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What are my short term goals or wants?

What are some of my possible long term goals or wants?

Do I have the RESOURCES such as




useful knowledge,

and money to reach my goals?


Do I have the basic ABILITY which means

adequate memory,

good coordination,

good health,

and possibly physical strength?


Do I have adequate SKILLS such as


self motivation,

emotional intelligence or communication skills,

math and/or language skills,

physical and/or mental skills?


Do I have useful knowledge such as an adequate education or selfeducation in the field of interest?

Will I need money to get the resources that I want?

Have I saved up enough money to pay for new learning of useful skills and/or useful knowledge?

About how long will it take to get the resources which I will need?

When I have the resources about how long will it take to reach my goals?

Do I have any bad habits which will keep me from reaching my goals fast enough?

Do I understand that




and selfmotivation will have to come from within myself?

Do I understand the difference between DOING appropriate things to achieve a goal OR planning and dreaming about achieving a goal and never doing anything about it?

Do I know that DOING something is better than not doing anything at all?


Do I know that a mind and body in motion will achieve more goals than a mind and body at rest?

Do I know that SCHEDULING my time or life and BUDGETING my money will greatly speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that an organized life will speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that it is never too late in life to start organizing your life a little more and start improving?

Make a plan for improving and write it down. Then take action and follow through on it!

If plan A does not seem to be working for you then make a plan B. Remember as you get better at planning your improvement steps you may even go to plan C, D, etc. The more you achieve your short term goals the more confidence you will get and you will get courage to proceed to your long term goals. Best wishes!

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What is the purpose of life? One way of looking at life is to say that it is the setting of goals and achieving them consciously and/or unconsciously.


Eating and drinking are daily goals and we frequently have to decide what we will eat and drink and when. Other common goals are schooling, working, shopping, socializing, getting married, dating, and enjoying pleasant pastimes.


Most of us settle into routines or habitual behaviors and just live life without making any dramatic long duration goals which frequently require much talent such as becoming a celebrity, business success, or an important leader in an organization.


Few of us consciously set priorities in our life and determine which goals are realistically worth pursuing and which ones aren’t that important to strive for and do because they are not that realistic or they are just a waste of time, energy, and money. This leads many to lead rather mundane lives with some randomness which seldom results in huge successes or achievements in life.


Not many budget their money, set priorities, schedule time in their life, and make long duration goals but have their hands full and are caught up in the daily struggle to survive financially, just try to hold on to a job, and live life struggling with many setbacks, disappointments, and failures.


Life is ever changing for most of us and what we do as young adults, in middle age, and in old age can be very different with different sets of priorities or goals.


Finally that you can be what you want to be is not always a good philosophy to have because you may be biting off more than you can chew or can be setting unrealistic goals in your life. It is very important that you consciously try to assess you true abilities and potential and make realistic goals so that you don’t become pessimistic about life and live a tragic life of too much failure and disappointment.


You can still be happy with life if you no longer have lofty goals but more realistic ones which will not stress you out and be constant blows to your ego and sense of self-worth.



Budgeting your money, setting priorities, scheduling the time in your life, working hard, and learning new skills and knowledge are great goals to have and they will help you to make much progress in life but they may not be enough to land you your dream job or a prestigious leadership position.


Instead of becoming pessimistic and sinking into depression readjust your priorities or goals in life to more realistic ones.


Don’t be afraid of change which may lead to new possibilities of failure because new experiences will help to teach you more about your real potential in life. You will learn and make adjustments and hopefully optimize the possible realistic happiness in your life.


If you don’t like the way things are turning out then set new priorities or make new goals and there is a good chance that things will improve or you may have to change your goal priorities again if there is no improvement which satisfies you.


Never give up living life because it is the only life which you were given. Make the best of it that you can!


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A typical lifestyle of a young unemployed adult living with parents is sleeping 9 or more hours, playing video games, watching movies and cartoons, listening to music, internet gambling, watching TV, spending time texting, being on Facebook or social media, eating and snacking, goofing off, and looking for work. That is 15 hours of doing what you like or enjoy in the moment and you are not making any real progress in life. This lifestyle can be addictive and can last for months and even years and leave you depressed and hopeless about your future.

Now compare this to a wiser use of time which may not be as enjoyable, will require sacrificing impulsive bad habits, but will make progress towards a more successful hopeful future.

Scheduling 9 hours of sleep, ½ hour of exercise, 2 hours looking for work, ½ hour video games, ½ hour listening to music, ½ hour internet gambling, ½ hour eating leaves 11 hours for SELF-EDUCATION which can benefit your future life in a great way.

An example of what you can learn to improve your prospects for future success in the medical field is 1 hour of anatomy, 1 hour of biochemistry, 1 hour of cell biology, 1 hour of embryology, 1 hour of genetics, 1 hour of human behavior, 1 hour of immunology, 1 hour of neuroscience, and 1 hour of physiology, and 9 fifteen minute breaks in between the subjects where you just meditate or think about how to make your daily schedule more efficient and useful.

Keep this schedule up for half a year and you will be able to pass an online first year course in medicine or a medicine related field such as radiology or nursing.


Schedule your self-education time wisely and when you land a minimum wage job then save your money for payed internet courses or a regular school education in the field of your choice. It may take you 10 or 15 years instead of 4 years to get the useful education which you need for a good job in a useful field which you will enjoy but ultimately it is your choice and decision.

If you want to make something out of your life and not just wallow in a sea of depressing addictive dead end behavior then learn on your own. Gaining knowledge in a useful field is not time wasted but time wisely invested.

Setting aside time by scheduling your day for self-education is the key to true success in life at any point in your life. If you don’t set aside time to improve your skills for a potential good future job then your prospects for a good future are grim and your relationships with other people, especially a potential future spouse, will not improve.

Money to support offspring is fundamental to a potential happy family life and if you never make enough of it in your life then you will almost never find your soul mate and have a successful family.

Some humans have big dreams and want to do something which no one else has done and make big money at it. Unless you are very talented or with an excellent memory and are prepared to fail many times on your route to stardom or celebrity then your chances of success are remote and having a useful skill which humans are willing to pay for is most important for the common man or woman leading the common life.


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The world is all about money, jobs, and moral relationships

As early as possible teach your offspring the value of money for work done and about selecting good moral friends to associate with.

Money tips:

When offspring are young and impressionable give them some money to put in a savings account or piggy bank and tell them this is going towards a college education, a future car, and for technological purchases such as a laptop, bicycle, cell phone, building blocks, and basic tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, shovel, utility army knife, saw, etc. to build basic items or to take apart broken appliances.

Teach them how to count the money with basic math and once they can count up to 100 they can use a calculator to speed things up.  They can use the calculator to add or subtract 5 dollar, 10 dollar, or 20 dollar bills and up to 99 cents. When a purchase is made out of their account have them count the money which will be spent on the product and remove it from the savings account. Have them add much money like 5 dollars at a time for purchases you intend to make for them in the near future such as a bicycle, soccer ball, frisbee, etc.

Later on you can give your offspring an allowance for helping with household chores and you can encourage good grades by giving more money for A’s than for B’s and C’s. Have your offspring become as independent as possible and that means preparing their own meals and those of the family also since many families have two working parent homes and it should become the responsibility of the offspring to help with the housework and cleaning up their own mess which they are likely to make.

If you have more than one offspring you can rotate the household chores on a weekly or monthly basis and thus make it possible for everyone to earn their allowance justly by doing real work themselves.

If you have more than one offspring teach them the concepts of sharing toys and helping one another by teaching the younger offspring skills which the older offspring have learned.

Comment on the less desirable offspring of other parents which your offspring come into contact with especially when other offspring misbehave in an inappropriate way or have bad social etiquette. When your offspring are older ask about their social contacts on the internet and determine whom they are contacting and spending most of their social time with. It is very important to make sure that your offspring are communicating with good role model offspring and not the socially flawed and irresponsible ones who frequently come from bad families with bad role model parents.

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Morality tips:

Morality is important for excellent relationships even if you don’t get it from religion. Teach a secular morality of don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

If you teach your offspring to preferably associate with honest, sincere, and truthful offspring which don’t lie then you will almost guarantee that they will not only have good casual friends but perhaps more than one good close friendship in their lives. The probability that they will have a successful long duration marriage will also increase.

Teaching them to be efficient in their daily lives with short and to the point conversation and not spending too much time on trivial pursuits will not only help them in their own personal and working lives but should benefit biodiversity in the long duration because nature does not like humans or animals who waste time, energy, and money and punishes them if they waste too much of it. Tell them that human society is very inefficient and wastes much time, energy, and money and winds up polluting the world excessively and threatening biodiversity with the extinction of many species. Tell them that the conservation of wilderness should be humanities number one priority and that by being efficient in their lives they will be helping the conservation of wilderness or biodiversity by not polluting the world so much.


Saying no to trivial activities and purchase requests:

Saying no to offspring who are requesting to do trivial activities and purchase desired goods or goods that they just want and don’t need can be controlled by saying no. If offspring have too many team sports, music, theater, and other after school activities which they will probably never use in their adult life then simply don’t help them pursue them by not shuttling them back and forth to the activities.

Set priorities in your offspring’s lives and don’t do the lower order priorities which they will never use on the job, in adult life, or minimally use in their private lives.

Limit their intake of sugary overly processed foods by saying no or giving it to them very rarely and stress that they should be eating a varied diet of everything healthy in moderation and that this should start as early in life as possible while you have control over what they eat and when.


Everything takes time, energy, money, and caring:

Raising offspring requires sacrificing time, energy, money, and caring which children will not appreciate until they have offspring of their own. Giving allowances for household chores done and letting older children supervise younger ones responsibly lets children understand the role of money in the world and the responsibility of caring for someone other than yourself. If you have only one child then getting a pet which is the responsibility of the child to take care of and feed is one way of teaching caring responsibility.


Schedule both work and family life by the clock as much as possible:

Not only should you schedule your business life but learn to schedule family life by the clock which includes family meetings, walking the dog, doing personal laundry, getting plenty of rest, and doing household chores and assigning responsibility for doing them to someone or alternating the work responsibility on a weekly or monthly basis. If as offspring they learn to schedule their daily lives then they will not have to learn to do so by trial and error when they become adults when scheduling work and play becomes vital to successful living.


Prepare meals in batches and freeze them if you find you have little time for cooking at home:

Not all offspring will like to cook so have them prepare more than one meal at a time and freeze future meals in the fridge for all family members.


Set aside one on one time with offspring and some time with the whole family:

Set aside one on one time with your offspring in the family schedule even if it is only during meal time where you discuss important events in offspring and family life.

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