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The general key to self improvement is analyzing yourself and your circumstances by writing it all down first, doing some research and writing it all down, and finally making a decision on what you would like to change and what you would like to stay the same and writing it all down.

If you don’t like writing things down then you will need an excellent memory to bypass this critical writing task. Writing it down will help you to THINK which is what most humans no longer do much of.

If you have nothing new to think about then you will just be impulsively rethinking what you already know and won’t be making any serious useful changes in your life.

Research: v. to investigate systematically

Make a list of healthy foods to eat. Research good or healthy foods if you don’t know where to start or what they are.

Make a list of your good and bad habits. Research good and bad habits if you don’t know where to start or what they are.

List your personality traits. Research personality traits or characteristics if you don’t know where to start or what they are.

Keep a diary of things that you do every day and about how much time you spend doing those things. After a month review your entries and find out what your priorities in life are by noting what you spend the most time at doing.

Write down important goals to do in a week, month, year, and five years from now. Research important goals if you don’t know where to start or what they are.

Google something which interests you or research interesting things to do, read, view, etc.

Learn to budget your money and time.

Take a free online course in your field.

Learn to do something new and useful with YouTube tutorials.

Write an e-book and self publish it if you enjoy writing and have a specialty.

The basic key to self improvement is – Find out detailed information about yourself or who you are and what you do. Then decide what you would like to be like, and what you would like to do that you are not doing already.

Finally have the courage, determination, and selfmotivation to make the changes in your life for hopefully the better. Courageously make those new goals and take action to make them a reality or achieve them.

Improve: v. to change a subset(s) so that it is more in (value and/or (goodness and or rightness)) and/or (quality and/or usefulness) and/or (desirability and/or health).

The change may be done by adding what is absent and/or needed and/or desired and/or by subtracting what is nonessential or undesirable

 *Search my encyclopedic blog since I have researched most of those many topics to some extent for you. eg. bad habits, good habits, characteristics, goals, healthy foods, etc.

Happy reading, writing, thinking, and doing!!!



SUCCESSFUL HUMANS:                                     UNSUCCESSFUL HUMANS:

Research and read useful information        Watch TV every day and waste

almost every day                                                time and energy on social media                                           

Talk about concepts, ideas, or topics            Talk about other humans

Judiciously compliment when appropriate  Complain, criticize, put down,

                                                                                   name call, insult, and ridicule

Embrace change as a welcome challenge      Fear change

Forgive but remember immoral behavior      Hold grudges

so they are not victimized again  

Learn constantly and listen much                     Often behave like know-it-alls

Pursue selfimprovement                                      Are content to live with their

                                                                                      bad habits 

Accept responsibility for their failures            Blame others for their failures

Have a sense of gratitude                                     Have a sense of entitlement

Set goals and develop life plans                          Don’t set goals but just wing


Don’t waste time, energy, and money on        Waste time, energy, and  

trivial pursuits                                                         money on trivial pursuits and

                                                                                     impulsive shopping


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