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Mitigation: n. decreasing the severity of a subset(s) such as a (punishment(s) and/or bad circumstance) and/or (mistake(s) and/or offense(s)) frequently with a valid excuse(s) and/or action(s)

Due to mitigating circumstances his fine was reduced by a half. There is generally a severe hardship or unpredictable chance occurrences which are used as an excuse to reduce punishment or the severity of a fine.

In the case of the courts the excessive cost and time needed to fully prosecute a criminal is used as an excuse or mitigating circumstance to permit plea bargaining to a lesser charge.

To reduce the bad effects on wetlands mitigation is used to reduce the risks of excessive pollution.

Insurance is used to mitigate risk or hazards.

Laws are absolute rules which are unjust in some real circumstances and mitigation can be tried as a remedy for these exceptions to the general rule.

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