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Con: v. to cleverly and fraudulently persuade but impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt before a judge and/or in court unless there is actual (audio and/or visual) evidence of the crime and/or evidence from many reputable witnesses

If you are cleverly and deceptively persuaded to do and/or say something which results in something being stolen from you then you have been coned.

You can be coned in many more ways than some 10 major ones which you can read about in this link-


A con game is really not the right words to use since it is really a con ripoff which results in something being stolen from you and it is frequently money. Coning may be considered an exciting game by the criminals themselves but it is still immoral and criminal behavior.


Con artists is frequently used to describe humans who thrive at deceiving others with clever persuasive means and frequently get away with the fraud without getting caught and punished for it.

Some con artists cleverly and deceptively manipulate your affections and get what they want in return resulting in many injured feelings and frequently a maxed out bank account and/or credit cards.

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