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There is the slightly tyrannical leadership, the mentoring leadership, the teamwork leadership, and the servant leadership.

Some of the characteristics from all four styles of leadership are used by some enlightened leaders to fit the occasion or circumstances.

Broadly speaking slightly tyrannical leadership can be successfully used with jobs which are well defined and frequently repetitive in nature. Jobs where punctuality is important and doing all the right steps in the job in the proper order.

If an employee fails to perform the defined responsibilities well enough then a threat of firing may be used or the employee is shown how to do it right. If showing enough times still results in failure then termination of employment may occur.

The tyrannical part here is demanding a job to be done a certain way efficiently and failure to do so results in firing. Examples of where slightly tyrannical leadership may be necessary is in the fast food business and for trade workers who are expected to perform their jobs competently in a timely way or else!

Demanding acceptable performance of a job under threat of firing for failing to do so is slightly tyrannical leadership.

Tyrannical leadership management also frequently exists if the manager is afraid that some new talented employee will be good enough to replace them and they will be out of a job. Heavy turnover of employees is frequently the way that tyrannical managers keep their jobs relatively secure, especially if there is not room for advancement in the company for these tyrannical leaders.

Mentoring leadership is basically a teaching role and delegating responsibility to a relatively large extent to teach company operating procedures to ambitious employees who want to rise through the company through greater and greater responsibilities and gaining competence along the way.    

Some employees would love to be mentored in a job but unfortunately it is a time, energy, and money investment which the leader must be willing to offer and in real jobs mentors are relatively few in number unless they are actually looking for a good replacement for themselves if they plan to be promoted in the company or want to leave the organization or company.

Teamwork leadership is vital when coordinating a group of specially talented humans with diversified skills who need to work together harmoniously on one grand task or project. Google, Facebook, and other highly innovative tech companies need talented group leadership to make all the diverse specialties come together to form a high quality functioning product or products.

Servant leadership with a partial emphasis on humbleness, modesty, and humility with a tolerance for humans who betray you is only common skills applicable to charitable organizations and government social workers helping the poor, handicapped, and socially problematic humans, some even with criminal records.

When dealing with dysfunctional humans or ones with severe handicaps the servant approach can work and make those helped feel that there is a leader there who cares about them no matter what they may do with their lives.

Mother Teresa is frequently glorified as a great servant leader but unfortunately the competitive business world for the most part is far removed from practical application of servant leaders or leadership. Could Mother Teresa really lead a Fortune 500 company?  I sincerely doubt it!!!


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SERVANT LEADERSHIP is probably a foreign expression to most of you but it is a relatively new form of leadership where the boss tries to nurture or care for his employees so that they can optimally learn and perform in their jobs.

Servant leadership implies that the company is not a rat race where you have to claw your way to get to the top and use deceptive tricks to get there.

Servant leadership is a significant departure from authoritarian top down management control and optimizes the concept of teamwork leadership. Leaders don’t have to fear the personal whims of an authoritarian boss who is primarily interested in keeping his job at the top and does not want others to aspire to it.

In a growing expanding company servant leadership provides more of an opportunity for promotion and advancement within the company and encourages company loyalty.

1. In servant leadership the boss shares his leadership with his staff and considers their needs first. It also means that the staff is also taught to be servant leaders so that the needs of those working under them are considered first and so on down the line of management responsibility.

2. Formal feedback mechanisms are set up at work and informal ones about four times a year in personal homes or restaurants where feedback is also encouraged. Feedback means that opinions are sought about how to better run the organization or company and it is a time when new or better ideas are solicited and encouraged.

3. All leaders are anonymously evaluated once a year on a scale of one to ten and if they score lower than an 8 they are reevaluated six months later and held accountable for their performance. Everyone is held accountable.

4. Those employees which don’t work according to the core values of the company are eventually let go or fired.

5. All employees have access to the same information at the same time and if this is not possible with emails then a smartphone app keeps everyone informed on a timely basis so that everyone remains connected.

CONCLUSION: Servant leadership is most effective when the leaders have stock in the company and feel that they have a personal stake in the success of the company. This way the leaders are also rewarded monetarily for the success of the growing company.

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