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Selfrestraint: n. preventing and/or changing one’s frequent mostly impulsive normal behavior

How frequently have you been tempted to call someone and asshole or idiot and stopped yourself at the last moment? As a young child we frequently wanted to and even did physically fight back for personal insults and the only reason that adults don’t fight as much physically is that they have learned selfrestraint when attacked socially.

Trying to control or change your usual mostly impulsive defensive behavior is not easy and if you have done so then you have demonstrated selfrestraint.

Insults can slip out very easily and there are probably many times that you wish you hadn’t said something which you vocalized that hurt someone’s feelings. Being silent or not reacting at all is sometimes the best but hardest thing to do and is an example of selfrestraint which politically is called passive resistance.

Selfrestraint is common in public behavior and that is why many find relief in being at home, not being selfrestrained, and doing and saying what we want to do and say impulsively without the fear of being judged publicly for our sometimes deviant private behavior.

Private behavior can easily become public behavior if we are not on guard and being bluntly honest about everything we do or say in our own personal way. Letting it all hang out in public is sometimes not the wisest of choices and selfrestraint is definitely needed.

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