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Legality: n. a behavior(s) and/or subset(s) permitted by law including all the implied permitted social behaviors which are not recorded and may be done

There are legal things which you can do according to law, there are legal public things which you can do and not get punished because they are acceptable public norms but not written into official laws, and there are legal things which you can do in the privacy of your own home or on your personal property.

Criminal and violent or abusive behavior in private is theoretically illegal but is sometimes hard to prosecute without probable cause or evidence of the illegality.

With so many unjust laws on the books you are probably involved in doing something illegal without even knowing it or doing so because the law is so unjust in your personal opinion that it deserves to be disobeyed.

It is theoretically illegal to discriminate against women on the job and illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, and handicap but it is subtly being done all the time since humans are impulsive creatures conditioned by past experience, beliefs, and prejudicial views which are held by almost everyone to some degree because of the herd instinct in all of us.

Historical prejudices die hard and most make decisions based on stereotypic beliefs about human types. They are quick to stereotype humans into preconceived impulsive categories. Caution based on fear of the unknown and difference persists and humans tend to shy away or try to avoid certain stereotypic humans based merely on looks and behavioral quirks.

It’s illegal to discriminate but the truth is that we do out of necessity discriminate between humans based on looks and behavior alone in an impulsive way and seldom give enough time to many humans to prove themselves to be worthy of our attention and respect.

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