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Unhealth: n. living with disease and/or bodily injury


No one likes to be unhealthy but not very many understand the importance of healthy meals for a healthy body which needs as much organic food as possible and not the overly processed, chemically laced, unnaturally sweetened, lopsided nutrient lacking food consumed by so many.

You are what you eat health wise and the worse your food choices are the more you will be suffering from unhealth in the long duration.

Accidents can also ruin good health if the bodily injury is severe enough so you should use caution when working under or participating in potentially dangerous circumstances.

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Processed foods stimulate too much production of dopamine which makes them highly addictive and leads to overeating and frequently weight gain.

Processed foods frequently contain much added sugar and artificial sweeteners which turn off the satiation sensor in your brain and make you overeat many empty calories without much natural nutritional value.

Processed food frequently contains many artificial additives such as phosphates which change the taste and texture and shelf life but are unhealthy for your metabolism in the long duration.

Processed foods with many refined sugars and processed flour and vegetable oil and other bad ingredients can cause chronic inflammation in many which can lead to heart disease and dementia and neurological problems and respiratory illness and even cancer.

Processed foods usually have no natural fiber and enzymes and vitamins and other balanced natural nutrients which can ruin the healthy balance of gut bacteria and cause digestive disorders.

There is some evidence that too much processed food can make you angrier and more irritable and can even reduce concentration ability in the brain which makes it more difficult to deal with stress successfully.

Processed food is loaded with processed genetically modified organisms GMO’s and pesticides and herbicides which are made artificially in the laboratory and are not natural substances or chemicals and will damage your immune system and metabolism and body organs in the long duration and your health gets progressively worse as more time passes.

Much processed food is not actually real food which mold and bacteria and fungi will readily grow on but very synthetic in nature which tastes like food but really isn’t a complete food with the proper balance of nutrients needed to sustain a natural organism.

Finally processed food is a very lopsided nutritionally unbalanced food which will inevitably cause imbalances in your body chemistry which means bad health into the predictive future if you eat too much of it.

Conclusion: Eat much more food as close to its natural state as possible and eat as much certified organic food as you can afford. Eating quality natural food will actually be less costly because you will need less of it to feel full and satiated and you will not be eating so much costly processed junk food!!!!!!