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Legalization means it will be OK to toke up and get into a mentally impaired state and get behind the wheel and drive. It will be OK to go to work and make many mistakes because you are mellow and don’t really care what happens at work. In either case the public loses from the legalization of marijuana and big business makes a killing profit on an addictive or habit forming drug for at least 10% of users who are very adversely affected.

Yes, smoking marijuana is a non violent crime and it should stay that way to avoid unnecessary violence on the road and lousy performance on the job. There are more potent forms of marijuana which can definitely adversely affect your mental and emotional health and mixed with alcohol it really messes up your mind.

Pleasant mind altering drugs are an escape from reality and an attempt to escape all the bad shit that goes on in personal life and in this world. Personal lives and the world will only get shittier and there will be armies of humans wanting to escape it, if just for a couple of hours a day.

If legalized, those on welfare will have a blast getting drunk and getting high on pot and they won’t care if they or their offspring don’t work a day in their lives. Add crack cocaine to the mix and it is almost a guarantee that most will remain stupid, poor, and drugged from generation to generation!!!!!!

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The approximately 66 cannabinoids in marijuana change brain chemistry or chemically change brain functioning. Occasional use such as once a week or once a month is not habit forming or addictive for most people but legalization means that about 10% or more will become chronic addictive users making them dysfunctional citizens in society. Marijuana potency varies widely and the more potent the variety of pot that you use and the more frequently that you use it the more it will become a problem in your daily personal and work life.

Pot can cause distorted sensory and time perceptions and even cause euphoria and hallucinations in large doses, impaired coordination, difficulty while thinking and problem solving, and disruptive short term learning and memory.


Its habitual use can lead to a greater likelihood of dropping out of school and workers on the job have increased absences, tardiness, accidents, worker’s compensation claims, and job turnover.


Pot contains more than 480 chemicals and has many of the same toxins as tobacco which means that if you are a chronic user you will probably die of lung cancer in old age or suffer from respiratory lung problems from mild to severe coughing, phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illnesses, and heightened risk of lung infections.


Do we really need more mellow humans with the munchies and memory problems who can’t function properly in normal society? A pot head is not a very smart head.


Both alcohol and THC is frequently detected in traffic accidents and the combination of two mind changing drugs at once may be the reason why the probability that you will get involved in an accident is twice as great as without its use.


Pregnant mothers using much marijuana can badly affect and change the brain development of a fetus. We already have too many born offspring with severe abnormalities caused by mother’s unhealthy eating habits, smoking, use of prescription drugs, alcohol, and now add one more dangerous drug added to the growing list!!!!!!


CONCLUSION: Assuming that every American tries pot at some point in their lives legalizing marijuana means that about 10% of the population (30 million Americans) will be chronically addicted dysfunctional members of society. Workers will be less focused and able to concentrate on their jobs and job performance will suffer and the accident rate will also increase in more dangerous jobs. Motor vehicle accident rates will increase slightly and many chronic users will suffer from respiratory problems and lung cancer in old age.


THC is an escape feel good drug which will be added to other prescription feel good drugs and feel good alcohol. The combination of all these escape feel good drugs taken at once has not been studied scientifically and the chances are great that such use can totally badly change your mind in the long duration and make you a dysfunctional member of society.


What is the next escape feel good drug which we will legalize in society to make more and more individuals dysfunctional in it? The list is endless and the drug situation will just get worse and worse to no one’s benefit. Yes, the drug sellers will make a huge profit and it will employ many additional social workers to treat patients in rehab. But the net effect on society is disastrous and costly in terms of human suffering and time, energy, and money wasted.


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