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Pornography is big business which hooks many males into an unrealistic fantasy sex world where women are portrayed as tools for male sexual satisfaction.

Big tits, big cocks, sexy males and females, attractive females, unnatural prolonged sex, multiple partners, and kinky deviant sex is the brainwashing which is going on in the porno world making many males and females feel inadequate sexually and creating a fantasy sex world which treats women as sexual objects.

The psychological damage to the male mind hooked on pornography is devastating and leads to an unrealistic view of what healthy natural intercourse with a real female is and makes married life without adulterous male desires almost impossible.

Yes, masturbation to pornography is preferable to paying for a prostitute but addiction to jerking off the easy way is unnatural and has long duration drawbacks which is basically unsatisfying long duration monogamous sexual relationships with real women.

Some males and females use pornography to try and enhance their sexual lives but the long duration disadvantages usually far outweigh whatever short duration advantage that viewing porno has.

For all those unable to have good human relationships with the opposite sex, sexual robots will soon replace the need for a real human partner to have sex with.

Sad but true porno can kill sincere healthy male female intimacy.

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In a nutshell pornography is dehumanizing and increases the probability that you will have unsatisfying sexual relationships in real life. Here are 7 detailed reasons why pornography is usually bad for you and your partner.



If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.




Yes, if you’re single and without a relationship and you are a male then pornography is a cheap way to get sexual satisfaction and not have to pay a prostitute and run the risk of getting an STD or a sexually transmitted disease.

There are unfortunately many drawbacks to getting too addicted to pornography.

You will begin to feel inadequate and insecure as a sexual partner. Not only do most porn males usually have larger than average penises but they use penile desensitizers and can have rapid fire sex for about 10 minutes at a time. Natural sex, unless there is slow foreplay, frequently takes no longer than about 30 seconds or a minute of very intense in and out activity before you climax and it’s over.

Your sexual fantasies will become very deviant and you will start fantasizing  about having sex with more than one partner, big tit women, teenage girls, cock sucking, pussy licking, anal sex, and the use of all kinds of sexual toys which may include whips, handcuffs, choke collars, rubber bands, anal inserts, and ropes. Most normal women do not go in for kinky sex which is rampant in porno films.

There is a danger that you will start treating all women like sex objects and not be able to have caring, loving relationships with real women or sincere and honest discussions about the many things which women care about and consider important in their lives.

The more that you use it the faster it will wear out and the same applies to addictive over frequent porno sex. You will probably be using Viagra or Cialis way before the age of 50 because you will have developed erectile dysfunction.

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The truth is that pornography should be censored from children as much as possible.   It can prevent adults from leading truly loving sexual lives since so much of pornography is brutally impersonal artificially prolonged sexual behavior and deviant sexual behavior where reproduction is not the primary focus but artistic dysfunctional creative behaviors are introduced as acceptable normative standards.

Exposing children to pornography also means that pedophilia will run rampant throughout the society thus further decreasing the probability that adult couples will have successful long term loving marital relationships.

Males are obsessed with sex in puberty and later in life and are the primary users of pornography because sexual arousal in males is highly visual and a mere view of a naked female body in a picture can cause an erection.

I don’t have scientific evidence on how males can be desensitized to female bodies sexually except perhaps by seeing a lot of naked female bodies not involved in sex in childhood and puberty. Without scientific evidence I think that naked parents walking around in a private house exposing their nakedness to children may be a partial solution to desensitize boys visual erotic reaction to naked women pictures.

When children ask questions about sex or reproduction show them videos of animals reproducing or being involved in sex. With the exception of of some animals, sex is usually quite a short behavior without many minutes or hours of unnecessary foreplay. Sex is efficient in nature and very purposeful and that frequently means short and sweet and exciting.