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Make a shopping list of things you really need and try sticking to only the items on it without buying anything extra.

Before you buy small money items ask yourself “do I want it” or “really need it” and is it something for which I can wait a week, or month before purchasing. If you don’t need it right away or the next few days then don’t buy it.

Before buying big money items take some time out to do research or comparison shopping from more than one store or location.

Budget your money and don’t overspend your monthly limit. Except for food and gas for work try to shop once a month, save about 10% for emergencies such as car repairs, and don’t exceed your budget unless it is an emergency.

Don’t use a credit card but use cash which you bring along or a debit card which prevents you from going into debt for it.

Take a picture of the item which you impulsively want to buy with the price tag and comparison shop at home.

If you are actually shopping for an item to buy and you find that it is on sale then that is the time to buy and don’t buy something only because it is on sale and you probably don’t really need it right away or within a few days if at all.

Shop in your clothing closet first for long unworn items which may be exactly what you think you need to buy new.

Don’t shop when angry or upset because you will be tempted to buy just to make you feel better.

Instead of satisfying an urge to shop focus on some crafting or interesting hobby instead until the urge to shop goes away. Find something to do which is almost as pleasurable as shopping and develop a good frugal habit by doing it more frequently.

If your friends are compulsive shoppers then avoid shopping with them if you can’t abandon them.

Find new friends whose life does not revolve around shopping.

Don’t buy anything from a store without a return policy and definitely start using the privilege if you start having second thoughts about the purchase.

Don’t consider shopping a form of entertainment. It is costly fun.

If you have a penny pincher in the family then let them do most of the shopping.

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