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In nature species have sex because they want to reproduce healthy specimens or offspring for the next generation. It is only dysfunctional western cultural propaganda and the big business sex industry which promotes the idea that sex can be for pleasure only and reproduction need not enter the picture in a sexual union.

The result is a promiscuous society with the breakdown of the family unit as the source for healthy mental and physical offspring. Yes, the world is overpopulated with humans and the last thing that we need is broods of offspring for every family unit but promiscuity is endangering the future mental and physical health of the family unit and destroying the sense of financial and caring responsibility which parents should have for their offspring.

If current promiscuity trends continue I see armies of disillusioned single women with offspring dependent on government as the male provider or dependent on alimony checks or struggling to support offspring on a female salary which statistically is less than male salaries.

If males can get sex for free or relatively easily then what is the incentive to make a financial and moral commitment to a female which they may not be that crazy about in the first place? Our cultural norms for desirable female beauty are so high that many males do not want to settle for much less than the ideal and an average looker frequently has little appeal as a marital partner.

Promiscuity increases the probability of immoral adultery in marriage and adultery is the second leading cause of divorce after financial mismanagement or failure which is the primary reason for divorce.

Finally, men frequently like sex more than women and women instinctively would like to have sex with someone who has the potential to be a good responsible father. With so many irresponsible financially challenged males it is no wonder that women are experiencing more than average dating fiascoes and are disillusioned by many of the roaming sexually predatory males.

Sex is important in life but what really matters is having a loving relationship with your partner. Learn to become a love expert by reading my evergreen truth book LOVEALL and improve your relationships with the opposite sex or any sex for that matter.

If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!