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Vulnerability: n. exposing a subset(s) to be potentially harmed bodily and/or emotionally and/or exposing a subset(s) to potentially risky situations

When you are vulnerable then you have exposed yourself to a risky situation and/or something which can potentially cause you bodily and/or emotional harm.

Giving away personal secrets which you want to stay hidden to casual friends is risky because those secrets may be passed on to other humans who can potentially affect your reputation for the worse.

Doing risky things for life and body can result in much harm in the form of accidents and handicapping mistakes.

Emotional vulnerability is possible in human relationships where you expose your true feelings only to have them exploited, ignored, ridiculed, or become a source for contemptuous behavior.

Everyone in life is vulnerable to the unexpected bad situations in life which sometimes can become unbearable or a source for great misery. We are all vulnerable to bad events and bad humans whom we may suddenly be forced to interact with.

No one is perfect and revealing your vulnerabilities sometimes called weaknesses can sometimes endear you to humans or make them like you more for being honest with them and revealing your weaknesses along with your demonstrated strengths. Humans better empathize with imperfect humans in most cases who are not super human but flawed humans just like them.

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