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I would just like to start off by saying that for humans whom you trust unconditionally such as your spouse, close relatives, and close friends you can usually be even blatantly honest about almost anything and not run the risk of ruining your reputation or breaking up the relationship if it is a good one to begin with. For everyone else, here are some cautionary statements where it is often wiser to not say anything at all or make a noncommittal remark.

If you say that you HATE something about a human or think that a human is ugly and there is little chance of that human changing one’s looks, beliefs, ideas, or behavior then it is best to keep silent about the subject. Nothing is more offensive to a human than to be called ugly because of a big nose, big breasts, big ears, little breasts, little penis, or some unchangeable handicap. Say that you HATE an adult’s beliefs, ideas, or behavior and you may irreversibly offend them and destroy the possibility of a closer relationship.

If someone puts you on the spot and asks if you think their nose is ugly then you can say nothing, say- no comment, or you can say- it looks normal to me, or other such kind phrase.

If a behavior is immoral then it is OK to hate it and say so but if it is a sincerely held belief, idea, or opinion then saying that you hate it is not a very diplomatic approach. Calmly discussing the belief, idea, or opinion is the best approach if you are asked your opinion of it. If you disagree with it strongly and you can’t convince or persuade them otherwise then you can end the discussion by saying we agree to disagree on the subject. Of course if you truly HATE something and don’t want to explode in an argument then you can say I don’t want to discuss it or talk about it now or ever.

There are other situations where silence or some tactful response may be necessary for a stranger, acquaintance, or casual friend. You may not want to reveal intimate sexual details about your spouse, your weaknesses or secretive bad habits, and private eccentricities very deviant from normative behavior.

Some feel that personal income is also none of your business and you may be surprised how many more things are none of your business mostly from pretentious humans. If you are not pretentious and have very little to hide then maintaining your integrity and credibility is of paramount importance so you should answer as truthfully as possible to almost any question which you are asked. Courage at being truthful is often rewarded with earned respect and sometimes even a bit of admiration.

If you are a businessman or businesswoman then there may be some trade secrets which you may want to guard against dissemination, especially to competing enterprises. As long as those secrets are not collusion with other companies or price fixing and other unfair monopolistic practices then trying to keep special recipes or manufacturing techniques is really acceptable business practice.

Even in business it is just a matter of time before your secrets will be revealed either by disgruntled employees or other covert spying techniques so don’t expect your secrets to last forever and don’t make your business dependent on those secrets in the long duration. If you have a devoted efficient business model then transparency in most matters is not such a bad thing but may even encourage desirable company loyalty.

In a tyranny or communist nation it is sometimes dangerous to reveal your honest opinions but in relatively free western democracies it usually is advantageous to be honest unless you have conservative views in a largely democrat corporation, democrat academia, or democrat organization in general.

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Secret: n. hiding and/or keeping from the knowledge of others and frequently from the public

There are personal, family, group, and organization secrets which are sometimes important to keep to save a reputation or to save a competitive advantage. Other secrets are more damaging because they hurt or injure other humans and are even fraudulent in nature.

You may be publicly embarrassed if someone found out that you like to walk around naked in the house like me or that you had a dui conviction which I don’t have. You may want an adulterous relationship to be kept secret or the fact that your spouse has a mentally ill relative. You may want to keep your salary a secret so that there is not jealousy among coworkers.

Coca cola may want their drink recipe kept a secret so no one can copy it or an organization may want to keep a manufacturing secret kept confidential which gives them a competitive advantage.

Big money investors may want to keep their investments secret so that the price of the shares which they are buying or selling don’t fluctuate wildly during a transaction. Special interest lobbyists may want conversations with public officials kept secret so that the special interest laws which they are advocating for don’t become public knowledge right away for fear of political backlash.

Some secrets are relatively harmless but big drug companies sometimes keep secret the fact that their clinical studies have found a drug to be relatively ineffective for the disease it is designed to cure or that the drug has some serious bad side effects which could worsen the health of the taker. These are really fraudulent secrets or lies which can hurt other humans so they can’t be justified as being good secrets.

The military has secrets which are vital to national defense and government agents sometimes keep secret the fact that they are monitoring the activities of humans thought to be potential threats to social stability or safety.

The world is filled with secrets or humans trying to keep something secret but the most damaging are the secrets of the government and large organizations which have the power to further enslave humans in their daily lives and suppress frequently needed decent in society which tries to point out the important injustices going on in society.

Do I have some personal secrets which I would not want to become public knowledge? Yes, but only about one or two rather unimportant ones and if you read all of my writing then you will know all my secrets.

My blogging is also a minimum threat to the powerful monied interests because I don’t have the money to promote my ideas of what justice and truth is really important in this world and what kind of change is really vital to this world.

My ideas are a threat to the status quo society and even the status quo constitution whose change I advocate. I am a rebel with what I consider to be a just cause and that is communicating the truth as I see it about almost every topic under the sun.

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 700 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.