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Restitution: n. returning to a lifeform(s) what was stolen and/or lost

Restitution is desirable if you offend, hurt, or steal from someone.

If you steal someone’s dignity by offending them or stealing their dignity with undeserved harsh criticism, ridicule, name calling, and put downs then an apology or doing a small favor is usually the restitution needed.

If you break a borrowed tool then repairing it or replacing it with a new or used tool is appropriate restitution.

If you steal property form someone then returning it, paying for it, or going to jail are all forms of possible restitution.

If you steal real estate from wildlife then the proper form of restitution is to eventually return it to their rightful owners or wildlife.

Restitution for killing someone or restoring them to life is not possible so some believe in the death penalty or life imprisonment as a severe consequence.

If you intentionally lie or steal the truth then you may be forgiven a few times by humans who depend on you financially but if you are a habitual liar then you will be ostracized by humans and your reputation will be ruined. No restitution will be possible. You may start out fresh with a potentially good reputation in another part of the country or world but if your lies continue then it is just a matter of time before you become a social pariah where you move to.

Restitution is possible for many things in life but death and a ruined reputation are usually not subject to restitution.


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