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What is obvious from the relatively random star clusters in many of Hubble’s telescope star images is that there is considerable turbulence and irregularity in star systems and they do not follow the orderly planetary system rotations rules for solar systems.

Locally there are suns and planets but the distribution of stars is very complex and one elegant mathematical system or equation will never explain the star clusters adequately.

The universe is just too complex and messy for mathematical explanations at every level and will continue to be a source of awe on into the foreseeable future.

300px-Antennae,_Hubble_images Crab Nebula herschel-view-of-horsehead-nebula-1600 horsehead-nebula-in-a-new-infrared-light-to-mark-the-23rd-anniversary-of-the-famous-observatorys-launch-aboard-the-space-shuttle-discovery-on-april-24-1990 hs-2005-12-e-web jpvptya newborn-star-HH-46-47-1600 Orion Nebula New Hubble infrared view of the Tarantula Nebula pia17563-full slide_22393_271614_free slide_22393_271623_free slide_22393_464918_free slide_22393_639731_free slide_22393_1160592_free slide_22393_1238480_free slide_220776_874230_free slide_220776_874249_free The Trapezium Cluster and Surrounding Nebulae


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