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Suspicion: n. judging intuitively with little evidence that a subset(s) is a probable cause of an event(s) in the past and/or the future


Guess: v. to make a judgment and/or estimation without adequate knowledge for certainty


Hunch: n. bad intuitive guessing usually not based on adequate facts


REASONABLE SUSPICION: n. A subjective intuitive guess that a subset(s) (has a higher than 50% probability of existence and/or is a probable cause of an event(s) in the past and/or the future)


Humans are not statistical mathematical machines who can calculate statistical probabilities and differentiate between a chance 50% occurrence and one greater than a chance occurrence. Most human judgments by law enforcers are made based on prior experience under similar circumstances and are largely probable guesses based on prior experience(s).

It is foreseeable that in the future robot policemen will be doing police word so I left in the 50% part of the definition so that computer policemen of the future will be able to make statistical probability guesses based on the evidence. However, such a situation is far into the future so most policemen should not worry that their jobs will soon be in jeopardy like all the other jobs being discontinued in society due to obsolescence.


A new officer of the law is less competent to make a judgment of reasonable suspicion than an experienced officer and will make a larger number of mistakes in judging reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion is an intuitive guess that something exists.


Are all officers of the law are equal in competence to assess reasonable suspicion? No, the seasoned veterans are the ones most qualified to make guesses about probable law breaking or criminal behavior.  Are all officers equally competent to make decisions in the field? No.


If you are a young and inexperienced officer starting out then you are not equal in competence to one that has been on the police force for 10 or 20 years observing and evaluating human behavior. A young officer will make worse guesses about what is actually going on in reality and that is his or hers major weakness or flaw in starting out in the profession.


As a young officer starting out and asked what the probable cause for being stopped and interrogated is? He or she will be less competent in coming up with the right reason(s) and the reasons must be more certain than just hunches or bad guesses.


What is the probable cause and how many years have you been on the police force are two questions which are very valid and must be answered by any officer of the law if asked.


Open container laws are unjust and just because there is an open container of beer or wine with any amount of drink in it does not mean that you should be subject to a fine because the ultimate test is a breath test to see if the human has exceeded the legal limit for drinking behind the wheel or not.


In the near future a request by an officer to take a breathalyzer test for weaving in traffic with an open container will have to be obeyed since factual proof is necessary before any fine is assessed.


I personally like to drink some beer while driving rather than soda or some other drink and I should not have to put up with overly zealous onlookers calling 911 to notify the police that someone is drinking an alcoholic beverage behind the wheel of a car and wasting taxpayer’s money by making an officer stop the vehicle or follow it. I don’t like to secretly drink beer within a bag to hide the fact that I am drinking an alcoholic beverage behind the wheel.


There is a great difference between drinking while driving and being drunk while driving! Sipping a beer behind the wheel is probable cause for stopping someone and interrogating them? No. There is not even reasonable suspicion unless the driver is also violating some other factual traffic law like driving too slow and much under the speed limit.

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