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A simple explanation. The red shift is proportional to the distance of a star or galaxy and can be used to measure distance between celestial objects. OK, then why is there a slight blue shift in the spectrum of the Andromeda Galaxy and about 100 other objects in the sky with blue shifts out of billions?

It seems that the red shift can explain most distances but not about 100 of them. If the Andromeda galaxy is moving closer to the earth or the Milky Way galaxy then its red shift should be independent of it’s velocity towards us but only dependent on the distance from us. But our logic fails us and it turns out that red shift and distance are in fact not always related or proportional in a unidirectional way.

Is the red shift proportional to total distance or is it proportional to velocity? The answer must be either or and not both. The red shift either accurately measures distance or it accurately measures velocity or speed but not both. Sure, relativity assumes that speed and distance are related using the speed of light but we are talking here about the absolute distance of galaxies and relativity does not give us a tool to measure absolute distances nor does the red shift.

If we can only measure distances in light years then we are only making statements about the relative velocities of those objects or the relative velocities of the radiation coming from them and not statements about their absolute distances.

Quasars are another example of objects breaking the rule that luminosity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them so that luminosity is also not a reliable way to measure the distance between two cosmological objects. A star is brighter in the sky so it is closer to us? Not necessarily so because of Quasars which seem to break this rule.

I too yearn for the day when simple rules will explain everything in a logical way. Unfortunately the universe is so complex and filled with rule exceptions that the best that we can hope for is approximations to a rule or rules which become more complex with the passage of time. Turbulence in the universe observed by the Hubble telescope means that simple relativity also doesn’t have all the answers to cosmological movement.

I doubt that the merging of relativity with quantum mechanics will give final answers to everything which is still unknown and especially why we have to introduce the metaphysics of dark matter and dark energy to explain the “expansion” of the universe since theoretically about 96% of these metaphysical quantities comprise the bulk of the universe.

I personally don’t believe the universe is expanding from a black hole or singularity origin but I too am forced to admit that dark matter or mass slowing down radiation and dark energy speeding up radiation causing red and blue shifts may be the ultimate theory trying to explain it in some way. With current knowledge or lack of knowledge I am forced to raise up my hands and say I just will probably never know the truth in my lifetime.


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