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Mathematics is an imprecise tool for the physical world when the concept of zero and infinity is used in equations. It leads to metaphysical conclusions about the physical world.

In relativity there is infinite energy, mass, gravity or a black hole at a point in space leading to incomprehensible questions about what happens to information or whether physical reality gets totally destroyed. New theories are getting more realistic and addressing the singularity problem claiming that in the real world a black hole must occupy space and time which the classical theory of relativity totally ignores.

In string theory there is the concept of infinite energy or frequency when the two points of a vibrating string meet. String theory still has not addressed the problem theoretically of this singularity and it is just a question of time before it too will be updated and one will assume that the string or vibration must occupy space or volume and time for it to be a valid theory.

I welcome an attempt to eliminate singularities from equations because without their elimination the creationist frame of mind will persist and scientists will be creating something out of nothing on into the foreseeable future. I believe in the conservation of something which gets transformed and sometimes appears as energy, mass, or gravity and I definitely don’t believe that that something can be totally destroyed or disappear into a void.

Yes, it is possible that that something may be absorbed by dark mass or dark energy or dark gravity and seem to disappear from the universe that we can measure and observe but I don’t believe that that something can be destroyed into nothingness or zero.

I also don’t believe that time can be created or destroyed but is infinite unless applied in quantum intervals to the physical world. With this approach it is illogical to ask the questions- When did time begin? or Can we begin time all over again from zero?

Cycles or vibrations per second and distance per second are the ways that time is used to try and understand reality. One is string theory and the other is relativity. Can string theory and relativity be merged?

String theory tries to address the concept of number per second and relativity tries to address the concept of distance per second. Merging the two theories means number and distance must be combined which is an impossibility because number and distance are two independent variables. That is why neither string theory nor relativity is a total answer to what the physical world is really like but both if merged will have two independent variables whose values will never really be known.

It is the problem of two independent not dependent variables. String theory assumes dependence of vibrations and time and relativity assumes dependence of distance and time. Neither explanation will ever be the total truth of a complete explanation of physical reality.

The scientific underlying problem is describing a particle or wave standing still and one in motion all using one equation. Maybe the particle or wave always moves in straight lines or in orbit around other particles or waves but you still have to differentiate between the two possibilities. The particle or wave is either moving in orbit around a relatively large or small mass or moving in a straight line away from that mass and can’t be doing both at the same time. If mass is just energy or a wave then how do you describe energy “standing still”?

Yes, there is distance or wavelength in a frequency but how then is this wavelength related to the distance traveled by the particle or wavelength or WHAT determines when the frequency is relatively stationary and when it is not relatively stationary but in linear motion? Maybe the quantum frequency(s) determines whether it is in linear motion or not and is a quantum phenomenon of go or no go or linear motion or no linear motion. I feel that no one frequency determines the go or no go of an energy packet. So what does?

Information is also energy in motion and stored energy which is relatively stationary. Maybe the key to it all is defining what something or information really is if not a function of energy only or a function of energy and mass but not at the same time. I am currently researching the definition of information and will comment if I learn something new.

One grand simple unified theory of everything mathematically is not possible and anyone in search of a quest to do so is a delusional scientific charlatan. One theory of everything? Delusional BS!!!!!!

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Parallel universes

Theoretical physics is the realm of modern mythology which is untrue because using mathematics as a tool no one really understands what an infinitely small point in space or zero is and no one understands what infinity is. If infinity is a boundary then what lies beyond infinity?

String theory and all other physical equations which try to deal with zero and infinity have one or more singularities or unanswered questions. A point in space has infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity. Well if it is a point or zero then it can’t contain infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity because infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity can’t be bounded by a point or any boundary.

One absurd notion or inference from string theory is that there are an infinite number of bubble universes or parallel universes separated by worm holes with infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity. Well if a universe is really infinite then it can’t be a bubble because a bubble has a finite boundary and not an infinite one.  Finite boundaries are not infinite ones. Trying to describe multiple universes is an absurdity because infinity is not a boundary but should go on forever. If two or more bubble universes expanded infinitely they would crash into each other and become one!!!!!! The same applies to parallel universes. If they would expand infinitely as they should then they would crash into each other and become one!

It is an absurdity to think that you can physically pass through a wormhole which is ZERO and has infinite frequency and/or mass and/or energy and/or gravity.

The big bang is a myth because the universe did not originate from a wormhole or zero!!!!!! It has probably been around for an infinite time in the past and will continue to exist for an infinite time in the future. The universe probably has no beginning or end!

Theoretical physicist are stupidly playing around with the concepts of dark gravity, dark matter, and dark energy which can’t be measured or detected by scientific instruments which are the only source of potential proof of concepts. How can you possibly make a mathematical formula for something which has no boundaries and can’t count!!!!!!

It is time that we as humans admitted that we just aren’t smart enough to further theorize about the workings of the universe in an accurate realistic way and that we have reached the limits of our understanding.

Theoretical physicists are replacing religious mythology about creation with armies of gullible followers and in reality should be reeducated or should join the unemployment line along with many others. You are all fired!!!!!! Get out of our lives with your BS!

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24--328650-DNA strand

Science is basically the study of matter and energy using the scientific method and has been responsible for all technological advancements in society. It is naïve to think that science has or will have all the answers to how the universe works at the smallest and largest level.

Theoretically so far a heavy but small form of matter from which apparently sub atomic particles come from and makes up atoms is the Higgs boson with a Higgs field and mathematically string theory attempts to explain everything in the universe in terms of vibrations which has led to the concept of a holographic universe.

The Hubble telescope has confirmed that there is indeed turbulence in the universe and that concepts such as dark gravity, dark matter, and dark energy which can’t be detected or observed directly with scientific instruments may play a significant role in the universe.

A concept such as a black hole which is an infinitely small point in space with infinite gravity and mass is in fact probably a grey hole where some energy or photons can escape so the concept of a black hole is wrong and a grey hole is also something very ludicrous.

There is evidence of galaxies colliding so this casts doubt on the big bang hypothesis that all matter and energy in the universe originated from an infinitely small point in space or in effect a universal black hole. The concept of an expanding universe or the big bang is actually a modern scientific myth.

The universe may in fact be infinite and relatively homogeneous and there are only little bang localized “grey” holes in the middle of some or all galaxies.

Mathematics as a tool is inadequate and results in singularities in every theory because no one really understands what an infinitely small point in space is and no one understands what infinity really means.

What is the point of all this?

Scientists are totally confused trying to explain the workings of the universe and no one unified theory seems to be a possible explanation including Einstein’s theory of general relativity which is outdated and mostly wrong. Humans are just not smart enough to explain all the intricate workings of the universe and won’t be on into the foreseeable future.

That being said there have been attempts at using science to explain society and politics such as social science and political science and this is all a myth because politics and society can’t be studied with the scientific method and the closest that we can get is explaining politics and society in terms of vague statistical concepts or approximations with no cause effect relationships.

Statistical methods will never come up with a moral code which should govern human behavior and nor will scientific research into animal behavior lead to the discovery of a moral code. In nature no one likes to be stolen from but this is not enough knowledge to formulate political laws which justly distribute information, goods, and services to its citizens, especially the destitute and also unemployed.

Scientists must function independently of social or political monetary pressure to make objective discoveries possible. The corruption of big money in pharmaceutical companies is resulting in many fraudulent clinical statistical experiments conducted by scientists in the study of drugs and many drugs with terrible side effects are being approved by the FDA.

Scientific R&D and the potential benefits which new revolutionary discoveries can make in society are sometimes bought up or kept secret by major corporations who don’t want the new technology to adversely affect their bottom line profits.

For true long duration benefit to society science must be funded by organizations which are impartial and not subject to money or political pressure. If independence from greed in the scientific community is not promoted then science will only be used to promote the politically powerful interests and only biased results will exit science labs.

Scientists are playing God altering the genetic makeup of plants and animals and giant corporations are patenting the results without long duration testing of the resultant products on the human population. Myopic selection of genes based on a few desirable traits such as pest resistance, herbicide resistance, experimental gene insertion from bacteria, size, and fat content are producing Frankenstein crops and animals too dependent on humans which will not be healthy for the human population in the long duration. Emphasis on monopolistic monoculture is going to destroy healthy long duration food biodiversity.

Gene modification has great potential for the manufacturing of many desirable substances biologically but it should not become unproven experimentation on the precious food supply. Uncovered bad effects on long duration human health may be irreversible and disasterously deadly since what you eat can potentially modify the metabolism or genetic functioning of future generations.

Science is a powerful tool which can be used for good and/or bad purposes. Secretive science experimentation should not be going on in private laboratories with diabolical purposes in mind. Financed open source science is vital to monitor the biological products coming out of powerful companies.

Independent research science facilities should exist to thoroughly retest and evaluate new genetic creations and drugs and they should be rewarded financially if they come up proof that indeed the new products flooding the market are indeed too harmful to be accepted into the economies of the world.


Science is a tool which can be used for good and/or bad purposes. Will there be powerful monopolies judging the new biological products or should there be an independent watchdog? I don’t see a danger to the world coming from physical science but I do foresee great danger to the world coming from biological science if it is not objectively monitored with financed open source information.

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