump’s political charisma is not necessarily always the same as what true charisma is in other leaders in more down to earth professions. What is true charisma and political charisma are slightly different as to style as Trump has proven. Trump may turn off intelligent humans who believe in civility in public office, so you can say that his charisma is not universal among all humans.

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