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Repugnant: adj. sensing medium intensity displeasure

This is my new recommendation for a redefinition of repugnant. 

Extremely distasteful or extremely unacceptable are both synonyms for disgusting. Also the standard dictionary definition using these synonyms really means two different concepts which need new words or definitions for them instead. You can ask whether repugnance means extremely distasteful or extremely unacceptable and you end up in an illogical paradox trying to decide between the two.

Also saying that something is distasteful implies that it is unacceptable to you personally and needs no redundancy.

Distasteful defined in the dictionary means causing dislike or disgust so which concept is it?- dislike or disgust? It can’t be both at the same time and distasteful is not a subdued emotion (dislike) one time and an extreme emotion (disgust) at another time because distastefulness is not or should not be time dependent.  Paradoxical reasoning is rampant in dictionary definitions and can only be cured with unique accurate logical definitions instead.

Sometimes distasteful means dislike and at other times it means disgust so when a logical human uses the word distaste who in this real world is smart enough to determine which of the two meanings you are using at any one given time? The word distasteful is causing confusing paradox in the real world and confirms what a stupid word it is.

Distasteful: adj. sensing dislike with one or more senses – is a much better definition for distasteful.

Distastedul: adj. sensing disgust with one or more senses – is the new word which results from a logical analysis of distasteful.

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