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Pity:  n. sadness sensed for a lifeform(s)’s bad and/or wrong circumstance(s) and sometimes feeling a little contempt because the lifeform(s) is regarded as weak and/or without necessary characteristics to successfully survive

I feel pity for the severely handicapped, the many starving in India and Africa, and abused pets but feel rather overwhelmed and powerless to do anything about it. I can’t call it compassion which would make me want to get personally involved and help.

Pity is a rather useless emotion because it is the acknowledgement of a bad lifeform situation and an unwillingness or inability to do anything about it. I feel some compassion for the homeless but feel that it is government’s role to do something about it so it is mostly pity on my part.

Some humans want to be pitied for their bad luck or bad circumstances and want us to feel sorry for them as a form of attention getting and justification of the injustice of their fate. They want us to join in their misery which we don’t always do.

Do you feel pity for something which I haven’t mentioned? Write me.

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