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Language and a common morality unite humans so that peaceful interaction is possible within the language group. Unfortunately different languages and even different dialects divide humans and severely reduce the probability of peaceful interactions between different groups of humans. Different languages and dialects are the source for much prejudice, biased provincialism, excessive national myopic pride, excessive ethnic pride, and unjust stereotyping of other language groups. Different language groups handicap political unity and a single language promotes political unity.

Traditional historic use of language perpetuates mythology, is overly emotional, has overly complicated grammatical rules, and the words have illogical definitions whose vague meaning promotes unintentional lying and unintentional deceptions which corrupt moral communications and cause much too much dysfunctional emotionally biased communication between humans. Historical language usage does a bad job of promoting understanding between humans and between humans and their leaders.

Yes, the illogical definitions and synonyms which mean the same thing encourage deceptive behavior between humans and between the leadership and led. They promote leadership and public stupidity.

Politicians use an emotional appeal with almost no logical reasoning which incorporates fear, anger, love, and hate to motivate the gullible public. Many human relationships are also burdened with a heavy dose of illogical emotion where fear, anger, love, and hate play a dominant role in impulsive emotional interactions which cause much stress and unnecessary angry confrontations.

Nature uses language very efficiently and it is time to update language and make it a more efficient communication tool for the benefit of the world.

The solution is my evergreen truth book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which simplifies the language so that everyone graduating elementary school will be language literate and even the poorest citizens will no longer be called stupid because they will be using a smart logical language. Yes, humans will still do stupid things in their lives but everyone will be smart using a smart language and much fewer will be emotionally dysfunctional or handicapped!!!!!!

I have included an intro to SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which voracious and curious readers may want to read for their personal enlightenment.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.



Exclude all synonyms which have the same meaning and use just one word with a unique definition.

Exclude antonyms because there are no opposite words in meaning

Exclude multiple meanings for words and have a word have only one definition

Exclude words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Dear and deer sound the same so dear should be eliminated or replaced with another unique sounding word

Exclude prepositions and complex grammatical rules and just use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the language.

If possible take a word now in usage and replace it with a shorter version which may be a slang word now but need not be in the future

Define each word logically using the concept of set and subset to formulate that definition and replace thing with subset

We don’t need similes, metaphors, and meaningless long phrases to express logical reality. Because of their usage we are now swimming in a world of  illogical uncontrolled emotion. We are ruled with concepts of love or hate for opinions and/or facts and most of us don’t make logical decisions in our lives. It is always black or white, either for or against something all the time and most of us forget that the world also has many “shades of grey”.

Exclude many words used to describe different intensities or degrees or how good or how bad something is and replace them with 1 through 10. 1 to 10 good and 1 to 10 bad. An example would be you got 10good on your test which means excellent, perfect score, all right, etc.

Exclude as many emotional words as possible in language which impede logical communication.

Use the same language worldwide is what I highly recommend as a necessary step to eventually unify the world under one language and one constitution or political system.

Good news, I have already done most of the hard basic work needed and formed a logically defined nucleus of about 7000 words which can be added to logically. Using my words and definitions by the end of elementary school almost all students will have learned a logical language which they can use in their real lives to make logical decisions instead of heavily emotionally biased opinions and actions.

An efficient language means less time to learn it and greater efficiency in using it. We will all be saving much time, energy, and money!!!!!!

I am doing my best to use this logical language in my blogs where I admit I use some words which I shouldn’t because they have multiple meanings in society at large. If I used the right word I would have to give you the new spelling and new logical meaning and your easy understanding of what I am writing about would be less.

Language even now has the ability to be used in a logical way as demonstrated in my blogs so all that most of you will have to do is learn the logical definitions and use my style of writing about everything which is on your mind.

With a smart efficient logical language there will no longer be smart and stupid humans. Everyone will be smart and many will still do stupid actions but there will be almost infinitely less who will behave stupidly. Yes some will have better memories than others but being smart does not require a good memory. There are many “intelligent” humans or humans with excellent memories who are doing very stupid things in this world and they are not smart at all but could be called very stupid. We have stupid leaders governing this world and it is time that we should put a stop to it with an efficient logical language which all of them should learn before they have a right to tell us all what to do with and in our lives!!!!!! And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!!

The way to a successful life for the common man or woman is learning basic calculator math, basic science, computer and basic reading and writing communication, human and animal behavior. Also important is leading a moral life, doing agility exercise, healthy eating, and doing hard mental work.   If you do all this you will be successful.

The way to a successful life for the talented man or woman is learning computer math, nontheoretical science, computer and basic reading and writing communication, human and animal behavior. Also important is leading a moral life, doing agility exercise, healthy eating, and doing hard mental work.  If you do all this you will be successful.





The key to wisdom and success is to search for the truth and then apply it to your life!

Sincerely, Uldis Sprogis

If you are awed by the truth and don’t know where to start, start by teaching my moral code in every elementary and religious school in the world and work your way up from there. You can’t indoctrinate an immoral world from the top down so start from the bottom up!!!!!

We have wallowed too long in a yes or no, black or white, for or against, love or hate, never or always, antonym or synonym, yin or yang, good or bad society approach to life when the real answer to questions should be almost all the time, not all the time, some of the time, or infrequently!  This is why there are so few antonyms in this Thesaurus so that society can get away from the swinging pendulum back and forth statusquo approach to life and find a direction which should be forward on into the great future!!!



Abauthority: n. an absence of authority

The offspring went wild with abauthority.


Abderite: n. a stupid human

There are many abderites in this world


Allsense: v. to focus 100% of senses on a subset(s)

He was allsensed about the football game


Angdis: v. to sense anger and disgust simultaneously

She was angdised by the phallic birthday cake


Angjehat: v. to sense anger and jealousy and hatred simultaneously

She was angjehated by her husband’s adultery


Atrep: v. to sense attraction and repulsion simultaneously from one or more subsets

He atreped the dirty sexy prostitute


Awef: v. to sense very intense respect and fear and wonder from a subset(s)

He was awefed by the tornado.


Buyev: v. to buy a subset(s) which is an impulse but not a necessity

His wife buyeved many clothes today at the mall.


Claimev: v. to communicate that a subset(s) is true based upon personal knowledge

He claimeved that Joe was a backstabber and could not rid himself of the bad habit.


Darev: v. to courageously do a subset(s) which one believes to be socially unacceptable and/or very dangerous

He dareved to streak in public.


Deboast: v. to communicate unimportance

He deboasted his coworker.


Demuse: v. to not possess the ability to do a pleasant and/or entertaining subset(s)

That performance was demusing.


Demusev: v. to not desire to do a pleasant and/or entertaining subset(s)

He demuseved to dance.


Disapprom: v. to sense badness when another promises to achieve your needs and/or hopes and/or desires and/or expectations and doesn’t do so

She disappromed when he didn’t show up for the date.


Fearsocev: to sense fear which is frequently sensed at a new untested social experience which potentially threatens possible social embarrassment

He was fearsoceving while giving the public speech.


Frant: v. to sense frustration and anticipation simultaneously (when offspring is so cloose to success but not achieving with many attempts)

She franted when her offspring did it twenty times without success.


Hapf: v. to sense happiness and fear simultaneously (when an offspring goes off to college you are happy but fear drug abuse there)

The parents hapfed as their son went off to college.


Ladual: adj. changing by large degrees

His improvement was ladual.


Lendev: to temporarily and intentionally give possession of a subset(s) and not

getting money

He lendeved the chain saw to his neighbor.


Loseinten: v. to intentionally lose a subset(s)

He loseintened the wedding ring in the lake after the divorce.


Meanev: v. to cause mental displeasure

Meanev him for the bad behavior.


Measy: n. a goal(s) achieved with little mental effort.

Picking up the candy wrapper was measy.


Mistakeinev: v. to do an intentional mistake

He was mistakeineving to upset his parents.


Needeff: v. to desire a subset(s) used to achieve a goal(s) efficiently

He was needeffing the latest cellphone.


Neglectin: v. to intentionally ignore and/or not care for adequately

Neglectin a family pet is bad.


Neglectun: v. to unintentionally ignore and/or not care for adequately

His mistake was to neglectun the new family pet.


Offin: v. to intentionally cause (anger and/or resentment) and/or cause displeasure because of an illegal action(s) which is frequently caused by a human(s) behaving immorally and/or deviating much from good social etiquette

He offined his parents by lying.


Partencev: v. to use up much time trying to achieve a goal(s)

To partencev an easy task will frequently get you into trouble.


Pinject: v. to inject one’s personal biases on another’s potential and existent actions and predominantly the corresponding thinking and/or sensing

His mistake was to pinject other humans.


Pochar: adj. inadequate in many desirable characteristics

She had a pochar personality.


Possill: v. to have and control a subset(s) illegally

The thirteen year old possilled the car.


Psimbiasev: v. to be attracted to a human(s) with similar personal biases

He had few friends because he was psimbiaseving.


Pyrent: n. an adopting parent

Her dad was a pyrent.


Sodiff: v. to achieve with relatively much skill

The audience loved the sodiffed song.


Surang: v. to sense surprise and anger simultaneously

She suranged when her son threw the plate at her.


Sumpemsorev: v. to sense pity and sorrow and empathy for another’s misfortune

She sumpemsoreved then her daughter sprained her ankle.


Tendopt: n. a tendency to overanticipate optimistic future results

His tendopting continued after a lucky win the first time and he lost all his money.

Tendrec: n. a tendency to consider recent events as more important than earlier events

His tendrecing continued after a lucky win even though he was on a losing streak.

Vpossess: v. to use one’s possession(s) and/or the possession(s) of another(s) with permission

He vpossessed his father’s car.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, which is rays of truth in a world filled with myths and deceptions.