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Memory: n. permanent and/or temporary recordings of a subset(s) on (matter and/or energy) and/or the brain


There is basically machine memory and brain memory and with the advances of technology there will probably soon be a combination of both machine memory and brain memory with machine memory chips implanted in the brain.


Most humans have temporary and permanent memory and don’t consciously remember everything which happened or was said. There are rare humans gifted with photographic memory or total recall but it is debatable whether this is a desirable human trait for everyone.


Permanent human memory is still the dominant way which humans are segregated based on what is called IQ. IQ is primarily a measure of how well you remember things and it can be a great help in solving problems too in many instances.


Not everyone with a high IQ is smart too and can apply this knowledge efficiently in solving everyday human problems and problems in politics, economics, society, education, and science.

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