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Insanity: n. mentally unhealthy beyond the point where medication stops helping to maintain a relatively stable dependent and/or independent mental and physical lifestyle


Despite the fact that you may unfortunately be on psychtropic drugs, if you can maintain a relatively stable dependent and/or independent mental and physical lifestyle then you are not really insane at the moment.

Yes, a history of the use of anti depressive drugs can rarely create unstable violent mass killers who prey on innocent victims in society but that is the rather small cost that we have to pay for not having to institutionalize every mentally ill human on psychiatric drugs.

More humans are classified as mentally ill these days than ever before in history and it has unfortunately become big business making huge profits for the drug and the corrupted psychiatric “profession”.

Radical behavior modification and improved healthy eating and exercise habits are cures for most mental illnesses but unfortunately very few in society can afford this expensive rehabilitation and don’t have the luxury of much time to spend in rehab and then go out and live a healthy lifestyle rather than a dysfunctional one which may even mean changing stressful jobs. 

The result is “quick fix” psychiatric pills which cause chemical imbalances in the brain and turn humans into dependent drug addicts who can no longer function without medication once addicted to it. Once on medication for too long getting off it causes the exact same symptoms you started out with only worse.

You become an insomniac in most cases because what psychiatric drugs basically are is tranquilizers, sleep or lethargy inducers to reduce activity levels in the brain and the body fights the drugs by waking the body and brain back up with its own counter chemical activity. When going off the drugs the body becomes excessively awake or in a state of insomnia permanently and sleep deprivation causes all the symptoms of psychiatric illness to occur all over again only more intense and deviant than before.

Except for about 3% of the population who have never been on hard addictive drugs and really do need psychotropic drugs, most of the rest of the population is being scammed by psychiatrists who frankly don’t have the time nor the money to rehabilitate you and actually cure you with radical behavior modification. 

Too many in society are leading deviant unhealthy lifestyles and the instant “cure” for this unfortunate state is psychtropic pill popping in spades which is costing billions of dollars yearly and making lives just as miserable for many.

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