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Reassurance: n. promising and communicating frequently to create confidence in another human(s)

Offspring sometimes have fears of the dark, of being abandoned, and of imaginary monsters. Parents sometimes have to reassure them by promising that nothing bad will happen and have to repeat this over and over again.

Politicians also make promises trying to create confidence in humans that they are the best choice for solving their problems. Reassurance or repeating the same promise over and over again may brainwash some into believing the promise or promises but realistically most are rather cynical and know that many of those promises will not be fulfilled.

Many humans, especially timid ones, need much reassuring to convince them to change their behavior for the better if there is some danger involved. Fear of the unknown or fear of something new and strange may be so great that no amount of reassuring will cause them to do what you think should be done.

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Here are examples of praise and reassurances with promises which may be needed occasionally but don’t overdo it. Much of it is what women would like to hear but frequently don’t hear from their husbands.


I admire you.

I celebrate your love, and I celebrate our marriage.

Thank you for being faithful when times are tough.

Thank you for your integrity. It enriches our marriage.

Thank you for your forgiveness. I will forgive you, too.

I am grateful for the things you do and the things we share.

I treasure the time we spend together.

You are my best friend.

The example we set is important. Thank you for being a good example.


Reassurance in the form of promises:

I love you now and forever.

I am committed to our marriage.

I will be strong for you.

Thank you for your patience. I will be patient with you too.

I will always help you.

I understand the importance of cooperation.

I will make our home a happy place.

I treasure our family.

I will always honor our marriage and be faithful to you.

I will never stop loving you.

I understand the importance of clear, loving, open lines of communication.

Time here on earth is short and precious. I want to spend as much of it with you as I can.

I will focus on the positive.

Our love will last forever.

CONCLUSION: Praising your husband or wife once in a while for important good behavior and communicating disapproval for important bad behavior is essential for any good ongoing relationship. If he or she helps you in some way or gives you emotional help or physical support when you need it then thanks for your support or understanding is frequently enough praise.

When confronted with problems in married life realize that there are not always instant solutions and that it frequently takes much time and mutual effort to resolve many important problems. Having an ongoing good attitude like an optimistic outlook on life is a great help because it shows that you almost always have hope that to most problems there is a solution sooner or later if you both put in the necessary time and effort.

Reassurances are frequently only necessary for difficult problems which need much time and devoted effort to solve. Let’s keep working at it or we are making some progress towards a solution or let’s not give up yet is frequently the kind of reassurance necessary.

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