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Favor: v. to give a relatively small reward to someone and exchanging it for a minimal received reward such as a “thank you”

You can reward someone with a favor or ask that a favor be done to you.  Exchanging favors has a bonding effect between humans because it is the exchanging of rewards or favors which benefits one in some relatively small way and we are generally thankful for it.

Can you do me a small favor? This is sometimes a prelude to asking more favors which can become an unwelcome series of requests which become more numerous as time progresses. If a lopsided exchange of favors exists then one is being exploited by the one getting the most favors.

In business free samples can sometimes be thought of small favors done to get one interested in making an actual purchase of the product. Coupons can also be thought of as small and sometimes large favors.

In marriage sometimes asking a favor is better than demanding something be done and can frequently avoid arguments and conflicts and get results. When a favor is done it is smart to acknowledge the favor with a “Thank you.”


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